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1 Metric, Threshold & Goals within the Insight Dashboard.

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1 1 Metric, Threshold & Goals within the Insight Dashboard

2 2 Metric Metrics are the building blocks of The Insight Dashboard A metric is some indicator directly or indirectly associated with student achievement Metrics give direction Example: We want a students Daily Attendance Rate to be as high as possible and we want a students Class Period Absence Rate to be as low as possible

3 3 Thresholds A threshold is the value of the metric that marks the cut point between being acceptable and unacceptable In terms of The Insight Dashboard, a threshold is the value where the metric turns from green to red or from red to green Threshold Examples Student Daily Attendance Rate 85% Class Period Absence Rate 15% Days Absent 10 days The Insight Dashboard metric thresholds are based in research conducted by The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation The Regional Educational Laboratory, Mid-Atlantic The Delaware Department of Education (research and policy)

4 4 Goals Goals relate to aggregations of student metrics at the school or district level The goal represents the number of students that a school or district expects to be above or below the threshold for a particular metric Example: The school goal for the Daily Attendance Rate metric is 95%, which means we want 95% of our students meeting the Daily Attendance Rate threshold of 85% Assessment Goals are ESEA-aligned and individualized for each school, meaning they are calculated based on RTTT objective to reduce non-proficiency percentages by one- half by 2017

5 5 Student Attendance Metrics

6 6 Student Assessment Metrics

7 7 School Level Attendance Metrics

8 8 School Level Assessment Metrics

9 9 District Level Attendance Metrics

10 10 District Level Assessment Metric

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