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Section 1 Voc Words Complex Cultural Delegate Independence Legislature Responsibility Mercantilism regulate.

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1 Section 1 Voc Words Complex Cultural Delegate Independence Legislature Responsibility Mercantilism regulate

2 Independent Trade in the Colonies Farming became the people’s main work

3 What was Mercantilism Great Britain would not allow the colonies to trade with other countries Laws were passed to control colonial trade The practice of regulating trade for the profit of the home country was called mercantilism Great Britain was not the only country that practiced mercantilism The American colonies did not want controls that would benefit the British

4 Section 2 Vocabulary Words Enforce Triangular trade Unite Rebellion

5 Triangular Trade in the Colonies Triangular trade was formed among Africa, the West Indies, and New England Triangular trade was outside of British control, so it made more for the colonies Continued until Great Britain began to enforce the laws for colonial trade Many colonist lost the feeling that they were living in the British colonies People from different countries: Sweden, Netherlands, Germany and Ireland were increasing in numbers

6 Who were the Victims of the Triangular Trade American Indians were victims of Europeans who claimed tribal land and forced them away from their homes Africans was another group that was harmed by the triangular trade People from Africa were treated as property not as humans

7 WHAT WERE THE NAVIGATION ACTS The purpose of this act was to regulate colonial trade Settlers refused to accept Great Britain’s strict control

8 Section 3 vocabulary Frontier Alliance Recruit Union Appoint regiment

9 Movement Westward Both France and Great Britain had made claims to the Ohio Valley In 1749, King George II of Great Britain granted 200,000 acres of land to the Ohio Company French challenged the British over the land King Louis XV of France order4ed forts built along the rivers to protect these claims

10 What Problems developed over land claims In 1753 Governor Dinwiddie of Va, sent message to the French ordering them to leave the Ohio Valley and to recognize the British claim to the land

11 What was the Albany Plan of Union The problems over land ownership could start a war between France and Great Britain The purpose of the Albany Congress was to secure an alliance with the Iroquis Plan was rejected

12 British and French match up Great Britain had the advantage of more people than France

13 How did the British Prepare for War In 1754 Major General Edward Braddock was appointed commander in chief of the British Army

14 Section 4 Vocabulary Ambush survivor

15 The French and Indian War begins General Braddock had very little respect for American Indians as warriors George Washington suggested that General Braddock prepare for different type of battle He did not listen Braddock led his army of British and colonial troops toward Fort Duquesne in 1755 George Braddock died in this surprise attack The British went on to lose Fort Oswego and Fort William Henry in New York

16 Who was William Pitt In 1758, King George appointed William Pitt as prime minister and secretary of state for Great Britain Pitt brought greater cooperation from colonial legislation

17 Section 5 Vocabulary Reinforcements Stronghold treaty

18 The War Ends The British colonial army returned to Louisburg and defeat the French General John Forbes led several thousand colonial soldiers against Fort Duquesne in 1758 Seeing the army approaching the French set fire to the fort and fled This was turning point of the war

19 Final Stages of the War James Wolfe destroyed a French fleet of reinforcements Sir William Johnson and Iroquois braves captured Fort Niagara General Amherst captured 2 French forts In 1760 the French surrendered

20 After the War Treaty of Paris was signed in 1763 Franc gave Britain the land east of the Mississippi River, except New Orleans Area of Louisiana west of the Mississippi and New Orleans went to France Great Britain got the territory of Florida from Spain in trade for Cuba

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