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IIJIS Privacy Policy Meeting June 2, 2004 Bureau of Identification Data Quality.

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1 IIJIS Privacy Policy Meeting June 2, 2004 Bureau of Identification Data Quality

2 Data Quality and Privacy Why is it important? What steps are taken by BOI to ensure data quality? How do we evaluate data quality?

3 BOIs Mission Directly Relates to Data Quality Accuracy Timeliness Completeness Mission The mission of the Bureau of Identification is to promote public safety by collecting, maintaining, and providing accurate, timely, and complete criminal history information.

4 Why is data quality important as it relates to privacy concerns? Cases of mistaken identity Improper charges Officer Safety

5 What steps are taken to ensure data quality? Fingerprints Demographic data

6 Fingerprints All information in our database is linked to fingerprints for positive identification Our Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) is calibrated based upon national standards Review by Fingerprint Technicians

7 Quality of demographic data - standards Mandatory fields following FBI standards Form and manner for arrests determined by BOI Form and manner for court dispositions determined by AOIC

8 Quality of demographic data - Programming As new manners of reporting are identified, new programming is implemented to ensure the receipt and quality of data Other programming algorithms convert poor data into quality data

9 Programming/Policy Changes and Data Quality For every action, theres a reaction For every programming or policy change, theres a reaction too! Many times we weigh the ability to receive quality data with receiving any data at all In some cases, its a compromise between quality and completeness

10 How do we evaluate data quality? Internal auditing Livescan certification Auditing of keyed data Auditing of AFIS CHRI / AFIS Synchronization Auditing by ICJIA Other external audits

11 ICJIA/BJA Auditing Standards Complete arrest, disposition, and incarceration information for 90% of felony arrests in last 5 years Flag felony offenders for 90 % of the offenses in the last 5 years Automate all CHRI & fingerprints from last 5 years New records with prior manual records are entered into the automated files

12 Access and Review / Record Challenges Individuals may view their rapsheet Individuals may challenge their criminal history record information If not satisfied with BOIs response, they may appeal to ICJIA

13 Dissemination of Complete Data Illinois is a closed records state Only conviction information can be disseminated for non-criminal justice purposes BOI staff work with the court clerks to add dispositions to records prior to dissemination

14 Revised Responses Once material changes are made to records, a revised response is disseminated to the submitter

15 Data Quality In support of our Mission and the privacy rights of individuals, BOI is committed to the improvement of the quality of the data in our systems

16 Questions?

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