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Tennessee Education Information System (EIS) Data Search

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1 Tennessee Education Information System (EIS) Data Search
From school year, data reported to eTIGER will be saved onto EIS database. Enrollment, teachers, and students data which showed on eTIGER would be the real-time data from EIS. The data accuracy of above data will be the responsibilities of LEA’s EIS person. CTE directors and teachers will help to identify the inaccurate data and inform the local EIS person to update them.

2 EIS Access Through LEA’s EIS Primary Contact to get the EIS access
EIS Home page: EIS District Contact list: EIS Login (same as the link of “Director / Teacher Log in” of CTE) - may use the same userid & password of eTIGER Select application “EIS” instead of “eTIGER” Due to the security concern, any CTE personnel who like to have the access to EIS need to request their district EIS Primary Contact to replace an request to State EIS division for the access to EIS. The userid and password can be the same as what used to log on eTIGER. To log on EIS, go to the Sate secured application log on screen (which is the same as the login web of eTIGER). After logging on, select EIS as the application to access. 2

3 EIS web page - EIS help desk number, District Contact list, and related information are listed.

4 EIS Data Search School Year 2009 - year of 2009 - 2010
District - EIS Contact, Student Club List School - School Details, Calendars Staff - Staff Assignment, Licensure Details Student - Student Details, State ID, Class Schedule, Enrollment/Withdraw Class - Class Details, Teacher/Student List Course - Course Details, Class List After logging on EIS, data can be searched through the selections under “District”, “School”, “Staff”, “Student”, “Class”, and “Courses”. The CTE related information were described under each category. For CTE personnel, the access of EIS is “View Only”. You are not allowed to change any data, unless there is arrangement from LEAs. 4

5 District Search Under “District Search”, fill in “system number” to search your system. Then navigate to the left link of “District EIS Contacts” to view the local EIS contact information; and “Research Queries” to search CTSO student membership information.

6 District Search - Student Club List
At list of “Research Queries”, select “Student Club List” to get the CTSO student club membership list.

7 Search Queries - Club Membership Search
Search CTSO student membership by all clubs or a selected club. You may also sort the club membership list by school, name, state id, school year, or the club.

8 School Search Enter “District No.” and “School No.” to search a school.

9 School Search - School List
“School” categorie allows to search school calendars, all reported classes, and staff & student list.

10 Staff Search “Staff” search provides instructor’s personal information, licensure details, and class assignment of a teacher.

11 Student Search “Student” search allows to obtain student’s personal details, enrollment/withdraw status, and class schedule of any student.

12 Class Search “Class” will list all active classes of the year. “Local Class No” (LCN) is an unique class id for a class within a school system. Search by program area or course code will show a list of classes and display the class details including the LCN, instructor, class beginning and ending date, class period, and class roster.

13 Course Search Through “Course” search will retrieve:
All CTE courses - select “VOC” at “Category”; CTE courses in a program area - select program abbreviation from drop down list of “VEPC”; or Any course – fill in the course code or course name (title) of a course. LEA may offer several classes of a course. For example, five classes of course Keyboarding, course code 3710.

14 Data Process Batch File process
EIS Data Process Batch File process SSMS – data is extracted on Tuesday and uploaded to EIS on Wednesday night and extracted Thursday and updated on Friday on night Other Software Packages – can upload any day, data is updated to EIS that same night Two-Steps update - Local and State All data reported to EIS need to be processed and saved onto State EIS database. It is a batch file overnight process. For SSMS, the process has been scheduled on every Wednesday and Friday night. For all other software packages data will be processed as request. Any data change/update at EIS is a two-steps process. First update to local student information system then restage at State EIS. 14

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