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Title III: Strategic Planning & Consolidated Monitoring May 5, 2009.

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1 Title III: Strategic Planning & Consolidated Monitoring May 5, 2009

2 Overview of the Presentation Overview of Consolidated Monitoring Monitoring Summary for 2008-09 –Counties monitored –Common findings –Samples Best Practices 5 Year Strategic Plan Title III Application –Application Process –Evaluation and Approval Process –Changes for 09-10

3 Counties Monitored in 3 Year Cycle 2008-092009-102010-11 BarbourBerkeleyBoone BrookeCabellFayette BraxtonHancockGrant CalhounHarrisonHampshire ClayJacksonHardy DoddridgeKanawhaJefferson GilmerLewisLincoln GreenbrierLoganMarion MercerMasonMarshall MineralMingoMcDowell PendletonMonroeMonongalia PrestonMorganPleasants PutnamNicholasRitchie RaleighOhioRoane SummersPocahontasTyler UpshurRandolphWebster WayneTaylorWetzel WoodTuckerWirt Wyoming

4 Document Components Monitored by Title III Highly Qualified Personnel – 2.8 Professional Development – 3.2 Parent/Community Involvement –4.1 Parent/Community Notification – 5.2, 5.3 a-g Title III Requirements –Identification procedures – 14.1 –High quality services –14.2 –Fiscal Requirements – 14.3 –AMAOs –14.4 –Parental Involvement/Notification – 14.5, 14.6 –WESTELL – 14.8

5 Required Student File Documentation Woodcock Munoz (or WESTELL) screening results Eligibility Parent Notification (within 30 days of enrollment) Documentation of LEP Committee Meeting Classroom Modification Form LEP Assessment Participation Form (*if appropriate) WESTELL scores WESTEST scores (*not required)

6 Common Findings & Recommendations 5.2 Parental Notification 403_002.doc 403_002.doc –Within 30 day timeline –Including all components required by law 14.2 Increased Achievement (school visits) –Providing high quality programs (amount services) –Linked to ELP/CSO standards –Program Coordination –Grade Placement –Special Education

7 Activities During On Site Monitoring- ESL Classroom Observation In order to effectively and comprehensively monitor standard 14.2, school visits observing ESL classes will be scheduled Purpose of the visit is to make programmatic observations WVDE selects schools based on WVEIS data, prior year WESTELL and WESTEST Observation Protocol is used for school visits County Title III Directors are encouraged to participate in school visits

8 14.2 Has the LEA increased the English proficiency of limited English proficient children by providing high-quality language instruction educational programs that are based on scientifically based research and linked to state ELP standards? NCLB Title III, Part A, Section3115 (c) (1) Scientifically-based Research (SBR) Elements Notes SBR Instruction (positive, engaging, high-yield strategies, Content ESL) SBR Curriculum (linked to ELP & CSO standards) SBR School Effectiveness (environment, culture) SBR Student/Parent Support (parent education & involvement) Other: Observation Protocol Title III School-based Programs County Schools, ______________, 2006 Schools: _______________________________________________

9 Summary of Best Practices Teachers use appropriate balance of Content-based ESL and direct ESL instruction based on individual student proficiency needs Teachers reinforce classroom content goals, objectives through Pre-teaching, re-teaching, and use of supplemental materials Teachers support good learning strategies and critical thinking skills by building student background knowledge, pre-teaching key vocabulary, identifying main points, key characters etc. Teachers differentiate instruction according to individual student needs

10 Summary of Best Practices Teachers address all ELP Standards during instruction (R,W,L,S) It is clear how specific instructional materials related to ELP and CSO standards Teachers communicate with classroom teachers on regular basis

11 Summary of Best Practices School administrators are aware of and attentive to the needs of LEP students LEP students are specifically scheduled into classes that are co-taught and/or led by experienced teachers Teachers/administrators advise LEP students re: scholarship and other outside opportunities Students are served in designated instructional spaces School culture is inclusive and supports needs of LEP students

12 Summary of Best Practices Students with special needs receive joint services, ESL teacher coordinates with RTI, Gifted etc. Parent Support – ESL teacher often communicates with parents and school administrators also are involved in ongoing communication Parents are encouraged to attend school- based functions and are involved decision- making of their child

13 2009-2010 Monitoring Schedule 2009-10 1 Berkeley 2 Cabell 3 Hancock 4 Harrison 5 Jackson 6 Kanawha 7 Lewis 8 Logan 9 Mason 10 Mingo 11 Monroe 12 Morgan 13 Nicholas 14 Ohio 15 Pocahontas 16 Randolph 17 Taylor 18 Tucker 19 Wyoming

14 Title III: Strategic Planning

15 5 Year Strategic Plan Plan Committee For federal compliance, the county must include representatives from the Title III Planning Team in the completion of the Title III components of the plan. Counties with high-incidence populations are encouraged to include a Parent on the planning team.

16 Goals/Objectives/Actions Add Title III Goal –Example: Increase the number or percentage of LEP students making progress in learning English Add Objectives –Example: Students will increase in making progress in English as measured by WESTELL (AMAO I). –Students will increase.5% in attaining proficiency as measured by WESTELL (AMAO II). Professional Development Plan Add an Action - Choose from Title III Compliance examples

17 Goals/Objectives/Actions Professional Development Plan Add an Action - Choose from Title III Compliance examples

18 Compliances Consortium (add member counties if applicable) Qualification Procedures Levels of Proficiency

19 Budget Enter budget section Click on LEA-Title III county composite Complete chart using amount from section totals. Must equal the countys annual allocation amount Title III vs. Title III Immigrant

20 Submission Procedures Print a PDF file for review prior to submission of the section. –Click print as PDF Review and edit this section of the plan as necessary Submit the Title III Section of the plan. –Click Submit to the State Notification of the submission will be sent to the following email address from the email address of the person submitting.

21 Evaluation of the Plans COUNTY: Individual County / Consortium YES NO Planning Team The team is comprised of a diverse representation of members, such as principals, teachers, students, community members etc. x There is a parent representative on the team. x Comments: Good Title III representation. Excellent use of parent/community input in planning via smaller subcommittees and Parent Advisory Committee. Goals Objectives Goals address how the district will improve students reading, writing, speaking, listening and comprehension achievement in the English language and will improve students achievement in meeting challenging state content standards. x Comments: Title III goals and objectives are integretated into Goal 1 (literacy/numeracy achievement). Objectives are clear and measurable Professional Development Professional development is specifically designed to improve the instruction and assessment of LEP students x Professional development is integrated into and consistent with ongoing county professional development x Programs and activities are of sufficient intensity and duration to have a positive and lasting impact on the teachers performance in the classroom (excluding activities such as one-day or short-term workshops unless the activity is a component of an established comprehensive professional development program for an individual teacher) x Comments: Professional development is spelled out clearly and covers a variety of audiences Parent Involvment Outlines a clear plan of outreach to parents of limited English proficient children x Programs and activities ensure that parents will be active participants in assisting their children to achieve at high levels in core academic subjects, and meet the same challenging State academic content standards x Comments: Parent involvment is addressed comprehensively and includes interpreters, as needed, and connects to other community resources (RESAs etc). Budget The Budget accurately reflects the goals and activities outline throughout the application x Any technology, equipment or other funding is listed in detail and adequately justified Comments: Budget is clearly linked to activities in goals/objectives and provides necessary details for implemtation. Budget reflects revised amount. I recommend this grant for funding. x I recommend this grant for funding with amendments

22 Contact Information Nancy Griffith, Consultant Amelia Courts, Executive Director

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