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Rio Vista Elementary Restructuring Plan 2010-2013.

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1 Rio Vista Elementary Restructuring Plan 2010-2013

2 API Scores 2005-2009

3 Student Achievement (All Students Proficient or Above Instructional Programs Instructional Time Professional Development School Administrator Training Student Achievement Monitoring Systems Instructional Assistance & Support Regular Teacher Collaboration Lesson Planning GuideFiscal School EnvironmentParental Involvement Data Analysis (Cycle of Inquiry/Collaboration)

4 Instructional Programs BoardMath BoardLanguage New ELD adoption Strategic Intervention During the School Day Required Extended Year for non Proficient students Primary Language Support

5 Instructional Time Increased Instructional Time for Kindergarten by 100 minutes. Increased Instructional Time for 1-5 by 30 minutes per week or 1080 per year. Extended Year 4-week program @ 4 hours per day (960 minutes). ELD increased by 15 minutes daily. In-School Intervention 45 minutes daily.

6 Professional Development BoardMath BoardLanguage Data Analysis ELD adoption training Professional Learning Communities 5-days prior to start of school teachers will analyze data, review end of year assessments, design lessons and identify intervention groups

7 School AdministratorTraining Data Analysis (ACOE) Response to Intervention (SCOE) To Refer or Not To Refer (CCCOE) BoardMath BoardLanguage Professional Learning Communities

8 Student Achievement Monitoring System Curriculum Associates Assessments ADEPT Assessment CELDT Practice & Mastery Common Assessments Grade Level Presentations (monthly) Learning Walks

9 Instructional Assistance & Support Instructional Program Specialist (Admin) BoardMath/BoardLanguage Coach Reading Intervention Teacher Data Coach

10 Regular Teacher Collaboration Grade level meetings 2x month 1 full day per month to collaborate with grade level Leadership – 1 release day each trimester to meet with data coach ELD Learning Walks – every other month

11 Lesson Planning Guide Lesson planning guide will be driven by data analysis.

12 School Environment Soul Shoppe (Character Education Program) will be expanded to include classroom visits. Training 30 new Peacemakers. Teacher In-Service – 1x each trimester

13 Parental Involvement Adopt PIQE (Parent Institute for Quality Education by August 2010 Make A Difference Day – 2x (Fall/Spring)

14 Fiscal Support (see Budget Summary)

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