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Mitosis Notes.

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1 Mitosis Notes

2 Steps of Mitosis INTERPHASE (between) PROPHASE (first)
METAPHASE (middle) ANAPHASE (ana-banana-split) TELOPHASE (two)

3 Interphase Chromosomes duplicate Chromosomes condense
Chromosomes are now double-stranded and held together by a centromere.

4 Prophase Chromosomes are fully visible Nuclear membrane fades
Centrioles (cowboys) move to opposite ends of the cell Spindle Fibers (ropes) form

5 Metaphase Chromosomes line up in the center of the cell
Centromeres attach to the spindle fibers.

6 Anaphase Strands of chromosomes separate and move away from each other.

7 Telophase Centrioles & spindle fibers disappear
Chromosomes stretch out again Nuclear membrane forms Cytoplasm pinches in to form two identical cells.

8 Mitosis Quiz Results One cell = Two cells (exactly alike) with the same number of chromosomes.

9 Mitosis Tutorial & Animation

10 The Science of Microbiology (9 minutes)
Why is the discovery of Archaea significant?

11 Cell Division (11 minutes)
How might stem cells be used in future research? Describe the process of Mitosis and Meiosis.

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