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Managing and Completing Benchmark Assessment

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2 Managing and Completing Benchmark Assessment
Setting It All Up When to Test What to Test and Score Who Is Tested Who Does the Testing How Students are Tested Source: AIMSweb/M ark Shinn

3 Step 1: Who is in Charge? Identifying a Benchmark Coordinator…
Could be, but need not be, the School Principal; Reading Specialist? Even if District-wide, Should Also Be Within-the-Building Source: AIMSweb/M ark Shinn

4 When Will We Test? AIMSweb Benchmark Assessment occurs three times each school year within these time frames. Fall 9/1 to 10/15 Winter 1/1 to 2/1 Spring 5/1 to 6/1 Testing should be completed in no more than a 2 week window. Source: AIMSweb/M ark Shinn

5 Who Can Assist in Collecting Data?
Anyone who has been trained, including: Principal Vice-principal Speech/Lang Path Spec. Ed. Personnel Parents/Volunteers Educational Assistants School Social Workers School Psychologists Title 1 Staff Practicum Students P.E./Art/Music Teachers It is possible, but not necessary, for general education teachers alone to collect all the Benchmark information.

6 Example(s) – SWAT team, gen ed w/ support, gen ed only
Who Will Do The Testing? The Key Variable is Training Plan a Session for All that Addresses Professional Ethics Test Security Confidentiality/Sensitivity Train with Rigor, Using the Administration and Scoring Workbook Check Out All Personnel with the AIRS Source: AIMSweb/M ark Shinn

7 How to test Identify Where Identify the People Plan the Schedule
Source: AIMSweb/M ark Shinn

8 Develop the Schedule Source: AIMSweb/M ark Shinn

9 Where will the testing take place?
Possible Locations: Station(s) within the Classrooms Station(s) in the Halls Stations in Media Center Stations in Lunchroom Stations in Gym Minimize “Travel Time” and Distractions Source: AIMSweb/M ark Shinn

In-class approach One day school-wide approach Multiple day school-wide approach Within-grade approach





15 Essentials Checklist (p. 30)
Setting It All Up: Essentials Checklist (p. 30) Source: AIMSweb/M ark Shinn

16 Benchmark Assessment Essentials Checklist (continued)
Source: AIMSweb/M ark Shinn

17 After Testing Make Sure There is a Data Entry Plan and Responsibilities--Don’t Wait Until Afterward Make Sure that a “Done Time” is Specified and Adhered To Schedule a Staff Debriefing To Demonstrate How to Interpret and Share Information Do Debrief What Worked and Problem-Solve Solutions Source: AIMSweb/M ark Shinn

18 How do we prepare Parents?
A letter sent directly home? An article in the the school newsletter describing Benchmark Testing? Notes: Be Proactive! Avoid Confusion with “Norming!” Source: AIMSweb/M ark Shinn

19 Examples of Percentile Rank Norms using Aimsweb aggregates


21 Grade Level Data Meetings
Before Data meetings Set standard Create triangles/chart showing who meets/doesn’t meet During data meetings Determine where intervention is needed After data meetings Implementation Integrity PM

22 Questions??? COMMENTS?


24 Excellent Websites Aimsweb: Illinois RtI website: Florida Center for Reading Research: Oregon Reading First Center: Texas Center for Reading and Language Arts: Consortium on Reading Excellence (CORE): What Works Clearing House National Technical Assistance Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS): Illinois PBIS Network Safe and Civil Schools: National Center on Student Progress Monitoring

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