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A study of the demographics of European Countries.

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1 A study of the demographics of European Countries

2 Objectives 1) I can identify and explain the significance of : A.Infant Mortality B.Population Density C.Life Expectancy D.Literacy Rate E.GDP per capita F.Military Expenditures G.Poverty Rate 2) I can create an infographic to teach other students about a European country 3) I can draw conclusions about the standard of living by analyzing the government, economic structure, and demographics of a country. 4) I can compare a European county’s demographics to the United States 5) I can rank the standard of living of multiple Asian countries by evaluating demographics.

3 What are demographics? Demo- from the Greek word for “people” Graphics- from the Greek/Latin word for “picture” Definition- The statistical data of a population

4 Defining the Demographics 6.1 Infant Mortality- The number of deaths of infants under one year old per 1,000 live births in a year. Life Expectancy- The average number of years people in a particular country will live. Literacy Rate- The percentage of people who can read and write.

5 Defining the Demographics 6.1 Population Density- The population of a country per square mile GDP per capita- An approximation of the value of goods and services produced in a country divided equally among the population. Poverty Rate- The percentage of a population with an income below the poverty line Military Expenditure- The percentage of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) spent on the military

6 Demographics of the United States By: Coach Rutherford & Mrs. Smith

7 Cultural Demographics Infant Mortality Rate- 6 deaths per 1,000 births

8 Economic Demographics GDP Per Capita $49,800 Poverty Rate 15.1% Military Expenditures 4.06% of GDP

9 Geographic Demographics Population Density Map Most densely populated Least densely populated Current Population 315,140,000

10 What does this information tell us about the United States? How does the United States compare to other countries? How do the government and economic systems impact the demographics? So What?

11 Your Assignment 6.1 1. Research a European country through one of the following roles A) Cultural Demographer B) Economic Demographer C) Geographic Demographer D) General Demographer 2.Create a Keynote Presentation to represent the demographics of your country. A) Each person creates 1 keynote slide B) name your page- Ex. Ireland- economy C) Take a full page screen shot of your slide. D) Email the image to ______________ 3. As a group, analyze how the government and economic system of the country impacts the demographics 4. As a group, evaluate the other presentations and rank the European countries according to their standard of living.

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