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Student Progress Report System Kent School District 2009-2010.

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1 Student Progress Report System Kent School District

2 Purpose of Reporting System The KSD student progress reporting system –Provides timely, accurate, meaningful information –Focuses on student progress in relation to standards –Communicates student progress toward future goals

3 Terminology EL: Essential Learnings Learning Standards GLE: Grade Level Performance Expectations - detailed PE: Performance Expectations - detailed Standards-based Grading Norm-referenced Grading

4 What is Standards-Based Grading? Grading in comparison to a standard Example: Drivers License process

5 How is it different? Norm-referenced Grading: grading in comparison to the performance of others in the group Example: Tour de France bicycle race

6 Q1. What is a standard? A1. A standard is a learning goal established by Washington State. Each subject has specific standards or learning expectations.

7 Q2. Why do we need a standards-based report card? A2. Standards-based grading more accurately indicate your child's academic knowledge and skills in comparison to state learning standards.

8 Q3. What do the grading symbols of mean? A3 Level of student proficiency 4 = Advanced: Exceeds state standard 3 = Proficient: Meets state standard 2 = Basic: Approaches state standard 1 = Below state standard

9 Bicycle Rubric 4Child races bicycles Exceeds state standard 3Child rides independently Meets state standard 2Child rides with help Approaches state standard 1Child rides with another person Below state standard

10 Q4. How will I know if my student is passing? A4. A score of a 3 or 4 means your child is passing and has met or exceeded the state learning standard.

11 Contact Information Student Progress Report System Kent School District SE 256th Street Kent, WA Bob Isenberg, Director of Assessment Phone: Jeanette Ristau, Executive Director, K-6 Phone:

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