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Vocabulary, Criteria, and Steps

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1 Vocabulary, Criteria, and Steps
Story Box Vocabulary, Criteria, and Steps

2 Story Box Vocabulary Leather-hard
When clay is left to air-dry for a short time, it becomes leather-hard in consistency. Leather-hard clay can be slightly manipulated (carved or added to using slip and score) but if bent will crack and break. When the clay is at this level of dryness, it is able to stand on end in order to construct containers.

3 Story Box Vocabulary Coil Reinforcement
When constructing slab containers, it is important to reinforce each angled seam with a clay coil. This is pressed and blended into the seam to create strength and stability.

4 Story Box Vocabulary Mitered Joint
When connecting two clay slabs to create an angle or corner, you may choose to miter the edge before connecting. For example, to create a 90o corner, you would miter two slabs at roughly 45o each.

5 Story Box Vocabulary Butted Joint
When connecting two clay slabs to create an angle or corner, you may choose to butt two clay slabs together at the desired angle.

6 Joint Construction Butt Joint Miter Joint
Requires a coil reinforcement Requires a coil reinforcement

7 Story Box Vocabulary Theme
By definition, theme refers to a subject or topic of artistic representation. In this case, each of the four themes you choose will be a different characteristic or a representation of you. Example: Athlete, Musician, Religious, Artist, Family, Friend, Student, etc…

8 Story Box Criteria Size
At least 6”x6”x6” with no measurement beyond 10 inches Form No Square Boxes Diamond, Rectangle, Trapezoid, or any other 6-sided form. Handles Lid must have at least one attached handle. Story Must be a visual biography of you, exhibiting a different theme or characteristic on each side. Each side must have a theme that ties to the theme on the next side and so on as if reading a visual story. Decorative Processes Stamping Carving Adding Sculpting ***You must use a combination of at least three of these techniques

9 Story Box Steps Sketches and Templates Instructor Approval
Begin by sketching and choosing a form and size for your box. Create a template for each side out of paper (note: you could technically only need to make 2 templates for all 6 sides) Design each side of your box to scale (one page of sketchbook per side). Instructor Approval Design choice must be approved by me before creation of the final working template Begin pressing slabs on the slab roller for each side (1/2” slabs). Remember to roll your slabs in the opposite direction with a rolling pin. Trace your template with a needle tool and cut out your sides with a clay knife. Smooth surface of each side slab using a metal or wooden rib. After you have pressed, traced, and cut each slab, wrap edges tightly with plastic strips and let them sit out exposed to the air until the end of class. Cover with a plastic bag before leaving.

10 Building the Box Slip and Score the edges of each section Don’t forget the Coil Reinforcement!

11 Essential Academic Learning Requirements
1.1. Understands and applies arts concepts and vocabulary. 1.2. Develops arts skills and techniques. 2.1. Applies a creative process in the arts. 3.1. Uses the arts to express and present ideas and feelings. 3.2. Uses the arts to communicate for a specific purpose. 4.4. Understands how the arts influence and reflect culture/civilization, place and time. 4.5. Understands how arts knowledge and skills are used in the world of work including careers in the arts.

12 Story Box Rubric Container is at least 6”x6”x6” with no measurement beyond 10”. ___/5 Container exhibits appropriate form. ___/5 Container exhibits proper use of slip, score, and coil reinforcement of leather-hard slabs. ___/5 Slab sides must be smoothed with a rib. ___/5 Lid must have at least one handle. Container exhibits a theme on each side. ___/5 Themes create a continuous story all the way around box (all sides tie into one another). ___/5 Container must display at least three decorative processes on outer surfaces (stamping, carving, adding, sculpting) ___/5 Container exhibits creativity and is clean and free of blemishes ___/10 All pieces remain attached, good craftsmanship… Total Score: ___/45

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