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By: Laura Cavens and Tricia Prewitt. Chinese Art Alters Ritual Vessels Jade Dragons Imperial Seals Clothing Religious There is no such thing as art for.

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1 By: Laura Cavens and Tricia Prewitt

2 Chinese Art Alters Ritual Vessels Jade Dragons Imperial Seals Clothing Religious There is no such thing as art for arts sake. - Mao

3 Alters Used for sacrifices during the Zhou dynasty Came with equipment Alter of Soil and Grain Deity: Lord Millet 4 colors: Red=south, White=west, Black=north, Yellow=east

4 Zhou Dynasty Altar Table

5 Ritual Vessels Yi is placed in the pan Yi holds the ritual water

6 Jade Bi Han dynasty Enhance position of emperor-Son of Heaven Heaven, Earth, and 4 cardinal directions Heaven is a circle Blue represents Heaven Yellow represents Earth Green represents East Red represents South White represents West Black represents North

7 Jade Bi continued The 5 agents control the natural order Seasons, natural materials, times, directions, and color Dragons used on disks, means it belonged to the emperor Jade was suppose to have potent magic, and aesthetic satisfaction Jade belts also showed rank

8 Han Dynasty Jade bi An emperor owned it dragons

9 Jade Burial Suits Han dynasty Protect mortal remains from decay and helps achieve the after life Emperors suits were sewn with gold thread Princes suits were sewn with silver thread

10 Jade Burial Suit

11 Clothing The quality of a courtiers attire showed the social rank and status of the weaver Emperors clothes The last link between Heaven and Earth Yellow is the imperial color Manchu style Established the roles and virtues of the Son of Heaven

12 The emperors Dragon Robe

13 Clothing continued Military and Civil Service Ranks The Ming dynasty started it The symbols for the Civil Service are birds The symbols for the Military ranks are animals The 7 th /8 th rank of both is a rhino

14 Qing Civil Service and Military Rank

15 Religion Buddhism The Tang emperors supported The height of the statues show how preoccupied the emperors were with Buddhism The temples how the most art

16 Ceramics/Lacquer ware Ceramics matured over dynasties Lacquer ware was the most precious of goods to own

17 Protect the First Emperor in the afterlife.

18 Phoenix means good luck

19 Tang Yin Scholar class Verses on painting Painted on paper or silk


21 Olmec Art Basalt symbolizes the Earths fiery power Used to make thrones and colossal heads Jade symbolizes water Jaguars, eagles, serpents are gods Craved into green stone Olmec rulers shown with gods Religious


23 Nazca Art Giant desert picture Miles wide Pottery, textiles most important type of art Many art forms of the Cat god

24 Maya Art Their pyramids have 9 levels symbolizing the 9 levels of the underworld

25 Toltec Art Shows aggressive nature of animals Shows empires military demeanor

26 Aztec Art Started to do art in 3-D Royal portraits were rare before the European conquest Few portraits with hieroglyphs placed near the rulers head to ID

27 Inca Art Gold and silver are sacred The ruler wears a symbolic color so he is connected with the gods Rulers are divine, born of the Sun god Inca nobles wore pectorals

28 The New World Moorish art traditions Reconquest architecture style European book illustration Italian Renaissance 1 st oil paintings appear

29 Cult of Guadalupe Mexican cult Virgin of Guadalupe Christianity and Aztec religious beliefs mixing The Virgin Mary showed up a Tepeyac, which is sacred to the Aztec Earth- mother goddess Tonantzin Shown on Diegos Indian fiber coat Church built at Tepeyac

30 From the church at Tepeyac

31 Mannerist Art Copied designs Politicians use European artists Baltasar de Echave Orio Mexican artist

32 Baroque Art Sebastian Lopez de Arteaga 1610-1653 Church officials want baroque art Cristobal de Villalpando Mexico Citys Cathedral Puebla Cathedral


34 Rococo Art French Ouro Preto Church

35 Romantic Art Jose Maria Estrada Arts revolt against ridged art rules Representing picturesque

36 Modernismo Adopted Cubism, Impressionism, Symbolism, Naturalism, Art Nouveau Saturnino Herran (1887-1918) Politically against the Academic Realism Dr. Atl: held an art show against the government's art show Diego Rivera 1886-1957 Cubist

37 Dr. Atls painting

38 Mural Paintings The government sponsor National Preparatory School for Boys in Mexico City Diego Rivera Jose Clemente Orozco (1883-1949) David Alfaro Siqueiros communist

39 Diego Rivera


41 Shamanism The belief that humans can turn into animals. Only important people like priests, or shamans

42 Prestige objects Used only by the king and his family. Show that the king was powerful and wealthy and could control artists.

43 Queen mother Most important women in Benin. The mother had a cast head that was made in brass.

44 Ivory salt cellars Ivory was traded. One of the things made by the Africans was the salt cellars. it was made from sherbo ivory. It came from the west African coast and it was made by the sherbo people.

45 Fetish figures Objects thought to have magical powers. Called onto by owners to protect or help hunt enemies. The people of Kongo state had the idea of adding nails to the Fetish figures after seeing the Christians add nails to Christ.

46 Divination The way certain people tell the future by using magical powers. They use a special tool in order to communicate with gods.

47 Kuba Giving the king a crested eagle is a good thing because it signifies power.

48 Afro-Brazilian architecture The Afro-Brazilian architecture was derived from the Portuguese - Brazilian style. Slaves brought the style with them when they returned to Nigeria in the late 19 th century. The houses are very decorated.

49 Body Art In Africa some societies art is put on bodies. The marks are to show how high of ranking a women is.

50 Carnivals Art was used in costumes to celebrate an event that was happening.

51 African Masks Made to use in social activities or group rituals Thought to have had magical and supernatural powers Suppose to attract good forces and drive away bad ones Warrior masks symbolize energy and courage Women or children masks symbolize fertility

52 El Greco Made The Agony Garden The picture helps us identify with Christ's suffering.

53 The Parthenon The greatest temple ever built in 431b.c. Was completed before the Peloponnesian war. Was dedicated to the goddess Athena.

54 Phiclias (c. 550- 431BCE) Worked on the Parthenon.

55 The Colosseum It was completed in 80 A.D. Accommodates 50,000 people.

56 Arch Titus spoils from the triumph in Jerusalem Shows parts of the triumphal possession celebrating the conquest of Jerusalem.

57 Crucifixion A painting showing Christ's crucifixion


59 Landau Gospels The odd thing about this picture is that Christ shows no suffering.


61 Chartres Cathedral 180 original stained glass windows. High ceiling and skeletal construction shows the gothic architecture.

62 Leonardo Da Vinci Painted the Mona Lisa one of the most famous portraits. The painting captures the maternal tenderness that was to Leonardo the essence of tenderness.


64 Auguste Renoir An impressionist painter captures heroism of modern life. The painting Le Moulin de la Gabelle radiates human warmth that is entrancing.

65 Le Moulin de la Gabelle Auguste Renoir

66 Claude Monet Another impressionist painter that never had fantasy art but has subjective art. the painting water lilies was a sequel to bank of the seine Bennecourt.

67 Edgar Regas Was a sculpture that made the 14 year old dancer. When he showed the sculpture it caused great scandal because he didnt stick to tradition instead he used rough texture and cotton and silk for the skirt.

68 Vincent Van Gogh He didnt think that impressionists didnt give artists enough freedom to express their emotions. He says I want to paint men and women with that something of the eternal which the halo used to symbolize.

69 Evardo Munch The image scream is to signify fear, the terrifying unreasoned fear we feel in a nightmare. His work causes great controversy that in 1892 his work was exhibited.

70 Picasso His paintings were in blue and white which is what most painter painted when they went to Paris. His paintings usually consist of beggars, Derelicts, and other outcasts which the painting the old guitarist

71 Individual development

72 Sofonisba Anguissola Noblewomen Renaissance Sisters painted as well 1 st women that was in high demand Warm colors, crisp details, highly expressive eyes

73 Barbara Longhi Devotional images Daughter of a painter

74 Emphasizing Marys youth and warm relationship with the child

75 Baroque Era Flowers were the most highly paid paintings

76 Rachel Ruysch Dutch Court painter Botany and Zoology

77 Judith Leyster Dutch Only female member Haarlem Painters Guild

78 Teresa del Po Academy of St. Luke in Rome Conveying movement Great detail Rococo style


80 Marie-Louise-Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun French Court painter Painted Marie Antoinette in the Rococo style Exiled from France because she was friends with the Queen of France

81 One of her paintings of Marie Antoinette.

82 Adelaide Labille-Guiard French Enjoyed teaching Painted courtiers

83 Sophie Anderson English Victorian era Did religious work and ancient history

84 Berthe Morisot Lighter colors Married Manets brother impressionist

85 Mary Cassat Upper-middle class American Moved to Paris Did Impressionists snapshot paintings Mother and child scenes



88 Georgia OKeeffe Painted flowers and sun-bleached desert bones Abstract drawings and watercolors Inspired by skyscrapers Painted colors and shapes as she saw them Accused of having female qualities


90 Isabel Bishop Ordinary moments in New York City Paid to do federal art projects during the Depression

91 Miriam Schapiro Organized 1 st femine art program with an artist named Chicago Abstract Expressionist style

92 Audrey Flack Photorealist One of the first artist Mass communication During the 1960s she did social and political themes Her pictures have emotional content


94 Janet Fish Her paintings are about light filtering through glass vases and bouncing off them as well.

95 Joyce Kozloff political Eschews words Abstract Rejected the principal art form by painting on ceramic tiles

96 Carmen Lomas Garza Chicane Folk-art Everyday life Memories of her childhood conceptual perspective Painting tilted forward


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