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Alphabetic Knowledge Developed by Sara McCraw and Cathy Petitgout Delaware Reading Cadre, 2001.

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1 Alphabetic Knowledge Developed by Sara McCraw and Cathy Petitgout Delaware Reading Cadre, 2001

2 2 GOALS To understand how alphabetic knowledge is applied to reading and spelling, To understand the three cueing systems of reading, To learn how to assess for reading and phonics instruction. Delaware Reading Cadre, 2001

3 3 From Phonemic Awareness to Phonics Once students have a strong understanding of how words work at the phoneme level and are able to blend and segment words verbally, they are ready to apply this knowledge at the symbolic level for reading and spelling. Adams, 1990 Delaware Reading Cadre, 2001

4 As soon as basic phonological awareness and letter knowledge are gained, awareness of letter sequences, speech sounds, and meanings of words develop in a reciprocal fashion. (Teaching Reading is Rocket Science AFT, 1999) Delaware Reading Cadre, 2001

5 5 Dot and Meg How did you feel when you were trying to read this passage? What did you do to figure out the words? Delaware Reading Cadre, 2001

6 6 Reading Time Delaware Reading Cadre, 2001

7 7 Research and Conclusions 1. Systematic phonics instruction contributes more to students growth in reading than unsystematic or no phonics instruction. 2. Systematic phonics is effective in whole group, small group, and individual instruction. 3. Systematic phonics must be appropriately designed for the learner and must begin with a foundational knowledge involving letters and phonemic awareness. Delaware Reading Cadre, 2001

8 8 4. Systematic phonics is beneficial to students regardless of their SES. 5. Systematic phonics is more effective in helping to prevent reading difficulties among at risk students and in remediating reading difficulties of disabled readers. 6. Systematic phonics boosts growth in reading comprehension in younger students and reading disabled students. Delaware Reading Cadre, 2001

9 9 Caution!!!! …The goals of phonics instruction are to provide some key knowledge and skills and to insure that they know how to apply this knowledge in their reading and writing. Programs that focus too much on the teaching of letter sounds relations and not enough on putting them to use are unlikely to be very effective. …Educators must keep the end mind and insure that children understand the purpose of learning letter-sounds and are able to apply their skills in their daily reading and writing activities. Delaware Reading Cadre, 2001

10 10 Systematic phonics instruction should be integrated with reading instruction to create a balanced reading program. Phonics instruction is never the total reading program. Phonics should never become the dominant component in a reading program, neither in the amount of time devoted to it nor in the significance attached. National Reading Panel, 2000 Delaware Reading Cadre, 2001

11 11 Assessment Running Records and Qualitative Spelling Inventory Delaware Reading Cadre, 2001

12 12 Word Study – Reading and Spelling Delaware Reading Cadre, 2001

13 13 Qualitative Spelling Inventory from Words Their Way: Word Study for Phonics, Vocabulary, and Spelling Instruction (Bear et al, 2000) Word study sort Inventory is just a snapshot – need to look at their writing too How to administer the inventory Case study: Lenore On your own: Willem Delaware Reading Cadre, 2001

14 14 Parent Training IRA presentation by Maryland teachers. Sessions bringing in parents to teach them strategies to use with their child other than sounding out the word or telling the word. Children return to session and choose book Teachers coach parents as they read with their child. See handout from IRA Reading Cadre 2001

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