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San Juan Meeting June, 2006 1 Report on Marketing Initiatives and Liaison Activities IEEE CS Meetings, San Juan June 2006 John Harauz Planning and Marketing.

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1 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 1 Report on Marketing Initiatives and Liaison Activities IEEE CS Meetings, San Juan June 2006 John Harauz Planning and Marketing Committee Chair Standards Activities Board

2 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 2 Agenda Marketing Initiatives –Marketing Objectives –Marketing Tactics – Standards product development and membership promotion – SA Fees structure – Standards Related Services – Standards Revenue Sources – New standard product: Technical report –Standards Week – Far East Standards promotion Professional Certifications Emerging Technologies PPC Activities TAB Activities Standards Column

3 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 3 Marketing Objectives Susan Tatinner/Karen McCabe - IEEE SA Marketing Build IEEE brand awareness Create demand for products and services and hence increase sales/revenue Change attitudes and perceptions to standards and IEEE as an SDO Secure new standards work Gain new members considering president’s diversity initiative and developing countries, e.g. one size does not fit all Retain existing members

4 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 4 Marketing Tactics Susan Tatinner/ Karen McCabe - IEEE SA Marketing Direct market /promotion of products and services –Website presence (example SAB- C. Lohr) –Develop and use media lists and news wires (example SAB PR Process) –Targeted trade events/exhibits Indirect marketing/image building –Lectures/guest speakers –Articles/papers –Books –Email newsletters/bulletins –Surveys

5 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 5 Standards product development and membership promotion – G. Carter CS Staff Better target and evolve existing products and promotions for appropriate market segments Staff can help with timing, bundling, special offers, promotion response tracking –Special half-year or full-year rates to give new members bonus months –Discount new memberships, i.e. introductory rates –Bundle membership offer with product sale –Option for product sale with conference registration –Business rules and promotion response tracking

6 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 6 SA Fees Structure Work with IEEE-SA to: –set up alternate fee structure to replace fees for standards –bury fees for SA individual membership to eliminate SA individual fees as a roadblock. We need to draft a recommendation in support of this. Investigate new types of memberships – specifically in support of other volunteer or non-profit organizations.

7 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 7 MARKETING Standards related services: R. Robson Consulting services –create a list of consultants with expertise on standards development. –Consultants would pay a fee for the listing. –There would be an appropriate disclaimer to avoid liability, but at the same time the SAB could be involved in quality control. –Jim Isaak might be interested in this since he has long advocated standardization as a legitimate academic sub- discipline of Computer Science. –Costs: Setting up the program would require discussing and developing some criteria (an SAB activity), determining a fee, setting up an area on the Web site, and creating an appropriate set of terms and conditions..

8 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 8 MARKETING Standards related services: R. Robson (cont’d) Membership in standards committees (for those who charge fees) –Some SC’s charge fees to cover costs. –It would be very nice for the SC’s if members could sign up through the Computer Society Web site. –This would simplify bookkeeping and offer opportunities for “up-selling” CS membership. –Costs: Implementation through IT. Some thought needs to be given to where the sign-up page lives. Probably on the CS standards site. –Savings: Currently (at least for the LTSC), John Daniels is burdened with accepting and recording payments. There would be some savings in terms of workload.

9 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 9 MARKETING Standards Revenue Sources - Jim Isaak Develop a 'service mark' for using specific standards and charge corporations a fee for use. -- presumably self-declared conformance -- one fee consideration: a fixed amt per year based either on corporate size or on some metric of volume (realizing that corporations won't want to disclose their actual volumes) Provide advertising opportunities in conjunction with the standards documents (particularly interesting for on-line versions where ads can be maintained as 'current') Conformance testing fees & branding/service mark

10 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 10 MARKETING Standards Revenue Sources - Jim Isaak (cont’d) The most essential element is to encourage/ develop/ establish Buyer demand. -- either requirements or 'acceptable' standards -- major industry or governments are the obvious targets. This can also be encouraged including procurement guidelines, etc. ------------- A point of concern is the 'risk' some individuals face from standards participation or advocacy.... with some persons noting the need to change jobs, or even being dismissed from employment for such activity.

11 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 11 TECHNICAL REPORTS ISO Documents other than Standards Technical Reports document published by ISO or IEC containing collected data of a different kind from that normally published as an International Standard or Technical Specification NOTE 1 Such data may include, for example, data obtained from a survey carried out among the national bodies, data on work in other international organizations or data on the “state of the art” in relation to standards of national bodies on a particular subject. NOTE 2 Prior to mid-1999, Technical Reports were designated as Technical Reports of type 3. the technical committee or subcommittee may decide, by a simple majority vote of P-members voting, to request the Chief Executive Officer to publish such data in the form of a Technical Report

12 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 12 TECHNICAL REPORTS ISO Documents other than Standards (cont’d) Technical Specification TS document published by ISO or IEC for which there is the future possibility of agreement on an International Standard, but for which at present –the required support for approval as an International Standard cannot be obtained, –there is doubt on whether consensus has been achieved, –the subject matter is still under technical development, or –there is another reason precluding immediate publication as an International Standard NOTE 1 The content of a Technical Specification, including its annexes, may include requirements. NOTE 2 A Technical Specification is not allowed to conflict with an existing International Standard. NOTE 3 Competing Technical Specifications on the same subject are permitted. NOTE 4 Prior to mid-1999, Technical Specifications were designated as Technical Reports of type 1 or 2.

13 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 13 TECHNICAL REPORTS ISO Documents other than Standards (cont’d) Guide document published by ISO or IEC giving orientation, advice or recommendations on non-normative matters relating to international standardization –NOTE Guides may address issues of interest to all users of International Standards. Publicly Available Specification PAS document published by ISO or IEC to respond to an urgent market need, representing either a) a consensus in an organization external to ISO or IEC, or b) a consensus of the experts within a working group –NOTE 1 A Publicly Available Specification is not allowed to conflict with an existing International Standard. –NOTE 2 Competing Publicly Available Specifications on the same subject are permitted.

14 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 14 Technical Reports CS Publication Options Standardization books can fit in a number of Computer Society Press series not just emerging technologies series –Emerging Technology series focuses on emerging technologies that impact the implementation of or interface with software systems –commits to encourage innovation, awareness and development of emerging technology trends by the leading thinkers in advanced technology, sharing their insights. –Focus is to keep them short, lower cost, and fast to market. Some of the new technologies may have a short shelf life. Emerging technology topics would include wireless (WIFI, Bluetooth, 802.11x), information technology topics, security (cyber, internet, SCADA, telecom), and new design or development paradigms. –In terms of schedule --books take a long time -- it typically takes at least one year to write a book

15 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 15 Technical Reports CS Publication Options (cont’d) A Program like Ready notes for technical publications is a different product. –Ready notes are intended to be 'quick ' and short papers which are sold online. –They are generally smaller in size than a most books however emerging technologies book series is focused on quick and short too. – The ready notes may be quicker to write and the price point is generally much lower (under $20.00) –Dick Price is the POC for the ready notes program. – Ready Notes program is in its infancy and getting formal approval this BoG session. –Action - Investigate launching a similar program for tech pubs for both SAB and TAB pubs.

16 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 16 Standards Week – Richard Thayer Four events organized in 1980’s by S2ESC: San Diego, Munich, San Francisco, Phoenix Lowell Johnson host for the one in San Diego, although Jim Isaak was the force behind it. It was set up to co-locate with PASC, POSIX, and ISO meetings. The plan was to invite local people, and try to spread the word around as much as possible since it was open (and basically free) to anyone. The idea was that people that were interested in standards, but not knowledgeable, could sit in on some real meetings to get a feel of what goes on. One whole day was set aside for formal presentations by people from as many different standards areas as could be forcefully recruited that ran from ½ to one hour. Many of the presentations were quite good. However, the rub was attendance, which was extremely small. If you did not count the presenters, and people from the standards groups (who were already there), there were about a dozen people who showed up. Lowell’s group did not attempt this again, since attendance was lost during the presentations. However, they did send a representative to the next one. The problem was considered to be twofold, not enough advertising, and lack of interest in standards.

17 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 17 Standards Promotion – Far East Specific actions to consider Targeted topical direct mail campaigns: email, print Website presence News releases through media lists and news wires Targeted conferences, trade events/exhibits Standards related promotions: discounted membership, special offers and bundles Specific standards packages by product and sector New standards related products Standards related services Lectures, guest speaking engagements, workshops Articles and papers Email newsletter or bulletin Advertising brochures and flyers Surveys Outsourcing sales of documents Regional offices and partners

18 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 18 Standards Promotion – Far East Lead: Rohit Kapur Objectives: –Change attitudes and perceptions on IEEE brand awareness and image –Create demand for standards and services –Gain new standards members –Secure new standards work Things we can do –Increase standards awareness –Improve perception of IEEE’s image as non-international –Reduce barriers to participation: language, fees, technology –Knowledge Transfer Work with IEEE SA Marketing and CS Staff on markting activities and promotions

19 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 19 Professional Certifications of Interest ProfessionSocietyCertification Project ManagementProject Management Institute**PMP (Project Management Professional) CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management ) Software EngineeringIEEE Computer SocietyCSDP (Certified Software Development Professional) Systems EngineeringInternational Council on Systems Engineering CSEP (Certified Systems Engineering Professional) Quality EngineeringAmerican Society for QualityCSQE (Certified Software Quality Engineer) SimulationModeling and Simulation Professional Certification Commission (M&SPCC) CMSP (Certified Modeling & Simulation Professional) ** Seeking ISO/IEC 17024 Accreditation from ANSII

20 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 20 Professional Certifications of Interest (cont’d) ProfessionSocietyCertification Cost EstimatingSociety of Cost Estimating and Analysis CCE/A (Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst) Information AssuranceInternational Information Systems Security Certifications Consortium CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) Human RelationsSociety for Human Resource Management SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Relations) Information TechnologyCanadian Information Processing Society American Institute of Certified Public Accountants ISP (Information Systems Professional) Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) Software TestingAmerican Software Testing Qualifications Board, Inc. (ASTQB/ISTQB) ISTQB Certified Tester - Foundation Level ISTQB Certified Tester – Advanced Level

21 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 21 Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Certificate Programs Software Engineering Process Management (SEPM) Certificate Programs SEI Certificate in Software Engineering Process Management SEI Certificate in Software Process Improvement Implementation SEI Certificate in CMMI SEI Certificate in Personal Software Process for CMMI Computer Security Incident Handler Certification Program Software Architecture Certificate Programs the Software Architecture Professional Certificate The Architecture Tradeoff Analysis MethodSM (ATAMSM) - ATAM Evaluator Certificate The ATAM Lead Evaluator Certificate program

22 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 22 Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC- Council) Certification** Certified e-Business Associate Certified e-Business Professional Certified e-Business Consultant Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ESCA) Security 5 License Penetration Tester (LPT) Wireless 5 Network 5 EC-Council Network Security Administrator (ENSA) Certified Network Defense Architect (CNDA) **Seeking ISO/IEC 17024 Accreditation from ANSII

23 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 23 Cisco Systems Certification** Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP) Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional (CCIP) Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP) Cisco Certified Voice Professional (CCVP) **Seeking ISO/IEC 17024 Accreditation from ANSII

24 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 24 Microsoft Certification** Microsoft Certified Applications Developer (MCAD) Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technicians (MCDST) Microsoft Certified Professional (MSP) Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) **Seeking ISO/IEC 17024 Accreditation from ANSII

25 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 25 IEEE Standards Activities –TAB New Technologies Direction Committee SAB liaison with Cherry Tom Project Initiation Manager IEEE Standards Activities TAB New Technologies Direction Committee –Biotech and Bioengineering –Distributed Intelligent Network & Systems –Digital Intellectual Property –Future Power & Alt. Energy Technologies –Biometrics –Global Earth Observations –Organic Electronics –Portable Information Devices

26 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 26 Healthcare Task Force The Healthcare Task Force concluded: – that a significant number of IEEE members were actually working in fields directly or indirectly related to healthcare. – that there was a high degree of interest among members in helping to improve healthcare through the use of technologies in areas where the IEEE has expertise. –that there were areas where the expertise of IEEE members would be welcomed. A number of recommendations were generated: – healthcare related standards –healthcare focused journals, publications, conferences –participation by IEEE members with other healthcare profession associations This standards study group is one output of those discussions, made possible by the tenacity of a number of IEEE members and the IEEE Standards Association

27 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 27 “Open” Listing of Suggestions for IEEE Standards in Health IT Enablers to create models for “hospitals of the future” as a way to facility changes in healthcare practice Standards for telemetry devices in healthcare Performance requirements for medical devices… no current standards Life-critical messaging in networks Medical device validation standards Medical systems design language Expert systems rules management RFID tag management … numbering rules Process standards Enterprise level systems integration Risk analysis Missing Medical device taxonomies Security management and reporting of security/privacy breeches … no current national/international structures for reporting … end-to-end authentication and encryption Authentication and end-to-end encryption Device interoperability Consumer health device performance requirements … no standards of any kind

28 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 28 Health Care Task Force - 4 Groupings for Followup and possible SAB sponsorship Personalized Health Informatics Expert Systems Frameworks for Healthcare Medical System Verification and Validation Tracking Systems for Healthcare Network Infrastructures (local and wide) Spectrum Allocations for Healthcare Healthcare ‘Connectivity’ Standards Common Exchange Protocols Missing Medical Device Taxonomies

29 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 29 Health Care Task Force Status The subgroup that is furthest along appears to be the Personal Health Informatics subgroup led by Jose Lacal of Motorola. He has identified about 30 people around the world to work on this topic and drafted a PAR a while back which I expect will be shared and revised with this group. Cherry provided to him Kathy's contact info along with sponsor contacts from EMBS, ComSoc, and CAG.

30 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 30 PPC Liaison Activities Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA) Annual Conference: Software Stream April, 2006 Edmonton, Alberta. –Over 700 attendees in total, 300 + for the software stream J.Harauz on behalf of PPC –recruited CS speakers for APEGGA Annual Conference – Software Stream in April in Edmonton, Alberta Steve McConnell provided two keynote presentations. John Waltz presented on Practical Support for CMMI ® -SW Project Documentation: Using IEEE Software Engineering Standards Bret Michael presented on “Is Traditional System Engineering Right for Engineering System-of-Systems?” John Harauz presented on Software Engineering Knowledge and Standards of Practice (SWEBOK, CSDP) and acted as moderator for the software stream.

31 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 31 PPC Liaison Activities Standards Feedback from APEGGA Conference CMM for small projects Frame Reuse standard as a new initiative (Paul Basset CIPS) Better Software Project Management Standard Needed- Philippe Krutchten, Frances Hartmann –PMBOK dated, too general for software –Software project considerations –External environment –Model driven design –No fixed work breakdown structures –Very bad estimation –Different management practices: iteration, reduce waste, communication, coordination and facilitation –Planning process important –Tools for managing software project: simple spreadsheets, dashboards, top ten lists, not Microsoft Project –Managing changes and complexity –Managing enterprise stakeholders, satisfaction space of end users –Distance between complete and incomplete –Tracking defects

32 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 32 PPC Liaison Activities (cont’d) APEGGA recently published its "Guideline for Professional Responsibilities in Developing Software." The PPC and its members provided input to the Guide. Lead to develop "over-arching framework" for SWEBOK and other BOKs to address IT Services

33 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 33 TAB Activities TAB-SAB Cross-Reference Mapping Table Emerging Technologies: A preliminary Analysis –Gaming (Visualization & graphics, Simulation, Multi-media Computing, Learning Technology) –Geospatial Informatics (Electronic Commerce, Mass Storage, Data Eng., Distributed Processing, Multi-media Computing, Visualization & Graphics) –Mobile Computing & Security (Security &Privacy) –Virtualization & Related Management (None)

34 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 34 TAB Activities Proposal to form new Safety TC/TF on Safety to integrate Safety Issues across CS Plan to discuss and vote on a proposed Safety Task Force in San Juan Proposal under preparation for Joint Workshop to investigate interrelationships and overlap among safety, complexity and information assurance –Invited workshop attendance of 50 –1 st or 2 nd quarter 2007 –Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California

35 San Juan Meeting June, 2006 35 January 2006Enabling Simulation InteroperabilityKatherine Morse, SISO March 2006Standardized Uniqueness: Oxymoron or vision of the Future? Erik Duval Wayne Hodgins, LTS May 2006IEEE Std 1220 - Standard for Application and Management of the Systems Engineering Process. Terry Doran July 2006"Where and Why the Fault-Tolerant CORBA Standard is Broken"? Priya Narasimhan Carnegie Mellon University September 2006the gap between IEEE standards and International standards and how it has narrowed Jim Moore November 2006What Level of Technical Detail Belongs in a Standard? Kathy Land/Frank Hill January 200761508 Safety Standard as a Framework Felix Redmill March 2007Safety Performance StandardsJ. Voas Computer Magazine Standards Column

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