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Magazine consist of many pages, here are some of the types of pages included in the Mojo magazine. There are: Adverts: 42 pages Contents: 2 pages Profiles.

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2 Magazine consist of many pages, here are some of the types of pages included in the Mojo magazine. There are: Adverts: 42 pages Contents: 2 pages Profiles of artists: Reviews: 9 pages Letters page: 2 pages Feature articles:20 Content Analysis

3 The target audience of the magazine is middle aged men of high class. There are many factors in the magazine which show that the target audience is for Middle-aged high class men. These factors include language, price of magazine and some adverts which are aimed to this specific type of target audience. Target Audience

4 Adverts The Mojo magazine has many adverts which advertises expensive products which highlights that the products are targeted to an audience of high class. Some of the adverts advertise : -Sony products -Concerts -Samsung products – mp4 player -Denon – amplified emotions. All of these products link in with the target audience, as you would need to be wealthy to actually afford these kinds of luxury items, as other readers may class them as. Middle class working people may class them as luxury items whereas the target audience high class people may find these products to be amenities. The price of the magazine is £4.20 which is an expensive price for a magazine compared to other music magazines. The price can also reinforce the quality articles/news for the readers. This also shows that high class middle-aged men would rather pay for quality compared to the average music magazine for middle class men.

5 Basic colours of front cover- black white and gold. It looks simple but appealing. It makes the magazine look classic and the theme is classical rock which is relevant. There is a background picture of Amy Whinehouse who is a female artist who could be associated with the theme of the magazine which is classical rock. This is obviously to attract the audience. Also, the magazine’s main article is based on the image of an artist on the front cover and a quote is included. For this issue the quote is ‘music is where I can be honest’. The audience will know that there is a magazine article based on this. There are many headings like ‘Also!’ and ‘Best thing I’ve heard all year’ which point things out to the reader. ‘Also’ suggests what else is in the magazine which is listed underneath. The layout of the front cover is very simple. Everything is placed out in layers. The Amy Winehouse picture is placed on top of the MOJO master head. Other headings are placed on top of the background image (of Amy Winehouse) but they do not cover her image. Although elements are placed on top of each other the magazine does not look over crowded. This is because everything is laid out neatly. The texts are all horizontal and there is only three colours on the whole front cover. Even the image on Amy Winehouse is black and white. FRONT COVER:

6 CONTENTS PAGE: The contents page takes up 2 pages; however both of these are different from each other. There are headings for the contents such as ‘features’ which are on the front cover. ‘Regulars’, ‘what’s going on!’ and ‘The Mojo Filter’ There is a picture on the first contents page of an artist and a quote from an article. His image is the background for the whole contents page. The second contents page features smaller pictures based on articles and the rest of the contents. The ‘features’ is only on the first contents page and the rest is on the other. The possible reason for the features being on the first contents page is because readers would be attracted by the front cover in the first place and the first thing they would probably want to know is where the features on the front cover are in the magazine.

7 Letters Page The content of the letters and the language used suggest that the readers are passionate about music and are serious collectors of Mojo magazine. They also give reviews of albums and singles that have recently come out which suggests that they are up to date with music. An example of this is ‘best cover mount CD you’ve given us for ages, absolutely brilliant’. This suggests that the readers are passionate about music and are committed fans of the Mojo magazine. The layout of the Theories, rants, etc. page is overall simple and bold. The colours from the front cover have been used to keep with the theme of this month’s issue. The colours used in this issue were black, gold and white. The subheadings are in gold, the text is in black and the background is plain and simple, white. The letters are in columns so they are spaced out and easy to read. There are no star prizes given for the star letters. The magazine interacts with the readers by giving CD’s and showing the latest news and gossip which can the makes the magazine seem almost like a person rather than looking at pieces of paper. The letters show that the magazine connects with the audience and has a strong relationship about music.

8 Language Analysis Mojo Music Magazine. Analysing the language. When reading one of the paragraphs, you start to see the sort of languages which used for the magazine. The style of writing which has been created throughout this magazine would be to inform the reader. The types of language used in some of the articles are used to inform the reader about certain artists, and what the latest news is about them. On of the article titles is named ‘killing ME softly this would first reflect on the article but it has been taken from a song by Lauren Hill. In the article it informs the reader Amy Wine house's breakdown in Birmingham. The sentences have dramatic used language to emphasis the way she broke down, by using words like and sentences ‘ shed tear’, ‘so desperately in love’, and took ‘several faltering steps’ this could suggest the pain and the way she is hurt. When addressing the reader, Mojo have first used bold colours catch the reader’s attention. The magazine has used complex words, which suggest that this magazine is very formal and so it is aimed for people who have got a higher education and have gone to university.

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