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Title III: Continuous Improvement Program Update – December 2004.

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1 Title III: Continuous Improvement Program Update – December 2004

2 Overview Follow-up to November Policy 2417 Monitoring USDE Report Assessment WESTEST WESTELL Professional Development Next Update

3 FOLLOW UP Preschool / Private school records Consolidated Monitoring Review document in January Plan to Pilot in Spring 05 Goal – Implement in Fall 05

4 FOLLOW UP POLICY 2417 – February revision Security protocols for WESTELL Grade clusters Accountability Measures AMAOs # and % making progress # and % achieving proficiency (FEP) Parental Notification of failure (1 year) Improvement Plan (2 consecutive years) Program Restructuring (4 consecutive years)

5 FOLLOW UP Three parts of AMAOs – if you miss one then dont meet all. Therefore, if you miss AYP – you should notify for Title III puposes – fully contextualize the letter. STARTING NEXT YEAR –Parental letter must go out to LEP parents that their schools program didnt make it- if they didnt make AYP because of LEP population and/or AMAOs. MANY STATES ARE MOVING TO ONE LETTER FOR BOTH.

6 USDE Title III Report





11 ASSESSEMENT WESTEST LEP Assessment Participation Document (revised) Codes on WVEIS

12 ASSESSEMENT- WESTELL USDE expects K-12 ELP assessment be fully operational by Spring 06 K-2 Assessment will be field tested in May 2005 WV K-2 Students should continue with Woodcock Munoz Screening/Placement if WESTELL is the best for assessing students, then it will be best for determining placement. As more items are graduated / released then some of those items may be used for a Placement test.

13 WESTELL – Validity analysis Do WESTELL scores accurately represent students proficiency? Can you use it to measure growth? Do test scores support decisions to reclassify as FEP? Item Analysis Latent class analysis Teacher analysis Complexity ratings For most part WESTELL measures less and most complex levels and differentiates levels in between. WESTELL did better than any off the shelf test in discriminating between R,W,L,S Also grade clusters there seems to be an accurate representation of students proficiency Within grade cluster there was no differentiation ELDA can differentiate progress regardless of program service model

14 WESTELL Costs $20 per pupil for census, $27 for field test projected to go to 15$, Clear numbers for Spring 06 lay out test booklets prepare masters for speaking / listening tapes print booklets duplicate tapes maintain tech support security bar code test administration manuals speaking scoring training materials shipping scoring producing electronic/paper reports

15 WESTELL- 2004 Results Standards- setting Holistic and bookmarking Contrasting groups Redo on complete form in 2005 State-level aggregate data Student level reports

16 WESTELL- 2005 Accurate Data on WVEIS Speaking will be locally scored for Census 05 Testing window – late March through beginning of May 9-12 Listening –length of time for administration Student Background Questionnaires- bubbled Training Individual reports due by August 05- will include raw scores, thetas, individual domains, composite of comprehension, and full composite score.

17 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ESL CADRE WV Learns E-Learning Module Survey for Module Content Volunteers to participate in development committee

18 NEXT UPDATE… Monthly Updates Date / Time Thursday, January 13, 9:00 Topics for update Post on listserve

19 Conclusion Questions and / or Comments?

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