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Ch 3, Sec 1-2: Early English Settlements and the New England Colonies.

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1 Ch 3, Sec 1-2: Early English Settlements and the New England Colonies

2 Colony of Roanoke Sir Walter Raleigh led an expedition to Roanoke Island (Present day N.C.) 1 st expedition – harsh winter-colony failed 2 nd expedition – John White with 117 people landed in 1857 – White left for supplies/gone for 3 years Nobody knows what happened to the colony

3 Jamestown In 1606, the Virginia Company (joint-stock company) got a charter from King James to start a colony 144 settlers were to look for gold, fish, and furs Founded Jamestown in 1607 – In modern day Virginia

4 Problems with Jamestown Swampy land Diseases spread by mosquitoes Not a lot of good farm land Settlers not used to hard work Only 38 settlers survived by 1608

5 Captain John Smith Soldier/explorer Forced the settlers to work Got corn from the natives Had to leave for England in 1609 – Colony almost collapsed-only 60 people in 1610

6 Making Money in Jamestown No gold/silver Tobacco was the new cash crop Settlers given plots of land to grow crops – Anything they grew was theirs to sell – Encouraged settlers to work harder 100 acres of land given to those who already paid their own way to the colony Headright-50 acres given to new people – 50 acres given to for anyone over 15 yrs old and for each servant brought over

7 New Gov’t in Jamestown Colonists wanted a say in laws 10 towns got to send 2 people to an assembly House of Burgesses made laws for the colony

8 Africans come to Jamestown A Dutch ship brought 20 Africans to the colony in 1619 – They were servants for a time/not slaves By the 1660s, Africans were slaves by law Worked in the tobacco fields

9 Women come to Jamestown 1619-90 women sent to Jamestown Anyone who wanted to marry a woman had to pay 120 pounds of tobacco

10 Change of Control in Jamestown in the 1620s The Virginia Company lost profits in the colony Native Americans attacked the colony 1624-King James took control and Jamestown became a Royal Colony

11 Religion-A New Reason To Colonize England was not tolerant towards change in religion 2 Protestants groups wanted to leave as well – Puritans-people who wanted to reform the Anglican Church – Separatists-people who set up new Anglican Churches but keep the faith

12 Pilgrims path to the New World Separatists left England for the Netherlands – Could not find work and believed the kids were losing their faith Made an agreement with the Virginia Co. Left for Virginia on the Mayflower and became known as Pilgrims

13 Mayflower Compact Pilgrims were supposed to land in the Virginia colony but landed north They were not protected under the law Signed the Mayflower Compact promised to follow the law and pledged loyalty to England Created the Colony of Plymouth

14 Pilgrim Problems and Solutions at Plymouth Problem: – Landed before winter-could not farm – ½ died during the first winter Solution: – Squanto and Samoset befriended the colonists – Taught them how to grown crops and how to hunt/fish – Signed a treaty with the Wampanoag tribe

15 Massachusetts Bay Company Given a royal charter north of Plymouth Puritans settled in Boston in the Massachusetts colony Governed by John Winthrop Known as the Great Migration Only allowed Puritans to practice their faith – Caused others to leave the colony

16 Gov’t in Massachusetts Originally-John Winthrop and assistants made the laws 1634-A General Court was elected to make the laws – Adult males who went to church and owned land could vote

17 The Colony of Connecticut South of Massachusetts Good farming Thomas Hooker led his church to Connecticut Founded Hartford in 1636 Fundamental Orders of Connecticut – 1 st constitution in America – Representative gov’t

18 The Colony of Rhode Island Created by people kicked out of Massachusetts Roger Williams-banished – Thought people should pray however they wanted – Didn’t believe colonists should steal native lands Settled Providence in 1644 1 st place where people can worship freely

19 The Colony of New Hampshire Inspired by Rhode Island John Wheelwright left Massachusetts in 1638 Founded Exeter Was a free colony in 1679

20 Problems with the Natives in the Colonies Settlers refused to stay on their land Stole native lands without paying for it Natives fought back and led to King Philip’s War – Colonists won – Destroyed native power in the New England colonies – Colonists expanded where ever they wanted to

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