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100 200 400 300 400 CultureArt or artistPeople 300 200 400 200 100 500 100 Geography.

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3 CultureArt or artistPeople Geography

4 Row 1, Col 1 This Revolution was a driving force behind The movement called Realism What is Industrial Revolution

5 1,2 Leisure life in this city is what was recorded by Impressionists What is Paris

6 1,3 The artists who devoted time to the subject of mother and child Who wasMary Cassatt

7 1,4 In the mid to late 1800s-taste was dictated By the academy and What is art critics

8 2,1 unfinished, he rescued sculpture from mechanical reproduction just as Manet rescued painting from__________________ What is photographic realism, or the camera

9 2,2 In what city was Thomas Eakins A professor of anatomy? What is Philedelphia

10 2,3 The BLACK artist, who was a student of Eakins Who was Henry O. Tanner

11 2,4 He was not an artist, and not an architect, not even an engineer but he had a bold concept for the design and construction of the Crystal Palace exhibition hall Who was Sir Joseph Paxton

12 3,1 Cast iron was used primarily in the construction of these functional buildings _____________ and _____________ What were factories and warehouses

13 3,2 In what city would you find the Crystal Palace What is London

14 3,3 The Impressionist who did Sculpture to help him with is paintings Whowas Degas

15 3,4 The famous author created as A monumental statue by Rodin Who was Balzac

16 4,1 This engineering feat was created for a Worlds Fair What is the Eiffel Tower

17 4,2 Commodore Matthew Perry opened the doors of This coutry and trade brought the influence of their art. What is Japan

18 4,3 To Parisian artists, Japanese pictures were astonishing, Never before had they seen such FLAT pictures. They were made using this process What is woodblock printing

19 4,4 Arrangement in Black and Gray Was really a picture of________ Who was Whistlers Mother

20 5,1 A photojournalist of sorts, Homer recorded what? What was the Civil War in the US

21 5,2 Monet built his home and studio in this small town What was Giverny, France

22 5,3 flinging a pot of paint in the face of the public was a quote from Who was Ruskin the art critic of Whistler

23 5,4 Studio of a Painter: A real Allegory Summarizing My seven Years as an Artist Was by___________ Who was Gustave Courbet

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