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Welcome to 6 th Grade Language Arts & Reading Mrs. Breining 2010-2011.

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1 Welcome to 6 th Grade Language Arts & Reading Mrs. Breining 2010-2011

2 Welcome to 6 th Grade and Middle School In this power point you will learn: –Our Daily Schedule –Instruction –Grading –Questions –Fairness – –About Mrs. Breining – –Classroom Environment – –Classroom Guidelines – –Classroom Procedures – –Supplies

3 All About Me! I was born in Oceanside and raised in San Marcos. I am very organized. I was recently married and have a new last name. I have 4 college degrees. If I’m not here with you, you can find me at home with my husband and dogs. I haven’t eaten meat in 15 years.

4 Classroom Environment Our classroom is a very positive place. We work as a team. We work quietly.

5 Classroom Guidelines Be in your seat and working when the tardy bell rings Be prepared and ready to learn Treat each other with dignity and respect Follow directions the first time Follow all procedures and policies of SEMS & SMUSD

6 Positive & Negative Consequences Positive Consequences –Praise –Eagle Bucks (next slide) –Raise citizenship grade Negative Consequences –Verbal Warning –Name on Board (discussion with teacher) –Timeout / Contact Parents –Escort / Referral Steps may be skipped depending on behavior

7 Eagle Bucks You want to get as many Eagle Bucks as possible. You get them by following the rules really well and participating with class discussions. Purchase items We have four 6 th grade village activities this year, you will need Eagle Bucks to buy your ticket. 2 Movies, Village Mall, & Village Auction –Purchase tickets and items All assignments are completed

8 Procedures Next, you will learn how to move about in our classroom: –Assignments –Attendance & Absents –Questions / Comments –Supplies – –Entering & Leaving the Classroom – –Sharpening your Pencil – –Passes – –Restroom / Water

9 Entering & Leaving the Classroom Entering the Classroom –Please walk into class quietly –Prepare your materials for the day Assignments, pencils, etc… –Obtain Bell Work assignment (board/basket) –Sit quietly and begin working Leaving the Classroom –I dismiss you, not the bell –Take all materials with you (anything left, is not my responsibility)

10 Sharpening your Pencil Please sharpen your pencil before the tardy bell rings. Bring at least 2 pencils to class (both sharpened) You may use mechanical pencils as long as they don’t become a distraction (no lead in class) You may bring a pencil sharpener to class as long as it has a case. Never sharpen your pencil while I am instructing or while another person is talking to the class.

11 Passes You need a pass anytime you leave the classroom during class time. It is your responsibility to keep your yellow pass slip for the entire year. When you need to go somewhere during class, fill out the form and I will sign it. It is your responsibility to go directly and quickly to the destination and return.

12 Restroom & Water Procedures Please go to the restroom between periods Do not ask me to go to the restroom during instruction If it is an emergency, please fill out your pass slip and use the sign language for toilet (t). –I will come to you and sign it. Please bring a water bottle to class (preferably with a sports top)

13 Assignments Assignments will be posted daily on my website: SEMS Website SEMS Website Write down your assignments in your calendar No late assignments will be accepted Daily assignments are posted on the board Only quality assignments will be accepted Place the correct header on every paper Assignments will be turn in to me or to the period tray

14 Attendance & Absent It is crucial you are here every day. Check the assignments on the website when you are absent & print out necessary papers You get the same number of days you were absent to make up missed work. Turn in absent work in the period tray. You may want to get a study buddy for the class to contact when you are absent or need further help.

15 If you have a question or comment… When appropriate, ask others around you –Someone is bound to know the answer Raise your hand and wait to be called on –Please do not run up to me or yell my name Never ever blurt out… –it disrupts the class and is rude. Keep comments to the task at hand –No bird-walking or off topic comments

16 Supplies Come to class prepared with all supplies you will need I am not Staples. If you need paper, pencils, or pens, please borrow them from your neighbor –Give them back at the end of the period –Do not give your only pencil to a friend Any extra supplies I might have will cost you Eagle Bucks

17 Supplies Supplies What you need to have each day…. SSR Book (Sustained Silent Reading) Lined paper 2” Binder w/6-8 dividers –Writing, Reading, Spelling/Grammar Correcting Pen (red, green, or purple) –No blue or black At least 2 pencils Colored Pencils Set A positive attitude

18 Daily Schedule Posted on the Board Objective: SWBAT (Student will be able to) Journal, Discussion, Reading, Writing, Spelling, & Grammar Homework: –the work you don’t complete in class –30 minutes of reading nightly –Reading Log –Writing

19 What will you be Learning? 6 th Grade English Language Arts content standards (see poster) Focus on essential standards on Spelling, Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary, & Writing Core Novels for all 6 th grade are: –Hatchet –Beowulf

20 Grades You are responsible for checking your grades on line at: I’ll show you how to check your grades. I use a point system for assignments and assessments –Example: 4/5…. 50/60…. 87/100

21 Grades Grading Scale –A = 90% - 100% –B = 80% - 89% –C = 70% - 79% –D = 60% - 69% –F = 59% and below Effort & Citizenship Grade –E = Excellent Always on task, without reminders, goes beyond –S = Satisfactory On task the majority for time, occasional reminders –N = Not satisfactory Student needs reminders to get to work –U = Unsatisfactory Student interrupts learning frequently

22 Any Questions? If you can’t think of any questions now, please email or call me at any time: (760) 290-2800 X3353 You should write this information in your Student Planner!

23 What is Fair? Talk to your neighbor –What is the definition of fair? –What are some examples of fairness?

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