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NCLB Consolidated Monitoring Integrated Approach to Title III Monitoring.

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1 NCLB Consolidated Monitoring Integrated Approach to Title III Monitoring

2 Overview of the Presentation Overview of Consolidated Monitoring Monitoring Summary for 2007-08 –# Counties monitored –Common findings Procedures –Desk monitoring Standards –Onsite monitoring School Visits Samples Best Practices

3 Overview Definition NCLB Consolidated Monitoring Process of collecting information from grantees to ensure compliance for federal programs in accordance with EDGAR 34 CFR 76.770 Programs that have monitoring requirements under NCLB: –Title I –Title II, A and D –Title III –Title V –Title VI –McKinney Vento Act

4 Overview Procedures for On Site Monitoring Conducted in three year cycle, unless more frequent monitoring is determined necessary by WVDE Conducted by a team of WVDE staff, county level administrators and/or other educators to conduct the on site review

5 Counties Monitored in 2007-08 County Jefferson Webster Hampshire Boone Marshall Hardy Fayette McDowell Monongalia Mason – follow up Roane Marion Lincoln Pleasants Grant Wirt Ritchie Tyler Wetzel

6 Document Components Monitored by Title III Highly Qualified Personnel – 2.8 Professional Development – 3.2 Parent/Community Involvement –4.1 Parent/Community Notification – 5.2, 5.3 a-g Title III Requirements –Identification procedures – 14.1 –High quality services –14.2 –Fiscal Requirements – 14.3 –AMAOs –14.4 –Parental Involvement/Notification – 14.5, 14.6 –WESTELL – 14.8

7 Required Student File Documentation Woodcock Munoz (or WESTELL) screening results Eligibility Parent Notification (within 30 days of enrollment) Documentation of LEP Committee Meeting Classroom Modification Form LEP Assessment Participation Form (*if appropriate) WESTELL scores WESTEST scores (*not required)

8 Common Findings & Recommendations 14.1 Identification (monitored in all counties) 2.8 Highly Qualified in Low-Incidence counties (ESL certified teacher is not present or endorsement is in- process) need to apply for waiver from Office of Prof. Prep. 5.2 Parental Notification 403_002.doc 403_002.doc 14.2 Increased Achievement (school visits) –Providing high quality programs –Scientifically-based research –Linked to ELP standards

9 Activities During On Site Monitoring Conduct an entrance conference Review of documentation to ensure compliance with federal requirements Interview county staff to verify compliance Conduct school visits as applicable Conduct an exit conference to provide an opportunity for clarifications and provide technical assistance for program improvement

10 Activities During On Site Monitoring- ESL Classroom Observation In order to effectively and comprehensively monitor standard 14.2, school visits observing ESL classes will be scheduled Purpose of the visit is to make programmatic observations Observation Protocol will be used for school visits County Title III Directors are encouraged to participate in school visits

11 14.2 Has the LEA increased the English proficiency of limited English proficient children by providing high-quality language instruction educational programs that are based on scientifically based research and linked to state ELP standards? NCLB Title III, Part A, Section3115 (c) (1) Scientifically-based Research (SBR) Elements Notes SBR Instruction (positive, engaging, high-yield strategies, Content ESL) SBR Curriculum (linked to ELP & CSO standards) SBR School Effectiveness (environment, culture) SBR Student/Parent Support (parent education & involvement) Other: Observation Protocol Title III School-based Programs County Schools, ______________, 2006 Schools: _______________________________________________

12 Response to Monitoring Report Required for all grantees with identified recommendations and/or findings Includes an outline for implementation of corrective actions identified for findings and a response to all recommendations Submit to the Assistant Director of the Office of Federal Programs and Accountability within 30 business days from receipt of the written monitoring report (attention: Jan Stanley) Confirmation of receipt of monitoring response will be provided by WVDE Withholding of federal funding will occur for failure to provide a written response within the required time frame

13 Summary of Best Practices 1.Ongoing, detailed assessment of student language proficiency (see Skills Matrix) 2.Appropriate instructional balance between: direct (language) instruction and academic support –Clear, specific goals for both included in lesson plans (see Academic Support Log) 3.Focus on parental involvement both at the programmatic and individual level (see Parent Newsletter) 4.Coordinated professional development plan for ESL and classroom teachers

14 3 Year Monitoring Schedule 2008-092009-102010-11 1 BarbourBerkeleyBoone 2 BrookeCabellFayette 3 BraxtonHancockGrant 4 CalhounHarrisonHampshire 5 ClayJacksonHardy 6 DoddridgeKanawhaJefferson 7 GilmerLewisLincoln 8 GreenbrierLoganMarion 9 MercerMasonMarshall 10 MineralMingoMcDowell 11 PendletonMonroeMonongalia 12 PrestonMorganPleasants 13 PutnamNicholasRitchie 14 RaleighOhioRoane 15 SummersPocahontasTyler 16 UpshurRandolphWebster 17 WayneTaylorWetzel 18 WoodTuckerWirt 19 Wyoming

15 Changes for 2008-09 Monitoring Title III Directors will be asked to submit LEP student data using Student Data Form in advance of monitoring (see next slide) WVDE will draft a visiting schedule with the following considerations: Stick to regularly scheduled ESL classes (aim is not to disrupt student services) Include a variety of schools (Title I, non-Title I, elementary, middle HS, low-incidence, high- incidence) and a variety of the ESL students (beginner through advanced) in the visits as possible The purpose of the visit is to make programmatic observations (not individual teacher observations)

16 Title III Student Service Data County Name School Name Student Name Grade (K-12) Proficiency Level (1-5) ESL Services Teacher Name Days (M,T,W,TH,F, Monitor) Times (start - end)

17 ______________ County Title III School-based Monitoring Schedule _______day, JUNE 30, 2009 TimeSchool# Students/ LevelsTeacher lunch

18 Contact Information Amelia Courts, Executive Director Office of ESL/International School Nancy Griffith, Consultant

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