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Chapter eleven notes Election of 1800-Louisiana Purchase.

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2 Chapter eleven notes Election of 1800-Louisiana Purchase

3 Election of 1800 Ugly, mudslinging-affair –VP candidate received same # of votes (Burr) Successful changing of guard –No hint of feared anarchy –Testament to the stability possible with a democracy Federalists (many revolutionaries, intellectuals), pushed aside in favor of more action

4 Jeffersons administration Attempts to build bridges between two parties –Adoption of Hamiltons programs including the support of funding the debt. –Jefferson himself believed in a more egalitarian view, without one group greater than another.

5 Judiciary Act of 1801 Last minute justices appointed by Adams upset Republicans Jefferson repealed the Act16 Justices lost their position. –Marbury appealed, but Chief Justice John Marshall turned it down because it was unconstitutional. Marbury v. Madison (1803) established the precedent for judicial branch (S.C. determines the constitutionality of an issue) What looked like a loss for Marshall was actually a victory

6 Attempt to impeach Justice Samuel Chase failed. This established a precedent that the executive branch has not attempted to unseat sitting judges

7 Jefferson and the military Feared that a strong military could threaten the people and ruin the democracy. The Pasha of Tripoli wanted more $ for protection of ravaged U.S. Ships in the Mediterranean. –Jefferson sent the Navy –War lasted for 4 years (off and on)and this aided the development of the Navy. –Mosquito Fleet was born –proved worthless during War of 1812

8 Louisiana Purchase Great deal even at the cost of Jeffersons principles –He feared that French possession of LA would eventually lead to a fight against France –Napoleon was interested in selling the land because of problems in Santo Domingo such as mosquitoes (Yellow Fever), and a revolt led by Toussaint LOuverture. Also in lengthy dispute w/ Britain


10 15 million paid for all of LA, even though Jefferson only intended to buy New Orleans for 10 million. Opposed by Federalists (they claimed unconstitutionality, but really feared addition of Western States) Purchase eventually allowed the country to look to the west in search of their future, not towards Europe and their many problems.

11 Louisiana Purchase

12 Embargo Act of 1807 War in Britain and France made trade difficult for American merchants. Both made laws forbidding other countries to sail into the others ports. British made a practice of impressing American sailors when they came upon American ships Jefferson issued the Embargo Act, forbidding Americans from exporting goods from American ports –Americans starved –A navy could have been built to protect American ships

13 Americans feared that the war between would go on for too long, and that Americans would suffer.

14 Embargo Act replaced in 1809 with a more limited Non-Intercourse Act. Somehow, this led to the growth of manufacturing in New England (something that Jefferson did not want).

15 Create a political cartoon Use one of the topics from this chapter, and create a cartoon that displays a distinct point of view from someone in the United States. Possible topics include, Marbury vs. Madison, Embargo Act, LA Purchase, War with Tripoli, election of For Thursday: finish cartoon, take outline notes on pages (focus on the War of 1812)

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