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Welcome to Room 26 Mrs. Roe Fourth Grade. About Me O 19 th year teaching O 5 years –Reading Specialist O Ogdensburg City School District and Oak Grove.

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1 Welcome to Room 26 Mrs. Roe Fourth Grade

2 About Me O 19 th year teaching O 5 years –Reading Specialist O Ogdensburg City School District and Oak Grove O 8 years-1 st grade teacher O Oak Grove O 5 years 3 rd grade teacher O Oak Grove

3 Our Schedule O 8:50-9:10 -Morning Work O 9:10-10:00 –Reading Workshop O 10:00-10:25-Word Study-Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary O 10:25-11:10 –Writing Workshop O 11:10-11:55 –Lunch (Students go 11:30-11:55) O 12:00-12:55 –Math O 1:00-1:20 -Recess O 1:20-2:00 -Special O 2:05-2:20 – Snack/Write in Planners/Pack Up O 2:20-3:15 –Science and Social Studies O 3:15-3:25 –Read aloud and Clean Up O 3:30 -Bus Rooms

4 Our Specials O Day 1: Art O Chorus at 2:45 O Day 2: Library O Day 3: Gym O Day 4: Art O Day 5: Music O Day 6: Gym

5 Rules, rewards and consequences Respectful Voice Level 0-2 Use Kind Words Follow all adult directions Responsible Be Prepared to Learn Try your Best Keep it Clean Safe: Walk Keep Hands, Feet and Objects to yourself. Small prizes and class rewards are given for positive behavior. Consequences include a verbal warning, moving the clip down on our chart, writing an apology note and/or parent contact.

6 The Curriculum O Reading Workshop Every workshop starts with a mini-lesson on the carpet with the whole class. I model a specific skill or strategy. Students have the opportunity to turn and talk with a partner during the lesson to practice and reflect on the skill. Then students go practice the skill or strategy independently while using their own books. During this independent work time, I meet with small groups and individual students for additional skill practice.

7 The Curriculum O Word Study O Resource-Journey’s Word Study O Spelling and Vocabulary instruction O Resource-Write Source O Grammar, punctuation and sentence structure

8 The Curriculum O Writing Workshop O Same format as Reading Workshop O Whole class mini-lesson O Guided practice O Independent Practice O Units-Narrative, Persuasive, Informational, Research

9 The Curriculum O Mathematics Operations and Algebraic Thinking Word problems-all 4 operations, factors, multiples Numbers in Base Ten Place Value to 100,000 Fractions Equivalence, comparing, decimals Measurement and Data Conversions, line plots, angles and angle measurement Geometry Identify lines and angles, classify shapes by lines and angles

10 The Curriculum Science The Science 21 Program, an Activity-Based Curriculum, is used. Skills ● Observation ● Measurement ● Analysis ● Design of a Fair Test Units of Study -Organizing Ourselves for Doing Science -Digestion, Nutrients, Food Chains, and Food Webs -Simple Machines -Organization of the Earth Social Studies Skills ● Map Skills ● Interpret Timelines and Charts ● Identify and Interpret Primary and Secondary Sources ● Research/Technology Content (Study of New York State) ● Landforms, Regions, Climate, and Resources ● Native Americans in NY ● Europeans Explore NY ● Colonial Life ● The American Revolution ● A New State ● Government ● Industrial Revolution Text: New York, Macmillan/McGraw Hill Integrated Social Studies ELA Curriculum

11 Homework k ● Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday, and occasionally on Friday. ● Students are required to read for *twenty minutes every Monday through Friday night. *Subject to increase later in the year! ● Homework is not graded, but daily completion is required. Failure to complete homework assignments will result in a 3 point reduction in the quarterly average for reading or math. Please check your child’s planner and homework daily. Daily Homework and reminders will also be posted on my website.



14 Grading Procedures Quarterly averages are computed based on the following: ● Writing Assignments, Science Labs and Projects are scored using a rubric ● Unit Tests (counted twice) ● Quizzes ● Occasional Classwork Assignments Please Note: ● Students will be penalized for projects that are handed in late (10 points per day) excluding lateness due to illness or other special circumstances. ● If a project is not handed in after a week, the student will receive a Zero. ● Parents will be made aware of late assignments.

15 Parent Teacher Conferences Be sure to sign up on the back table for a November Conference Dates: Thursday-November 19 th- 12:25-4:00 5:40-8:00 Friday, November 20 th- 12:25-4:00 Monday, November 23 rd- 12:25-4:00

16 Other Important Dates O School Pictures-October 14 th O December 16 th -Winter Concert at Roy C. Ketcham High School-7:00 O February 25-Science Fair O March 10 th Open House O April 5-7 ELA tests O April 13-15 Math Tests O May 5-Spring Concert at Ketcham -7:00 O May 25-June 3-Science State Performance Exam O June 6 Science Written Exam O June 17 th Field Trip to Medieval Times

17 Remind Me Text Messages

18 To Contact Me To contact me The absolute best way to get in contact with me is to send an e-mail. I check my e-mail at least twice a day at school and also at home in the evening. If you would like me to call you, please call the office and let me know the best time (and phone number) to contact you. I usually return phone calls while the children are at special (1:20-2:00) or in the morning before school.

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