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21 st CCLC in Illinois Fall Kickoff Workshop October 2008.

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1 21 st CCLC in Illinois Fall Kickoff Workshop October 2008

2 21 st CCLC Information Statewide Evaluation Results Online at FY09 Grant Funds Some delays due to additional approval steps and backlogs in Funding and Disbursements

3 Profile and Performance Information Collection System (PPICS) Update PPICS due November 3, 2008 New grantees only do the Grantee Profile All other grantees must update the Profile and do APR ISAT scores are available Funds frozen if data not completed by above date Last Chance PPICS WorkshopOctober 23; LPA offices; Naperville LPA Technical Assistance-- 866.356.2711

4 PPICS for FY09 Record keeping requirements (in binder) No changes for FY09 State assessment Attendance Grades Teacher survey

5 Program Specific Terms of the Grant A. The before-or after-school program must take place in a safe and easily accessible facility. The grantee must ensure that any program to be located in a facility other than an elementary school or secondary school is at least as accessible to the students to be served as if the program were located in an elementary school or secondary school. The learning center will make available a description of how the students participating in the program carried out by the community learning center will travel safely to and from the center and home. Buildings that house the 21st CCLC program must meet local standards and codes for public facilities. Indoor and outdoor facilities mub e safe and in good repair. Liability insurance required Proximity Handicapped accessible Annual building inspections (ROEs/ISCs do this for schools)

6 Terms of the Grant B. The grantee must ensure that students participating in the program carried out by the community learning center will travel safely to and from the center and home. Program funds may be used to cover reasonable transportation costs for program participants. If transportation is provided, the transportation plan must be clearly and appropriately related to project activities. Written release plans; sign offs by parents Public transportation may be provided

7 Terms of the Grant C. Funds under this part will be used to increase the level of state, local, and other nonfederal funds that would, in the absence of funders under Title, Part, B be made available for programs and activities authorized under this part, and in no case supplant federal, state, local, or nonfederal funds. Subject to AUDIT by ISBE External Assurance Division Annual grantee internal audits NO SUPPLANTING To provide supplementary services to ones you now provide Replace expired funds

8 Terms of the Grant D. The program must primarily target students who attend schools eligible for school –wide programs under Title I (40%+ poverty rate), Section 1114, and the families of such students. E. Applicants must give notice to the community of the intent to submit an application. The application and any waiver request must be made available for public review after submission of the application

9 Terms of the Grant F. The program must be developed and carried out in active collaboration with the schools the students attend. At a minimum, grantees must have a letter of collaboration from each school that will have students participating in a 21 st CCLC activities. Each school must acknowledge its willingness to provide the program, with at minimum, copies of participating students grade records, school attendance records, and information regarding whether or not the students were promoted to the next grade level. Schools must receive parental/guardian consent before school record are submitted to the 21 st CCLC program. Letters of Collaboration annually Sign off by Superintendent of Schools annually Schools must receive parental/guardian consent before school records are submitted to the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program. Written agreements are necessary

10 Terms of the Grant G. The organization selected for funding will meet all statutory and regulatory requirement of this program. In order to ensure that a local grantee, including faith-based organizations, meets the programs purposes and criteria, it shall not discriminate against beneficiaries on the basis of religion. Funds shall be used solely for the purposes set forth in this grant program. No funds provided pursuant to this program shall be expended to support religious practices, such as religious instruction, worship, or prayer. Faith-based organizations may offer such practices, but not as part of the program receiving assistance and faith based organizations shall comply with generally accepted accounting requirements to ensure that funds are not used to support these activities.

11 Terms of the Grant H. Grantees must keep attendance records of program participants. Participants are required to be enrolled in the before- or after-school program. Drop-in services cannot be funded by 21st Century Community Learning Centers program funds. Daily attendance records are required PPICS reporting is required for 30, 60, and 90- day attendees Kids may be registered and use the services occasionally, but all must be registered Grantees are expected to maintain attendance at the level for which funding is requested. Enrollment retention activities should be described in the proposal and carried out. Grant awarded based on numbers projected and funds provided Recruitment and retention policies are necessary Annual information is recorded on PPICS and continuation application

12 Terms of the Grant I. Grantees must conduct criminal background checks for all program staff and volunteers who have direct contact with children and youth. (see folder) Procedures in place Copies of checks kept in personnel files Grantees are required to have a written protocol on file requiring background checks, as well as evidence of their completion. Further, no person shall be employed who has been convicted of a crime as listed in Section 10-21.9(c) of the School Code (105 ILCS 5/10-21.9(c)).

13 Terms of the Grant J. In accordance with the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (325 ILCS 5), adults working with children and youth under the age of 18 years old are required to be mandated reporters for suspected child abuse and neglect. All 21st Century Community Learning Centers programs must have a written protocol for training their employees about the Act and identifying and reporting suspected incidents of child abuse or neglect. Having a sign off that employee knows they are a mandated reporter is not enough Training required, not just notification Keep written records

14 Terms of the Grant K. Grantees must obtain permission from participants parents or guardians prior to using students for public relations purposes, gathering data by methods such as youth surveys and interviews, and obtaining academic and school data. Written agreements are necessary

15 Terms of the Grant L. The grantee must certify that it is not delinquent in the payment of any debt to the State (or if delinquent has entered into a deferred payment plan to pay the debt), and the grantee acknowledges that the Illinois State Board of Education may declare the grant agreement void if this certification is false (30 ILCS 500/50-11). Certification and Assurances should be read before signing Secretary of States Web Site

16 Terms of the Grant Successful applicants will be subject to the provisions of Section 511 of P.L. 101-166 (the Stevens Amendment) due to the use of federal funds for this program. All announcements and other materials publicizing 21 st CCLC programs must include statements as to the amount and proportion of federal funding involved.

17 Terms of the Grant The applicant may operate its own program or enter into a subcontract with another entity to implement the program. However, all program responsibilities are to be retained by the applicant to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the grant. Budget will need to contain specifics on subontracts Subject to audit All subcontracting must be documented and must have the prior approval of the State Superintendent of Education. Approval of subcontracts shall be subject to the same criteria as are applied to the original proposal.

18 Terms of the Grant M. Grantees are required to submit an annual performance report (APR) that describes participants information, project activities, accomplishments, and outcomes. All information related to the APR must be entered into the 21st CCLC electronic Profile and Performance Information Collection System (PPICS) as required by the U. S. Department of Education. Failure to complete PPICS by the timeline provided will result in the freezing of funds until the information is completed.

19 Terms of the Grant N. Grantees are required to attend workshops and trainings offered by the Illinois State Board of Education or another entity contracted with by the state. The workshops and trainings are designed to improve the quality of the program and give technical assistance to the staff for continuous improvement. Fall workshop--October Spring workshop--April Regional workshops are optional, unless otherwise notified Webinars O. Grantees are required to submit additional information as may be requested by the State Superintendent of Education.

20 Terms of the Grant P. Grantees may be required to provide peer reviewers for future 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program grant competitions. Q. Grantees must evaluate their programs periodically as described in the approved proposal. Copies of the evaluation will be made available to the Illinois State Board of Education or others upon request. Yearly, with an expected written evaluation by the end of the second year of the grant. First year will provide a minimum of a timeline of progress on evaluation and when a written evaluation will be completed.

21 Program Responsibilities Implement program in approved proposal Make no program changes without filing an amendment Do not change hours of programming Do not change/add/delete schools approved in proposal Maintain attendance records Maintain the size and scope of the program throughout the lifetime of the grant ***Call your consultant if you have questions

22 FY 2010 21 st CCLC RFP Two different Rubrics Scoring will be weighed differently Two Types of applicants this time New Grantees Grantees who had been previously funded There will be more of a focus on the sustainability and previous evaluation results of the program. Funding will be different

23 FY 2010 21 st CCLC RFP Priority Points 40% or more of low income In Status Focus on Middle School/High School Key changes Administration Cap Parent component 12 hours minimum of programming Annual Evaluation required

24 Important FY09 Dates January RFP release Mott State Networks Meeting--Florida February NCLB Conference, 4-6, Chicago Foundations Conference, Burlingame, CA

25 Important Dates March RFP return April Spring Workshop NAA conferenceNew Orleans, LA PPICS reopens for FY09 data RFP Review

26 Summer Activities July 2008 FY10 Continuation Applications Due Summer Institute August New Grantee Workshop

27 Yearly Activities Monthly Webinars Regional Workshops Monitoring and Site Visits PPICS Assistance Quarterly Newsletter Quarterly Professional Development Advisory Group (PDAG) Meetings 21 st CCLC List serv Postings Statewide Evaluation (NIU)

28 ISBE Monitoring visits conducted by LPA Compliance FY07 and selected FY08 grantees to be visited No surprises Public documents Training TODAY! Quality Activity observation

29 Monitoring Visit Compliance checklist Returned to ISBE in 2 weeks Returned to grantees in 4 weeks Reports Returned to ISBE in 4 weeks Returned to grantees in 6 weeks

30 Important Information Springfield Office217-524-4832 Marci Johnson, Division Supervisor, Carol McCue– Gail Meisner– Gary Chicago office312/814-2220 Joe Banks Learning Point Associates 630/649-6696 ISBE Website--

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