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Socratic Seminars.

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1 Socratic Seminars

2 What is a Socratic Seminar?
A Socratic seminar is a way of teaching founded by the Greek philosopher Socrates. Socrates believed that: students learn best by asking questions. It is the teacher’s job to moderate the discussion instead of leading the discussion.

3 Why do we have Socratic Seminars
Socratic Seminars help us engage a text in class. The thought process is when we work together to understand a text it will help everyone’s understanding.

4 How do we prepare for a Socratic Seminar?
The day prior to the seminar you will be given a Socratic Seminar prep sheet. Your job is to complete steps 1 – 4 for homework. It is essential you read the text and prepare yourself with important questions and quotations.

5 What type of questions should I ask during the seminar?
There are three levels of questions. You should come up with a minimum of 1 question per level.

6 Level 1 (Knowledge Questions):
Knowledge means being able to show understanding by talking, writing, signing, drawing. Please use the following stems in creating your Knowledge Questions: Can you state, in your own words? Can you describe? Can you defend your position? Can you summarize the information?

7 Level II (Application Questions):
Application means supporting your ideas with evidence. Please use the following stems in creating your Application Questions: Explain how … Explain why … Interpret the reasons … Compare and contrast … Connect and explain …

8 Level III (Synthesis Questions):
Synthesis means combining or connecting two different elements. In terms of the Socratic Seminar you will be connecting two texts with each other OR connecting a text to the outside world.

9 Level III (Synthesis Questions) Continued
Please use the following stems in creating your Synthesis Questions: Imagine … What would happen if …? Hypothesize … Theorize … Speculate… How is Text similar to Outside World?

10 What will the seminar look like?
The classroom will be arranged in a two concentric circles. You will be assigned to either seminar A or seminar B. You will be assigned a partner in the opposite seminar. FOR EXAMPLE: If I am in seminar A my partner will be in seminar B Mr. Sun-K will be facilitating, but NOT participating in the seminar.

11 What’s the deal with partners?
If I am in Seminar B, I will be sitting in the outside circle taking notes for my partner who is in the inner circle participating in the Seminar A. Then we will switch. I will participate in the seminar and my partner will take notes for me. We will be switching notes at the end of each seminar to be used for Step 5 of the Socratic Seminar Prep Sheet.

12 How does the discussion work in a seminar?
The seminar is to serve as a discussion, not a lecture. Just like in a casual conversation, no one begins the conversation, a conversation begins naturally.

13 Seminar Guidelines Please listen and look at each other when you speak. One person speaks at a time. Each person will have a chance to ask a question. Respond to the person who asks the question. Use evidence from the text to support yourself. Always treat each other with mutual respect.

14 How will I be assessed on the seminar?
By completing the seminar prep sheet. (30 pts). By contributing to the conversation following these guidelines: - Ask a question. Respond to a question. Cite evidence from the text. All three requirements: 30 points. Two requirements: 20 points. 1 requirement: 10 points. No requirements: 0 points.

15 What do we need to do after the seminar?
The last minutes of class on the day of a seminar: Please complete step 5 of the prep sheet using your notes from your partner as a reference. Please staple your partner’s notes to the back of your prep sheet and turn it in the “In-Box.”

16 Please stand for Think On Your Feet

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