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1 DSTP Test Coordinators Training Fall-October 2009.

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1 1 DSTP Test Coordinators Training Fall-October 2009

2 2 Welcome DSTP School Test Coordinator Training

3 3 DSTP Test Coordinator Training Science & Social Studies, Grades 4 & 6 No booklets are pre-id. All labels are self-adhesive.

4 4 KEY CONTACTS PEARSON: Anna Gutierrez Delaware Program Coordinator 800-228-0752, ext. 245627*** Tom Ealy Delaware Program Director 800-228-0752, ext. 245829*** DOE:Helen Dennis ( ) 302-735-4090 James Hertzog ( ) 302-735-4090 Lisa Alexander ( 302-735-4090 DOE Fax number 302-739-3092 Corey Downer (State ID Numbers) 302-735-4140 Michele Rush (Students with disabilities/DELSIS) 302-735-4226 Margie Loveland(English Language Learners) 302-735-4260 Bright Key Customer Service: 866-348-6300 Page 9, TCH

5 5 Acronyms DOE – Department of Education TCH - Test Coordinators Handbook DFA - Directions For Administering DTC - District Test Coordinator STC - School Test Coordinator TA – Test Administrator

6 6 Who May Administer the DSTP? DE-certified educators (teachers, administrators, or guidance counselors) Delaware Licensed Speech Language Pathologists Paraprofessionals, if closely supervised by a DE-certified teacher Translators (if they are not also DE-certified educators, they must be closely supervised by a DE-certified teacher) Substitute teachers (if they are not also DE-certified educators, they must be closely supervised by a DE- certified educator)

7 7 Who May Administer the DSTP? Contd If there is a severe shortage of staff, you may use: student teachers as Test Administrators, if closely supervised by a DE-certified teacher. School support staff to act as scribes.

8 8 Are parents or other individuals permitted to observe in the classroom during DSTP test administration? No. No persons except the Test Administrators and the students taking the test are permitted to be present in the testing room during test administration. Parents and other individuals are not permitted to observe or be present in the classroom during DSTP test administration.

9 9 Key Dates Receipt of materials Test administration Return of materials Score reports

10 10 TCH Page 8 Key Dates – Grade 4 & 6 Science &Social Studies

11 11 Test Security School Test Coordinator: ensures security of test materials trains Test Administrators in security procedures notifies DTC immediately in case of security breach Test Security Policy is in TCH and appendix to DFA

12 12 Is it or isnt it?

13 13 If you think you might have a security breach: Report it to the District Test Coordinator Even if you are not SURE, report it to the District Test Coordinator anyway DTC will notify DOE DOE will provide instructions Err on the side of cautiousness We want to be able to protect YOU

14 14 Two type of security breaches Improper handling/storage of materials Improper test administration

15 15 Improper Storage/Handling of Materials It is a testing security violation to: a)Give any examinee access to secure test items or materials except in the regular course of an authorized administration of the DSTP b)Give unauthorized individuals or other persons access to secure test items or materials f)Fail to follow security regulations and procedures for the storage, distribution, collection and return of secure test materials, or fail to account for all secure test materials before, during and after testing

16 16 Improper Test Administration It is a violation of the Test Security Policy to: d)Provide answers orally, in writing, or by any other means to any examinee; e)Coach any examinee during testing by giving the examinee answers to secure test questions or otherwise directing or guiding a response or by altering or interfering with the examinees response in any way g)Fail to properly monitor test administration, including permitting inappropriate collaboration between or among individuals

17 17 Examples of Security Breaches Teacher discusses possible answer content with students during test Teacher reads test items before test, and incorporates content into classroom lesson Teacher overhears students discussing answers during testing but does not intervene Test coordinator allows the secure storage to be used to give make-up tests.

18 18 Examples, contd Teacher reads completed student response booklets and discusses them with colleagues in faculty room Teacher administers test accommodations not listed in a students IEP or DSTPA record

19 19 Electronic Cheating Cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted. –Prevent text messaging of answers –Prevent pictures of test being taken

20 20 Test Materials Test Coordinator Handbook Directions for Administering Inclusion Guidelines Test Booklets Response Booklets

21 21 What to Do When Appendix E of TCH: page 67

22 22 TC Prep Checklist Appendix E of TCH, page71

23 23 Test Sessions – Science & Social Studies Timing of each test day summarized on p. 13 of TCH Make-up dates Gr 4, 6 Science: Oct 21 & Oct 26-28 Social: Oct 26-28

24 24 Grades 4 & 6 Science & Social Studies Page 13, TCH

25 25 Form Indicator grade

26 26

27 27 Science, Grade 6

28 28 Science & Social Studies, Grade 4 Open ended question with no box Open ended question with box

29 29 Science & Social Studies, Grade 4 & 6 A - Please DO NOT write on the bottom of any page in the page number area B - Please DO NOT write in timing track B A

30 30 Parent Letter for October Testing

31 31 Receipt and Inventory of Materials

32 32 Test Materials Inventory and Security Checklists Packing and Security Checklist format will change

33 33 Sample Assembly ID Sheet

34 34 Packing List Page 18, TCH

35 35 DISTRICT SECURITY CHECKLIST No Names listed. Fall test booklets not pre-labeled. Fall response booklets are not pre-labeled.

36 36 SCHOOL SECURITY CHECKLIST No Names listed. Fall test booklets not pre-labeled. Fall response booklets are not pre-labeled.

37 37 Checklist for District Test Coordinators Inventorying Test Materials Page 22, TCH

38 38 Checklist for School Test Coordinators- Grade 4 & 6 Science & Social Studies Inventorying Test Materials Page 23 – TCH

39 39 Confirming Labels and Ordering Labels

40 40

41 41

42 42 Grades 2-10 Label Request Sample Screen Allows selection of dist/school Requestors name mandatory Ids will now be validated Error will be displayed if not valid id

43 43 Label Request Confirmation Screen

44 44 Supplemental Label Dates for Grades 4 & 6 - Science & Social Studies NOTE: There will be no student movement shipment before testing starts you will need to order all labels not received. Only one supplemental label shipment –Data capture on Wednesday, 10/22 –To be received by schools on Monday, 10/26

45 45 Supplemental Label Dates for Grades 4 & 6 - Science & Social Studies If labels not received in time for shipping your materials, do not delay your shipment –Make sure student information (including ID) is on back of booklet – DO NOT return these booklets in a Special Handling envelope

46 46 Applying Student Labels ID info is NOT printed on ANY fall 2009 test booklets Labels arrive on sheets Apply labels to booklets –Verify information on the label –Peel label from top to bottom –Place label in the box on back cover

47 47 Back Page of Test Booklet Page 34 TCH – S&SS Student Info Grid self-adhesive label

48 48 Do NOT put a self-adhesive label on a book that already has a label. |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| SAM, UNCLE 730 DELMAR SR HIGH DOB: 10/01/87 GENDER: M GRADE: 09 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| SAM, UNCLE 730 DELMAR SR HIGH DOB: 10/01/87 GENDER: M GRADE: 09

49 49 Do NOT allow a student to take a test in a booklet that has another students label on it. TEST Michelle Doe

50 50 Distributing Materials to Test Administrators Security of test materials Distribute test materials in the morning before test, not before Transfer materials to special programs

51 51 Secure Routing Envelope

52 52 School Test Coordinator must always have a record of… Which Test Administrator has which test booklets When the booklets were given to the TA Where the TA stores the materials When the TA Returned the materials

53 53 Special Education and ELL Accommodations Guidelines for Inclusion (revised 2/2009 or Record Accommodations in DSTP Accommodations Application by close- of-business, day before testing Test Accommodations must already be in students IEP/504 plan

54 54 Guidelines for Inclusion

55 55 New DSTP Accommodations Application

56 56 New DSTP Accommodations Application

57 57 Accommodations, contd Some classroom accommodations are not permitted during DSTP. Test Administrators must be aware of the accommodations for which each student is documented in DSTPA.

58 58 Scribing Protocols Separate Scribing Protocol for American Sign Language Read Page 41-44 in the Guidelines for Inclusion Student –must place punctuation –need not spell words Scribe –must spell words correctly –will scribe exactly what student says Notify DOE of non-Spec Ed/504 students using scribes via Online Incident Report

59 59 Improved Guidance on How to Administer Accommodations These NEW APPENDICES to the Guidelines for Inclusion: Provide guidance on how to administer certain accommodations. Clarify eligibility May change the way in which these accommodations are administered, May change the persons to whom these accommodations are administered. See the new appendices to the Guidelines for Inclusion You must use these to train test administrators who will administer these accommodations. You must comply with these procedures for testing Doe trained about 100 ELL and SWD staff from around the state in the new Guidelines for Inclusion (May and Sept 2009)

60 60 Improved Guidance on How to Administer Accommodations, contd English Language Learners Appendix H: Protocol for Simplifying Language/ Paraphrasing Appendix I: Protocol for Reading Aloud the DSTP Appendix J: Protocol for Native Language Interpreter/ Sight Translator Students with Disabilities Appendix I: Protocol for Reading Aloud the DSTP Appendix K: Graphic Organizers Appendix L: Protocol for Sign Language Interpreters

61 61 Braille Large Print Spanish Kurzweil (grade 4 & 6) Special Versions of the DSTP

62 62 Pearson queried schools about # special versions needed Shipped separately Notify Pearson if you need more than ordered Supplementary instructions See p. 44-47 of TCH for handling of Special Versions Special Versions

63 63 Spanish Versions for Grade 4 Science & Social Studies Page 35 of TCH Grade 4 Student will have 2 booklets: –English science/social studies booklet –Spanish science/social studies booklet

64 64 Spanish Gr 4 Sci&SS contd After testing 1.Transcribe the multiple choice answers from the Spanish booklets to the English booklets

65 65 Spanish Gr 4 Sci&SS contd 2.In the English booklets, write SPANISH in each short answer response space

66 66 Word Processing Accommodations

67 67 Testing Students in Special Programs

68 68 Students in Special Programs Refer to p. 14 and Appendix C in TCH DAPI Consortium Discipline Alternative Programs NOT DSCYF

69 69 Consortium Discipline Alternative Programs – Appendix D You must transfer materials to the following sites if they are serving your students: –Because We Care –PEAK –Parkway Academy (Provcorp) –SCOPE –Kingswood Academy Also, DAPI

70 70 Do not transfer materials to: Private court-ordered placements such as: –Project Stayfree –Advo-Serve –Aquila –Other?

71 71 DO NOT transfer materials to DSCYF Sites: TCH- Appendix D – page 66

72 72 Transcribing Test Materials

73 73 If this is the result of teacher, school, or student error, you must: Transcribe into a single booklet Put all booklets into a special packing envelope Page 65 (#1), TCH What to do When What if I have a student who has answers in two or more response booklets?

74 74 Other Transcribing Questions Do we have to transcribe Braille Writer print-outs of student answers? –Yes. Pearson does not read Braille.

75 75 Do not staple, glue, paperclip or tape!

76 76 What to Do When... See pages 65-67 of TCH The What to Do When... table tells you what to do in certain situations what forms to file Broken down into areas of Before Testing/During Testing Examples: Students sick during testing Disruptive behavior Bomb threats Fire alarms

77 77 Training Test Administrators Train all T.A.s prior to testing T.A.s are responsible for reading the DFAs and Test Security Policy Distribute DFAs prior to training Topics to cover in TA training

78 78 IMPORTANT In order to train T.A.s in proper procedure, District and School Test Coordinators must know the procedures DISTRICT AND SCHOOL TEST COORDINATORS MUST READ the DIRECTIONS FOR ADMINISTERING.

79 79 Arrangement of Test Sites Good lighting Comfortable temperature/ventilation Quiet location Desks spread apart Consideration of special accommodations

80 80 After Testing

81 81 Absences Schools are required to keep records of those who were absent from testing.

82 82 Security Certifications Page 54-58 TCH Signing this document certifies that you: –administered the DSTP in accordance with the Directions for Administering –have received and complied with the Test Security Policy

83 83 Security Certification Forms Due Nov 12 Sign AFTER testing, NOT BEFORE

84 84 Submit Online to District Coordinator Do NOT fax or mail paper copies to DOE Incident/Exempts must be received at DOE by 11/9/09 Back-up documentation – on file at district (not DOE) Online Special Exemption Requests, Incident Reports, and Unique Accommodations

85 85 Pages 61-63 of grade 4 & 6 TCH Invalidation & Exemption Regulations

86 86 Student Refusals Ship labeled booklet with SCORABLE documents. NOT NON-SCORABLES Submit Incident Report via online system to DOE

87 87 Scorable Non-Scorable District Overage Returning Materials

88 88 Special Packing Envelope

89 89 Goal – assure student receives credit for all typed responses Issues: Responses not numbered Responses out of order Two responses on the same line Response book says typed response, but there is no typed response Computerized Responses TCH - page 38

90 90 Computerized Responses TCH - page 38 Student Name: Student ID: Grade: School: District: Delaware 8. Students short answer response 11. Students extended response 12. Students extended response 21. Students short answer response 22. 32. Students short answer response 33. Students short answer response Please assure that: All responses are numbered Responses are in number order There is adequate spacing between each response Student information is on all sheets Number with blank space - indicates no response

91 91 Master file Sheet TCH –p. 41 Must be submitted manually

92 92 Scoring Service Identification Sheet (SSID) One per grade Only side 1 TCH –p. 42

93 93 Packing Procedures TCH – Page 48

94 94 Shipper: BrightKey BrightKey will call you to schedule Pickup BrightKey provides shipping labels See page 50 of TCH

95 95 BrightKey Pick-up BrightKey retrieval ticket TCH – pg 51

96 96 Checklist for School Test Coordinators – Scorable booklets Returning Scorable Booklets TCH p. 52

97 97 Shipping Labels - Scorables

98 98 Checklist: Returning Non-Scorables – Science & Social Studies TCH, Page 54

99 99 Shipping Labels: Non-Scorables

100 100 Presentation for Your Use This powerpoint presentation will be posted on the Test Coordinator Website.

101 101 Questions?

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