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Welcome Compliance Monitoring Information Session September 2009 Webinar Meeting.

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1 Welcome Compliance Monitoring Information Session September 2009 Webinar Meeting

2 2 Objectives of Webinar Purpose of Compliance Monitoring Focus on on-site monitoring –Procedures/Process –Clarify 2009-2010 Checklists

3 3 Purpose of Compliance Monitoring The State Department has the requirement to ensure LEAs are complying with federal and state legislation/regulations LEA compliance is verified in two ways –Desk Audits –Site Visits Provides data to inform need for Technical Assistance from the state Improves practice which leads to less need of sanctions from the state

4 4 Delaware Compliance Monitoring System Increase the efficiency of the state responsibilities of Federal and State compliance Reviewing all Federal and State regulations to ensure we only monitor those compliance items required by legislation/regulation Less intrusive for LEAs

5 5 Desk Audits Moving as much of the monitoring to desk audits as possible DOE will use information from already existing documents and data when possible LEA will only submit documents that do not reside at DOE Not required to resubmit annually –Exceptions LEA updates document Update required due to federal or state changes Program Managers may complete random checks to ensure the documents on file are the most current Desk Audit Schedule forthcoming –Inform LEA when desk audits are taking place –Inform LEA when documents are due Web-based system forthcoming Until operational, Program Mangers will be asking for documents in either electronic or paper versions

6 6 On-site Audits On-site monitoring for only those compliance issues that cannot be monitored as a desk audit Coordinated effort with all State and Federal compliance Confined to months of October and November

7 7 Schedule of On-Site Compliance Monitoring Every district and charter school will receive an audit between October 5 and November 20 –Schedule sent to LEAs on August 10 LEAs will be notified 2 business days prior to visit –Schools to be visited –Specific Checklists per school –Additional worksheets to support checklists –Name of staff conducting audits Selection of schools within districts –Targeted (based on specific indicators) –Random (based on number of years since previous audit)

8 8 Schedule of On-Site Compliance Monitoring continued Compliance Checklists sent to LEAs on August 10 –Specific worksheets will be sent Sept 18 –Not all checklists have additional worksheets Findings will be compiled and sent to LEAs in November

9 9 General Procedures DOE staff will not report before 8:30 a.m. DOE Staff are working as individuals (with the exception of Sp Ed that is working in teams of two/three) in the LEA office or school for the specific checklist(s) for which they are responsible DOE staff will visit only the schools assigned on a specific day, however, they will not necessarily visit the schools in the order listed on the schedule Not all checklists are completed at all sites DOE Staff will make every effort not to be disruptive to the instructional process

10 10 Checklists by Teams

11 11 Special Education Team Team –Martha Toomey, Jen Kline, Kathy Goldsmith, Brian Touchette, Karen Jones, Dale Matusevich, Kathy Herel, Jim Lesko, Michelle Rush, Linda Smith, Lori Duerr Checklists –Special Education – IDEA –Secondary Transition Requirements Location –Special Education Checklist All schools –Secondary Transition All 2009 Scheduled High Schools Specific 2008 audited High Schools with concerns

12 12 Title I, Part A & Title II, Part A Team Team –Amelia Hodges, John Hulse, Dusty Shockley, Patricia Bigelow, Ted Jarrell, Theresa Kough Checklists –Title I, Part A –Title I, SES –Parent Notification (Non-HQT for 4+ weeks) –Plans for Teachers Not Yet Highly Qualified Location –District and Charter School Offices

13 13 Title II, Part D Team Team –Wendy Modzelewski, Denise Allen, John Ray, Janet Ray, Mary Ellen Kotz, Janet Carter Checklist –Title II, Part D Locations –District Offices –Specific 2009 Scheduled Charter School Offices –Specific 2009 Scheduled Schools

14 14 Connections Team Team –Linda Wolfe, Dennis Rozumalski, Robin Case, Fran Kellam, Frank Ingram, Verna Thompson, Kathy Wilson, Gregory Fulkerson Checklists/Locations –Title IV, Truancy - District and Charter School Offices –School Climate and Discipline - all schools –School Counselors - District and Charter School Offices and all schools –Education of Homeless Students - District and Charter School Offices, all 2009 scheduled schools, specific 2008 audited schools with concerns –Student Success Plans - secondary schools –School Health Record Keeping - all schools

15 15 Transportation & Charter School Team Team –Ron Love, Lee Dean, Julia Webster, Scott Kessel Checklists –School Transportation –Criminal Background Checks for Staff –Parent Enrollment Letters Locations –School Transportation District and Charter School Offices –Criminal Background Checks for Staff & Parent Enrollment Letters Charter School Offices

16 16 CTE Team Team –Lisa Stoner, Dale Derrickson, Rita Hovermale, Karen Hutchison Checklists –Cooperative Education –Diversified Occupations Programs Location –Specific 2009 Scheduled High Schools

17 17 Science Team Team –Kelli Martin and Crystal Lancour Checklists –Chemical Safety in Science – Chemical Storage Room –Chemical Safety in Science – Science Classroom –Eye Protection Devices Locations –All 2009 Scheduled High Schools –Specific 2008 audited High Schools with concerns

18 18 OCR Team Team –Melvin DSouza, Wayne Barton, Linda Wolfe, Fran Kellam, Frank Ingram, Karen Hutchinson, Rita Hovermale Checklists –Non-discrimination in the Hiring and Treatment of Employees –Non-discrimination Notices –CTE Student Recruitment and Admissions –Career Guidance Locations –Lake Forest High School –Laurel High School –Woodbridge High School

19 19 Questions? Please contact Ted Jarrell, Lori Duerr, or Specific Program Manager Thank you for your time.

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