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STEPAN COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 1 Industry Priority 1–Biodiesel Quality November, 2007.

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1 STEPAN COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 1 Industry Priority 1–Biodiesel Quality November, 2007

2 STEPAN COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 2 Questions to ask the Biodiesel Producer l Is the Producer BQ-9000 certified? l What feedstock is the biodiesel made from? l Can I see the last couple C of As? l Does the biodiesel meet ASTM D B? l How is the product being stored? l Get samples. Tour Production facility.

3 STEPAN COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 3 Agenda-Common Industry Quality Concerns l Feedstock Issues Each oil has different properties l High TG/Fall out Most common filter plugging issue l Sterol Glucosides palm and soy based l Solvent Properties Hoses, gaskets, o-rings l Winter Storage Also plays a significant role

4 STEPAN COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 4 Raw Materials (Oil) l Soybean –Sterol glucosides –Tocopherol –32F Cloud point l Tallow / Choice White –High cetane –No antioxidants –Higher cloud point l Poultry –Better CP than tallow –Sulfur concern l Palm –High saturates –High cetane –OSI stable l Recycled –Mixed feedstock –Must treat fatty acid l Rapeseed (Canola) –Lower C18-3 content –Better oxidation stab. –Not widely available in US

5 STEPAN COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 5 Industry Quality Concerns l High Total Glyceride –Saturate monoglycerides in high concentrations can be problematic –Can settle out and may not go back into solution –Requires heat to homogenize l Sterol Glucosides –Palm and soy based biodiesel –Will not go back into solution –Best dealt with during biodiesel production

6 STEPAN COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 6 Industry Quality Concerns (cont.) l Fatty Acid –Can come from producer, or from improper handling –Can indicate aged fuel l Oxidative Stability –Long term storage with oxygen causes instability –The stability of the product will only decrease with time –Treat with additives to stabilize

7 STEPAN COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 7 Water Issues l Can come from biodiesel production or from storage/handling l Current requirement is 500ppm water & sediment l ASTM to include a direct measure of water in 2008

8 STEPAN COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 8 Operational Issues Good Solvent l Biodiesel cleans out the sludge –Filters can clog on initial use, especially with B20 and higher –Mechanics report that fuel system repairs are a cleaner job after switching to biodiesel –Residue can also be pulled off inner tank walls

9 STEPAN COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 9 Biodiesel Storage l Tank Venting –Ideally water traps to reduce water from humidity –At least keep it from raining into the tank »Goose neck l Filtration –Filter material exiting the B100 tank. –Good check against fallout in the tank –If possible, filter biodiesel as it unloads »Check on workmanship l Periodic Tank Maintenance –Regular checks for water –Regular sump sample review »Check for flocculent or water

10 STEPAN COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 10 Biodiesel Storage (cont.) l Cold Weather Storage –Uninsulated/Above Ground – Store with 50% #1 Diesel and Utilize Cold Flow Additive »Not recommended »Kerosene expensive –Underground Storage – Should be Sufficient to Keep Product 10°F Above Cloud Point. »Utilize cold flow additive »Cold blending assistance available at the NBB.ORG –Above Ground/Heated & Insulated – Typical Storage Temperature is 70°F. »Utilize cold flow additive –Inside Storage - > 50°F »Utilize cold flow additive l Tank Heating –Tempered glycol best –Low pressure steam acceptable »Recirculation of agitation suggested to avoid hot spots.


12 STEPAN COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 12 Filter Plugging l Sterol Glucosides and Glycerin

13 STEPAN COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 13 Cold Soak Method – Performance Standard l Biodiesel heated to 100F to remove any temperature memory effects l Biodiesel cooled (cold soak) at 40F for 16 hours l Biodiesel allowed to return to room temperature (under 2 hours) l Filtered through a 0.6 micron glass fiber filter –Under 200 seconds – fit for winter purpose –Under 360 seconds – fit for summer purpose l Winter grade for use with diesel - CP of < -12C l Summer grade for use with diesel – CP > 12C


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