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Book two Unit one lesson Two Seasons Qin yu ping.

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2 Book two Unit one lesson Two Seasons Qin yu ping

3 Spring is gay with flowers and songs Summer is hot and the days are long, Autumn is rich with fruit and grain Winter brings snow and the New Year again Four seasons

4 spring a good time for outdoor activities Birds are singing Flowers are blooming Children are playing in the park. sunny

5 Some children are making sandcastles at the beach and others are swimming in the sea. summer cloudy

6 The wind is blowing the fallen leaves away. autumn windy

7 Some children are making snowmen and others are skiing. winter snowy

8 I like spring. So do I I am interested in pop music. So am I I can speak English So can I I haven’t been to Canada. Neither have I I don’t like jogging. Neither do I

9 Exercises: 1. I am writing a letter to my parents now. ( I ) 2. The teachers are going to have a meeting in the reading room. ( we ) 3. I haven’t met Mr. Black since last year. ( they ) 4. I don’t like jogging in the morning. ( I ) 5. I went to Hong Kong last year. ( he ) 6. I can’t speak French. ( Tom ) So am I So are we Neither have they. Neither do I. So did he Neither can Tom

10 People go sightseeing, go to the beach and swim in the sea in… It’s snowy in…. Birds are singing and flowers are blooming in Children make snowmen and go skiing in… Westerners have a long Christmas holiday in… spring summer autumn winter

11 NameFavourite season Activity Li Hui springhave______ _________ Linda__________go for a _____ ________ Li Jin________go_________ go to the _________ _______ in the sea Julia___________make ________ go skiing have a long ________ holiday outdoor activities spring Spring outing summersightseeing beach swim wintersnowmen Christmas

12 1.Li Hui and his friends are chatting about their favourite seasons in a park. 2. Both Li Hui and Linda like spring best. 3. They like spring because they can have a long holiday. 4. LiJin doesn’t do sightseeing in summer. 5. Summer is a good time for activities at the beach. 6. Julia’s favourite season is autumn. 7. Julia likes to make snowmen and go skiing in winter. 8. Julia likes to have a long Christmas holiday. F T F F T F T T

13 go skiingmake a snowmango to the beachat the beach outdoor activitieshave a lot of fun 1.It is a good time for ________________. 2.It snowed yesterday. We _______ a lot of _________. 3.The children are going to have a picnic ____________. 4.A: Is there any good place to ___________ in China? B: Yes. In Heilongjiang. 5. How about___________________ to make sandcastles? 6. I like summer because I _______________ in summer. outdoor activities made snowmen at the beach go skiing going to the beach have a lot of fun

14 an overcoat gloves a down jacketscarves

15 a skirta pair of trousersa sweatera jacket

16 shorts sandals a blousea dress

17 Model: A: What’s your favourite season? B: I like spring. A: So do I. What’s the weather like here in spring? B: It’s warm most of the time. A: By the way, What do you usually wear in this season? B: I usually wear jackets and trousers. I don’t wear sweaters in spring. A: Neither do I.




21 December Britain winter overcoats sweaters scarves gloves The girl is making a snowman The boy is riding a skateboard

22 July New Zealand winter They are skiing

23 December New Zealand They are making sandcastles They are swimming in the sea.

24 July Britain T-shirts shorts skirts sandals They are playing in the park.

25 Britain New Zealand Nov., Dec., and Jan. seasons wintersummer Months People’s activities School kids… People have holidays,… ….Hemsiphere …Hemsiphere summerwinter T-shirts,shorts,skirts and sandals Sweara, overcoats Scarves and gloves June, July and August Months People’s clothing

26 In different seasons I like different activities. Spring is great. It gets warmer and warmer. I can go for a spring outing. It is hot in summer. I like to go to the beach, make sandcastles and swim in the sea. Autumn is cool most of the time. It’s a good time for outdoor activities. So I like playing football with my friends. Winter is cold. Sometimes it snows. I like making snowmen better than going skiing.

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