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DCEO Peer Exchange May 4.2009. About Act On Energy Act On Energy refers to the energy-saving programs (both commercial and residential) available to customers.

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1 DCEO Peer Exchange May 4.2009

2 About Act On Energy Act On Energy refers to the energy-saving programs (both commercial and residential) available to customers of the Ameren Illinois Utilities. Ameren Illinois Utilities has partnered with CSG to oversee their residential energy-efficiency programs. Conservation Services Group (CSG) is a 25-year-old company that specializes in the design and implementation of energy-efficiency programs for public utilities across the U.S.

3 EE Residential & Commercial Budget & Goals 6/086/096/106/11 Budget (Million)$14$29$45$60 Energy Savings (MWh)77,000155,000235,000315,000 Demand Reductions (MW) 5101520

4 Progress as of March 09 OVERALL RESIDENTIAL PORTFOLIO Indicator Net MWh Actual PYTD Net MWh Goal PY08 % Achieved PY08 ENERGY SAVINGS Actual Pending Total 20,318 6,094 26,412 - 17,166 118.36% 35.50% 153.86% IndicatorActual Costs PYTD Budget Goal PY08 % Spent PY08 INCENTIVE BUDGET Actual Pending Total $826,186 $255,752 $1081,938 - $1,135,895 72.73% 22.52% 95.25%

5 Residential Lighting & Appliances Program Descriptions: Lighting Discounts and/or rebates for Energy Star lighting and appliances Discounts on lighting available on Act On Energy TM website Appliance Rebates Will work with mass merchandisers such as Lowes, Menards and Home Depot

6 Lighting Program Goals - 17,870 Net MWh or 133.3% of goal invoiced through March Additional 4,773 Net MWh pending through March (will total 168.9% of PY1 goal) Program Highlights – 35 Lighting Clinics held as of end of March Currently in 66 stores (Home Depot, Sams Club, Ace Hardware, Menards, and Lowes) 28% of products offered are specialty CFLs Program Challenges – Possible leakage from coop/municipalities in our area – working on downstate-wide lighting initiative with DCEO, Co-ops and Municipalities

7 Residential Appliance Recycling Program Description Appliance recycling company (ARCA) runs program Incentive of $35 to homeowner for working refrigerator manufactured prior to 1993 Contractor sets appointments, picks up appliances, recycles and processes incentive payments

8 Goals Pending orders from strong marketing campaign in January & February resulted in an additional 950 Net MWh by end of March 83% of PY1 goal (3071) Program Highlights ARCA recycling facility has been fully operational since October 2008. 2009 marketing campaign generated 1,660 orders in March Earned media (Press release, TV, radio, newspaper) generated an additional orders 61% of customers say they learned about the program through the bill insert Program Challenges Reaching PY1 goals is very achievable. As of end of April, we are projected to be at 106% of PY1 goals. Program year 2 goals of 14,390 will require more aggressive and expensive marketing Appliance Recycling Program

9 January 09 bill insert

10 Goals 178 MWH or 23.4% of goal invoiced through March The majority of projects have been In-unit, but Common Area projects are picking up Projects completed and in high-confidence pipeline comprise over 75.5% of year one goals Over 329 units in queue for In-unit program Currently have 68 Common Area projects with funds reserved Multi-family Program

11 Multifamily Leave Behind Program information left behind for tenants after in-unit installations.

12 Home Energy Performance Program launched in late January Have conducted 194 home energy audits through March Targeted mailing to customers with high energy usage profile Currently in the process of enhancing the personalized energy audit reports so they only recommend updates and provide information to the homeowner based on each specific homes inefficiencies Financial Incentive Application complete Created online questionnaire to pre-qualify good home energy audit candidates

13 Home Energy Performance Audit Brochure Direct mail brochure sent to high usage customers Geographic targeting will eventually include all AIU territories

14 Home Energy Performance Audit Brochure

15 Demand Response (E-Smart) Program Design: Free Programmable Thermostat Free Installation AIU cycles A/C during critical periods June – September, 1-5 pm Monday – Friday, no holidays Limit of 15 events per year DR plus kWh savings

16 Demand Response (E-Smart) 500 Smart Thermostats delivered April 7 Installation starting in May Participation Agreement completed Marketing material completed Installers being recruited and trained Initial launch in Peoria area Subject to software implementation Ordered 2,500 more for PY2 5 MW goal per year

17 E-Smart TM Programmable Thermostat Brochure Geographic direct mail targeting will begin in central Illinois

18 E-SmartTM Programmable Thermostat Brochure

19 High Efficiency Gas Furnaces Materials sent to 350+ contractors 51 program allies signed up First incentive application received in April 7 incentive applications received to date Contractor feedback on furnace efficiency standards 90/96 or slightly different

20 Energy Star New Construction Positive Response from builder community First home builder association meeting on 3/25 in Bloomington To date: 2 home shows 1 builder association meeting 47 builder contacts 18 builders signed up 5 enrolled homes

21 Ad for ENERGY STAR New Homes Program Ad ran in Art & Society magazine, reaching 20,000 central Illinois readers Program is being promoted state-wide

22 HVAC Diagnostic & Tune-Up and New Equipment Launch date in May for new equipment Above code replacements Early retirement for existing units < 8 SEER Incentive to move to 14 SEER replacements for > 8 SEER Targeting tune-up portion to heat pumps in PY2

23 Evaluation, Measurement and Verification Performing review of those programs with sufficient PY1 activity: –Home Energy Performance –Residential Appliance Recycling –Residential Lighting & Appliance –Residential Multifamily Reviewing data collection activities Verifying energy savings values that should be used to measure current assumed savings Interviewing staff, customers and program allies Performing Telephone surveys –To determine customer behavior and drivers 350 CFL customers 70 Refrigerator/Freezer Recycling customers

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