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How Did Nazi Rule Affect The Germans?

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1 How Did Nazi Rule Affect The Germans?

2 Nazi Effect on Germans The Nazi State affected different people in different ways For most people, life was good Since life was good for most groups, people turned a blind eye to the fact that for groups which were not accepted by the Nazi state, life was horrific.

3 Nazi Party Members Were especially happy
They got the best houses, preferential treatment, good jobs in the government, and power over other people.

4 Ordinary People Life was good Had jobs There was law and order
Autobahns improved Frequent ceremonies- added color and excitement Propaganda gave people hope Sense of security Even today, many Germans look back and remember the years before 1939 as happy years Trust in Adolf Hitler gave people a sense of security

5 Drawbacks for Ordinary People
Wages fell and strikers could be shot Loss of personal freedoms All culture had to be approved Music had to be Beethoven or Wagner or German folk songs All actors had to be members of the Nazi party Only books by approved authors could be read

6 Women Were seen as child-bearer and creator of family
Law for the Encouragement of Marriage Gave newlyweds a loan of 1,000 marks Could keep 250 marks for each child they had Mothers who had more than 8 children were given a gold medal Nazis were very male-dominated and anti-feminist Not all women were happy with the Nazi regime Job-discrimination against women was encouraged: women doctors, teachers, and civil servants were forced to give up their careers Women were never allowed to serve in the armed forces- even during the war

7 Youth Nazi culture was youth-oriented
NJ had exciting activities for young boys Nazis treated young men and women as though they were special Told youth they knew more than their parents Many parents were frightened that their children would turn them into the Gestapo, which gave young people a power that they enjoyed Girls who were regarded as true Aryan girls were sent off to special camps where they were bred (like farm animals) with selected ‘Aryan’ boys

8 Opponents Used fear and horror against anyone who disapproved of their regime Trade Unions banned Communists put in camps or killed Many protestant pastors were persecuted or executed ‘grumblers’ were murdered or sent to camps Children were encouraged to report their parents to the Gestapo if they criticized Hitler or the Nazi Party Many Germans welcomed this because it brought political stability after the Weimar years

9 Untermensch Means subhuman
People the Nazis thought were racially or socially inferior “germs of destruction”

10 Untermensch Black people Jews Gypsies Mentally disabled
Physically disabled Blacks were sterilized and killed Jews- 6 million killed Gypsies- 85% of German gypsies killed, treated almost as badly as Jews Mentally disabled- 5,000 mentally disabled babies were killed 72,000 mentally ill patients were killed Physically disabled and people with hereditary illness were sometimes sterilized. 300,000 men and women sterilized Beggers, homosexuals, prostitutes, alcoholics, pacifists, hooligans and criminals were also regarded as anti-social and they were put in concentration camps Note that- many Germans approved of this- or at least turned a blind eye.

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