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Privacy in the news… Recent privacy headlines across the nation.

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1 Privacy in the news… Recent privacy headlines across the nation


3 Electronic Toll Records Help Solve Crime – Assoc. Press, 12/11/03 Kidnap arrest sprang from pizza detail – Assoc. Press, 6/11/03 Minn. private police database shut down – Assoc. Press, 12/18/03 Privacy Fears Erode Support for a Network to Fight Crime – New York Times, 3/15/04 Poll: Terror laws could threaten freedoms – Assoc. Press, 9/11/03 City to put gotcha cameras on crime – Chicago Tribune, 7/11/03

4 School face scanner to search for sex offenders – Assoc. Press, 12/12/03 Prepare to be scanned – the Economist, 12/4/03 Orwellian days could be just around corners – Chicago Trib., 7/15/03 Growing use of private police network raises concerns – Assoc. Press, 10/30/03 Florida drivers sue over license records –, 6/10/04

5 States database a trove of personal info –, 1/22/04 Principals past checked by firm: School not aware of 91 porn charge – Chicago Tribune, 4/2/04 U.S. attacked on air data privacy – Reuters, 2/1/04 Enforcement of privacy rights spotty: congressional probers – Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, 7/31/03 Medical- privacy law creates wide confusion – USA Today, 10/16/03 As Public Records Go Online, Some Say Theyre Too Public – New York Times, 8/24/01

6 Whitehouse seeks to expand DNA database – USA Today, 4/15/03 FBI may collect juveniles DNA – USA Today, 11/16/03 DNA Testing Expanded to All Convicted Persons in New Jersey – New Jersey Law Journal, 9/30/03 Group says White House lax on medical privacy –, 4/13/04 Crimes go unsolved as DNA tool ignored – Chicago Trib., 10/26/03 U.S. court strikes down DNA sample law for convicts – Chicago Tribune, 10/3/03

7 Criminal Records lacking: Police officials say conviction data is so incomplete that reports cant be relied upon – Indianapolis Star, 5/31/04 In a data-mining society, privacy advocates fret – Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, 12/30/03 Big Brother-in-Law: If the FBI Hopes to Get The Goods on You, It May Ask ChoicePoint –Wall Street Journal, 4/13/01 A Deadly Collection of Information – Washington Post, 2/4/02 GAO: Fed Data Mining Extensive – Wired News, 5/27/04 Social Security numbers sold on Web –, 8/28/03 Md. City Releases Prostitution Client Names – Assoc. Press, 2/11/04

8 Access to records erodes in Iowa – Des Moines Register, 1/12/04 DARPA ignored privacy concerns – Federal Computer Week, 12/30/03 Pentagon criticized on high-tech spying –, 12/31/03 Feds offer to mend Matrix – Washington Technology, 5/24/04 Georgia stayed with controversial database despite governors statement – Associated Press, 1/30/04 Tracking U.S. fugitives with commercial data – Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, 4/14/03 Sun on Privacy: Get Over It – Wired News, 1/26/99 Internet Data Seller Can Be Sued in Stalking- Murder Case – the National Law Journal, 3/10/03

9 Anti-terror laws increasingly used against common criminals –, 9/15/03 In the fight for privacy, states set off sparks – New York Times, 7/10/03 Larson wreck tape to stay secret: Hoffman Estates says records law does not apply – Chicago Tribune, 2/24/03 Del. OKs Limited Access to Crime Database – Associated Press, 4/9/04 Leaking LAPD Documents Leads to Jail Time – the National Law Journal, 5/15/03 States debate shielding some court records in cyberspace – Associated Press, 6/30/03 Judicial conference to allow internet access to criminal files – Criminal Justice Newsletter, 12/1/03


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