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eGMS Spring 2008 Workshops (for the 2009 NCLB Grants)

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1 eGMS Spring 2008 Workshops (for the 2009 NCLB Grants)
April, 2008

2 Getting Started Log into IWAS System Listing Email maintenance
New Partner (new to IWAS) Log in System Listing maintenance April, 2008

3 IWAS April, 2008

4 April, 2008

5 IWAS April, 2008

6 IWAS April, 2008

7 Selecting/Creating the Application/Amendment
Options/Rules for working with Documents Create Application Open Application Create Amendment Delete Application/Amendment Review Checklist April, 2008

8 eGMS Application Select Page
This year use 2009 April, 2008

9 eGMS Application Select Page
April, 2008

10 eGMS Review Checklist April, 2008

11 eGMS Application Pages The Overview Page
The Overview page is displayed first Informational only – no data entry Defines the Program: Purpose Funding Source Participation Requirements Provides links to Laws and Guidance Documentation April, 2008

12 eGMS NCLB Overview Page
April, 2008

13 eGMS Title I Overview Page
April, 2008

14 eGMS NCLB Common Pages Common Data Pages District Information Goals
Staff April, 2008

15 eGMS NCLB District Information
April, 2008

16 eGMS NCLB Title I District Information
April, 2008

17 eGMS NCLB – District Information Tab
Change project end dates Done by grant (e.g. Title I, Title II-A, etc.) Need not write us Must be done 30 days before the end of the grant Check BOTH regular AND extended grant period on District Info tab AND change end date to 08/31/200X District Comments April, 2008

18 eGMS NCLB – Changing Project End Dates
April, 2008

19 eGMS NCLB Title I Goals April, 2008

20 eGMS NCLB Title I Staff April, 2008

21 eGMS NCLB Program Specific Pages
Contains data elements or specific calculations that are unique to that program. Examples: Title I – 4 Step Targeting Process Title II-A – Public/Non-Public, HH, equitable participation Title II-D – Enhancing Education for Technology (Formula) Title IV – Safe and Drug Free Schools Program Title V – Innovative Education Program expenditures April, 2008

22 eGMS NCLB Title I Targeting – Step 1
April, 2008

23 eGMS NCLB Title I Targeting – Step 2
April, 2008

24 eGMS NCLB Title I Targeting – Step 3
April, 2008

25 eGMS NCLB Title I Targeting – Step 4
April, 2008

26 eGMS NCLB Title I Targeting – Step 4
April, 2008

27 eGMS NCLB Title I Targeting – Step 4
April, 2008

28 eGMS NCLB Title II-A Private School Share
April, 2008

29 eGMS NCLB Title II-A Program Specific
April, 2008

30 eGMS NCLB Title IID Title IID funds are not available until the fall. These funds are unknown until final allocation of Title I. By law, 25% of Title IID funds are for Professional Development. The non-public worksheet is included on the Program Specific Page to determine the non-public schools’ equitable share of Title IID funds. April, 2008

31 eGMS NCLB Title IID The primary goal of Title IID is to improve student achievement through the use of technology in elementary and secondary schools. Additional goals include helping all students become technologically literate by the end of eighth grade. This goal is accomplished through the integration of technology in classroom instruction. Teacher training focuses on using research-based instructional methods and curricula. April, 2008

32 eGMS NCLB Title IID By federal law, a district applying for a Title IID grant must have a current and approved technology plan as well as an acceptable use policy in place at ISBE to receive funding. If the district does not have an approved technology plan, please check the “District is not applying at this time” check box on the District Info tab. The Title IID application is submitted through the same process as with all other grants. April, 2008

33 eGMS NCLB Title IVA Private School Share
April, 2008

34 eGMS NCLB Title IV-A Program Specific
April, 2008

35 eGMS NCLB Title V Private School Share
April, 2008

36 eGMS NCLB Title V Program Specific
April, 2008

37 eGMS NCLB – Additional Considerations
Illustration of how to determine Nonpublic School allocations. (Title I, IIA, IV and V) ISBE Program reviewers will be checking to make sure that Program Specific Pages are consistent with Budget Detail pages. NCLB Plan Title IV Gun Free Report April, 2008

38 Title I Nonpublic share Targeting-step 4
April, 2008

39 Title I Private School Share Formula
Public Low Income + Non-Public Low Income = Total Low Income Students Served 4, = 4,629 Non-Public Low Income divided by Total Low Income Served = proportionate share for non-public low income (6 decimal places) 242 / 4,629 = = private school share of non-mandated set asides April, 2008

40 Title II-A Non-Public Allocations
April, 2008

41 eGMS NCLB Title IV and V Nonpublic Allocations
April, 2008

42 Set Asides Consistent with Budget Detail
April, 2008

43 Consistent with Program Specific
April, 2008

44 NCLB Plan April, 2008

45 Title IV Gun Free Report
April, 2008

46 eGMS NCLB – NCLB Consolidated Reminder Gun Free Report
Definition of Guns and Other Weapons NOT FIREARMS: BB Guns, Air Rifles, Pellet Guns, Knives, Baseball Bats, Blackjacks, etc. April, 2008

47 ISBE Principal Consultants Assignments by Region
Chicago Staff Contact information: (312) Joe Banks, Regions 19 & 34 Debra Dickens, Region 14, Districts (15-48) & ( ) Albert Holmes, Region 14, Districts ( ) Ronald Lawless, Regions 24, 31, 47, 56 Dr. Linda Vaughn, Region 14, Districts ( ) & ( ) EXAMPLE: If RCDT is , your Region=14, County=16, District= 167 and Type= 02, then, Dr. Linda Vaughn is your Principal Consultant. She serves region 14 with districts and Springfield Staff Contact information: (217) Jane Blanton, Regions 03, 10, 13, 40, 45 & 50 Gail Buoy, Regions 04, 08, 28, 35, 43, 49, 55, 60 and 65 Sharryon Dunbar, Region 41 Suzanne Dillow, Regions 02, 12, 20, 21, 25 & 30 Cheryl Ivy, Regions 09, 17, 32, 39 & 54 Carol McCue, Regions 11, 38, 46, 48, 51 & 53 Gail Meisner, Regions 01, 22, 27 & 26 Gary Miller, Regions 01, 16, 33 & 44 Districts over $3,000,000 Myron Mason primary with committee review April, 2008

48 eGMS – Financial Pages NCLB Grant Process Allotments (Transferability)
Budget Detail Instructions Caps, Minimums and Set Asides Indirect Cost Budget (Informational Summary of Budget Details) Flexibility: REAP/School Wides Payment Schedule April, 2008

49 eGMS – Financial Pages Assurances Submit Tab Application History
Consistency Check Consulting Lock Application History Page Locking - NEW Help eGMS Basic Info April, 2008

50 NCLB GRANT PROCESS Final Expenditure Report/Carryover Determined
New FY Begin Application Process Initial Application New FY Projected Allocations June final Payment July Payment Final Title I Allocations/ Title IID Allocations May Payment August Payment Amendment*/ Expenditure Report April Payment NCLB GRANT PROCESS September Payment March Payment Amendment*/ Title I Expenditure Report October Payment *Amendments as needed February Payment November Payment January Payment December Payment Amendment*/ Expenditure Report Title I, IIA, IV Performance Report April, 2008

51 eGMS NCLB Allotment April, 2008

52 Prior Document’s Review Checklist
April, 2008

53 eGMS NCLB Budget Details
April, 2008

54 eGMS NCLB Budget Details - Examples
April, 2008

55 Instructions link April, 2008

56 eGMS NCLB Budget Details – Caps, Minimums, Set Asides
April, 2008

57 eGMS NCLB Budget Details (Continued)
April, 2008

58 eGMS NCLB Budget Summary
April, 2008

59 eGMS NCLB Budget Summary
April, 2008

60 eGMS NCLB Payment Schedule
April, 2008

61 Must be agreed to before Application is submitted.
eGMS Assurances Must be agreed to before Application is submitted. Only required for Original Application each year. Superintendent or Board Authorized Representative are only users with access to click “Organization Approves” Board Authorized Representative must identify themselves April, 2008

62 NCLB General Assurances
April, 2008

63 eGMS Submit Page Consistency Check may run for 1 minute. Validates information that span web pages. Consulting allows ISBE Reviewers to View applications that have not yet been submitted. Lock Application prevents changes. Only person who performed the lock or the Superintendent can Unlock. Submit – Also Performs Consistency Check By Document Author Staff – Notifies Superintendent By Superintendent – Submits to ISBE for Review Approval Levels at ISBE (Program Review, Fiscal Review) April, 2008

64 eGMS NCLB Submit Page – Not Submitted
April, 2008

65 eGMS Application History
Lists all steps an Application encounters in its flow along with the userid who performed that step and date it occurred Possible Status’ Submitted for Review (LEAs queue) Submitted to ISBE (Grants & Programs queue) 1st Program Review Complete (Curriculum & Instruction queue) 2nd Program Review Complete (Funding & Disbursements queue) Returned for Changes (LEAs queue) Final Approval (process completed) April, 2008

66 eGMS NCLB Application History
April, 2008

67 Page Locking April, 2008

68 eGMS Getting Assistance – ISBE Help Desk
ISBE Call Center is the first point of contact (217) or Call Center staff will: Perform password resets for IWAS (Self-help preferred) Observe Web Page performance (Consulting Status) Bypassing pop-up blocker (to view the Checklist – hold down Ctrl key and click Review Checklist button) Forward Programmatic/Fiscal questions to appropriate Division April, 2008

69 General eGMS Basic Info
April, 2008

70 eGMS Basics – Required Hardware
See this link for hardware requirements: Cookies and JavaScript must be ENABLED April, 2008

71 eGMS Basics – Navigation
Page Header and Footer Printer friendly link Grant program list box – drop-down list (to switch between grants) Tab Strip/Sub Tab Strip Preferred completion sequence (Left to Right) Session Timeout (60 minutes) – SAVE Frequently Please avoid using the browser ‘Back’ button! April, 2008

72 eGMS Basics – Types of Controls
Tab Key Moving around a page Control Types Push Buttons, Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, Text Boxes, Text Areas, Hyperlinks Special Actions Create Additional Entries April, 2008

73 eGMS Basics – Common Elements
Built in Validations Input Length Checks - usually 500 characters Numeric Checks Required Fields Content Checks (Example: Budget cannot exceed Allotment) Error Messages / Warning Messages Warnings; Data Not Saved (top of screen/red) Calculate Totals (does NOT save page) Summary of lines No Commas or Decimal Points Whole dollars only April, 2008

74 eGMS Basics – Error Warning Messages
April, 2008

75 eGMS Basics - System Notifications
s to Districts go to Superintendent’s IWAS Account. IWAS can be setup to forward to other external account. District is notified via IWAS on Final Approval or Returned for Changes ISBE Notified via IWAS upon submission from District The address on the District Information screen DOES NOT get used for system notifications. The IWAS address is always used for system generated communications. April, 2008

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