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NovusFolium Venture Partners Bridging Innovation to Markets Prospective Investment Opportunity.

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1 NovusFolium Venture Partners Bridging Innovation to Markets Prospective Investment Opportunity

2 Preface for this Template  Utilize this as a method to communicate your opportunity to our partners  The guidelines in this template are just that. They are not literal but an outline for you to consider  The information contained is public unless otherwise covered under NDA  All suggestions are welcome  Please plan for this material to take 30 minutes to present with 15 minutes for questions

3 Agenda  Specifically what you will cover in this presentation

4 Team  Management team - We invest in people  Past accomplishments – companies $ Value built and for whom  Team development and common knowledge which will be applied to the opportunity What brought you together  Weaknesses and areas that are not covered Potential areas for hire

5 Business Opportunity Overview  This should be in the form of an elevator pitch Focus on clarity and simplicity Business speak not technical speak

6 Capital Funding Background  First round or if second background on first  Other relevant information related to milestones met for funds spent etc.

7 Valuation  Logic applied for valuation

8 Market Opportunity  Business pain 30, 60, 90, 120 day(s)  Technology need

9 Vision/Solution/Value  How you address the Pain/Need Product, service, both  Market dynamics and your vision for how you will lead it as it evolves  Your innovation/breakthrough that changes or leads these dynamics

10 Customer Examples  From the customers perspective how is your solution repeatable and scalable What you do that is so compelling and unique  Can you deliver a ROI or IRR?  Is there a payback calculation or other economic benefit consideration?  If no customers yet create a real world example

11 Market Size  Total available market Sources  Addressable Market Bottoms up and basis behind these assumptions  Segmentation Your choice

12 Competition Competition  Known competitors  Suspected  Focus on Unique differentiation Business model disruption And Technology – not just technology  Competitors barrier to entry What makes that barrier sustainable? IP, Patents? SIMPLICITY IS KEY FOR THIS SECTION

13 Position yourself in the Grid Gartner Business Information Quadrant is an example ChallengesLeaders Niche PlayersVisionaries Ability to Execute Completeness of Vision

14 Go To Market  Sales Direct Indirect  Marketing

15 Channels  Strategic partnering Prospective exit companies  Technology or R&D partners  Distribution channels and partners Multipliers for scale

16 Manufacturing  Uses 100% of existing manufacturing line equipment and process with little reengineering  Requires new manufacturing processes Capital expenditure Market adaptation cycle

17 Business Model  How you make money?  Pricing and packaging? Competitive landscape  Cost of customer acquisition/sale Resources required

18 Financials P&L, Cash Flow – One year by quarter minimum – Plus annual up to 5 years thereafter Directional only – to show how big the business can be, growth rate Minimum suggested information / detail as needed for the above – Key Milestones EG – product shipment, versions etc – Key hires – etc – Headcount – Bookings – Revenue May need to break out things like Services depending on your business – Gross Margin – Expenses Major categories like R&D, Sales, Marketing, G&A shown as needed – Profit/Loss – Cash

19 Cash Raise  Should fall out of Financials Use of proceeds if not already clear from Financials  Typically 18 months of runway  Highlight key milestones that would set up for next round

20 CAP Table  Any key terms to highlight Cap Table (as appropriate)  Major elements, summarizing: Existing investors % Founders % Existing team % Remaining option pool %

21 Exit  Potential acquirers - Their motivations  Recent transactions in the space -$ paid and valuations basis  Comparable valuations for private / public cos -Data for these  Revenues, growth rates, market cap

22 Summary Why this is a good investment! Remember: We invest in uniquely qualified teams going after large new markets based on Carbon Nano Based Technologies and other advanced materials. Our interest lie in generating a profit for our investors and the portfolio company founders and employee’s.

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