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Listen and learn!. * “READ THE BOOKS. I don't understand why some kids think they can take a test on a book they have never read. That is actually crazy,

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Presentation on theme: "Listen and learn!. * “READ THE BOOKS. I don't understand why some kids think they can take a test on a book they have never read. That is actually crazy,"— Presentation transcript:

1 Listen and learn!

2 * “READ THE BOOKS. I don't understand why some kids think they can take a test on a book they have never read. That is actually crazy, sparknotes is not enough.” * “Read the books. Don't spark note. And make character maps as you read.” * “Read the books and do the journals!!! This class prepares you so well for the IB exams but only if you actually read the books. And they're really good books, so they're worth reading!”

3 * “ACTUALLY READ THE BOOKS. IT HELPS.” * “Focus on reading the books. Many of them are actually quite interesting, but take a while to get you hooked (I'm looking at you Pride and Prejudice). Enjoy these books because you will likely run across the authors again in the future and knowing their past works will be helpful in understanding them.”

4 * “READ READ READ” * “READ THE BOOKS!!! And memorize quotes, it will help you a lot on the IB exam! ” * “Read the books. There's really no way to pass the class and take the IB test without actually reading the books.” * “Don't stress, and don't procrastinate. You can do well if you give it your all and read all the novels”

5 * “Buy your own book and critically read the novels (not tons of writing but at least underline important quotations). Through doing this you will be able to remember the information better as well.”

6 * “Annotating the novels is extremely useful. It may seem not worth the time when IB exams are off in the distance, but when exam season starts you will wish you had done that!”

7 * “READ THE NOVELS! And also do the journals. They really do help generate ideas and help for Paper 2.” * “Make sure that they do a good job on the journal because that really helped me to review and develop my long term memory.”

8 * “Actually do the journals. They feel like busywork sometimes but they allow you to solidify your thoughts about the novels, and it really helps in the long run.” * “Do the journals because it’s just mini practices for the essays”

9 * “Do the journals... I know it's hard, and especially near the end of the year it'll become even harder, but they really help you understand the novels. The act of physically writing your thoughts down on paper is a really helpful memory mechanism and you'll thank yourself later during the IB exam!”

10 * “Don't bs your journals because again, once IB exam season starts, you will probably refer back to your journals when studying and you will want to have high quality journals to study from.”

11 * “Homework is quite simple in this class except for maybe the essays that are time consuming.” * “As long as you keep up with the homework by doing the assignment each night, it is not a big deal. It is always better to come to class with the homework, anyways, because it helps you participate in the discussions.”

12 * “The classwork and homework is reasonable and doable; it isn't busy work and it actually helps the learning process.” * “The workload is not too bad and if you care about actually learning then this class should be more fun than stressful.”

13 * “Homework is usually just reading and a journal or maybe a project but very do-able. Just make sure you read all the books and participate in class and it will be more fun!” * “The homework is necessary, so just do it.”

14 * “If you're doing diploma, this class is one of the more chill classes that you will take.” * “Make sure you guys set up a snack day in the beginning of the year because they are super awesome and help you stay motivated!!”

15 * “I would say to try hard early in the year so that they are not scrambling near the end to improve their writing. The course is designed to help you continually improve writing and trying from the get go will help in this endeavour.”

16 * “I would tell them its an overall easy class. Just read the books, most of them are actually good, and the homework load is chill, with an awesome teacher.” * “Just because it is a senior class does not mean it will be easy. Make sure to still spend a lot of time on DOING your homework because it helps with reviews for papers, practice exams and IB exams.”

17 * “I would tell them to not zone out especially after you have decided where you are going to college. The more effort you put into the class prior to the exams allows you to stress out less for the English test during IB exam season.” * “It's probably my favorite English class I've taken. Read the books, pay attention during discussions, and have fun!”

18 * “It's much more relaxed than junior year, you are a lot more able to put your ideas out there and not be graded or criticized. Just relax, grab some tea, read your book, and talk to your table!” * “Don’t overestimate the intelligence of your classmates- everyone is learning and no one is a master or completely better than you”

19 * “I would recommend students to wholeheartedly immerse themselves in this class. The rewards are great when you pay close attention and really aim to grow in your weak areas. Don't be intimidated by the other excellent students! English is a subject that anyone can excel at so aim high.”

20 * “Ms Lund is the best!” * “Just do what Mrs. Lund tells you, she knows what she is talking about.” * “Mrs. Lund is super nice, so don't be afraid to ask her for help with your writing if you need it. “

21 * “The teachers are all great and help the students progress their English skills. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in taking an IB course.” * “What can I say about Mrs. Lund? She is, very simply, the best. Take her advice seriously, even if she writes "awk" twelve times on your first essay.”

22 * “Lund is absolutely amazing and couldn't get any better! be nice to her and she wont hate you haha no she rarely gets mad which is amazing! Love you Lund” * “Teacher is awesome!!! Knows what she is doing and wants her students to succeed.”

23 * “Ms. Lund is awesome! She's a wonderful teacher, so feel lucky to have her!” * “Mrs. Lund is really reasonable. Tell her if you are feeling overwhelmed by assignments in other classes and there’s a good chance that she’ll adjust hers!”

24 * “Participate in class discussions.” * “You should participate because there really isn't a bad answer...if anything it can always be more developed! Also be part of the discussion!”

25 * “Reading the books makes the discussions more fun. If you can resist giving spoilers, I recommend reading the whole book on your own before you have to read it for class so you can just appreciate and enjoy it as a story. Then, when you analyze the book, it's easier (and more fun) to see what the author is doing.”

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