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WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION Strengthening Families 10-14 Fortaleciendo Familias 10-14 OSPI Student Support Conference Drew Betz Renee Overath.

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1 WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION Strengthening Families Fortaleciendo Familias OSPI Student Support Conference Drew Betz Renee Overath May 2013

2 Background "Evidence-based" programs are prevention methodologies that have been developed and evaluated using scientific processes. Experts use commonly agreed-upon criteria for rating interventions, reaching a consensus that evaluation research findings are credible and sustainable. Evidence-based is also referred to as science-based and research-based models.

3 Program Strengths Internationally Recognized as Best Practice Model, modified to country and cultures Effective at reducing risk factors in youth and increasing parenting skills and family functioning Sessions for parents, youth and families in each of 7 lessons.

4 Parent Risk Factors –Harsh and Inconsistent Discipline –Unclear Communication of Rules –Lack of Warmth Risk and Protective Factors Addressed in Program

5 Parent Protective Factors –Clear and Age-Appropriate Expectations –Support and Family Involvement –Expression of Love and Appreciation Risk and Protective Factors Addressed in Program

6 Youth Risk Factors –Poor Relationships with Parents –Lack of Goals –Negative Peer Influences

7 Risk and Protective Factors Addressed in Program Youth Protective Factors –Ability to Regulate Emotions –Good Relationships with Parents –Peer Resistance Skills and Future Orientation

8 Pictures Speak More Loudly than Words

9 Ingredients for success of local programs 4 Trained facilitators 1 site coordinator Curriculum* & supplies Dinner each night Child Care 3 meeting areas Recruitment & reminders Teen panel last week Pre- and post-survey

10 Curriculum Materials 415 – page leader guide with masters for handouts DVDs (updated 12/06) Discuss adolescent development and model skills Actors are Latino, African-American, and white 8 parent DVDs 1 youth DVD for 2 sessions 2 family DVDs Love and Limits magnets for home practice + consumable supplies for youth & family activities

11 Government Funders: Federal Government (CYFAR), Washington State (DBHR, OSPI, others?), County Health Depts., 1/10 of 1% mental health tax set aside Private Foundations. Local Partners: School Districts, non-profits, churches, ESD, businesses, tribes, PTA/O, others? Collaborate! to produce program ingredients

12 Hands On What I Do Well as a Parent/Caregiver, Parent Session 1 Concerns of Parent/Caregivers,Youth Session 2 Listening Game, Family Session 5

13 Hands On Debrief –What piece worked best for you and why? –What did you learn about the job of the parent/caregiver? –What did you learn about yourself?

14 Program Results WSU Human Development Department Prevention Researcher Dr. Laura Hill and graduate students have been conducting program evaluations since Data from 347 programs in 27 counties, 2459 families are in our data set.

15 Program Results We measured improvement in four family protective factors: Rules About Substance Use Positive Involvement Family Harmony Communication

16 Program Results We also measured family and individual protective factors from the youths perspective: Involvement Rewards Attachment Family Harmony Management Results show a significant difference between pre and post program scores for ALL measures.

17 Cultural and Ethnic Differences in Experience of an Evidence-based Prevention Program Washington State University, Department of Human Development, Extension, and CYFAR Stocker, L.M., Crawford, J.K., Shrestha, G., Eaton, A., Betz, D., Overath, R., and Hill. L.G. American Indian Parent Comments (N = 74) Latino(a) / Hispanic Parent Comments (N = 63) European American Parent Comments (N = 63)

18 SFP Washington State Website – Visit us! Over the last elevenyears, SFP (10- 14) has been conducted in 27 of Washingtons 39 counties *

19 References Foxcroft, D.R., Lister, Sharp, D., Lowe, G., Sizer, R., Ireland, D. (2002) Primary Prevention of Alcohol Misuse by Youth People. The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2006 (Issue 1). Hill, L.G., Maucione, K., & Hood, B (2007). A Focused Approach to Assessing Fidelity. Prevention Science, 8, Jones, D., Bumbarger, D.K., Greenberg, M.T., Greenwood, P, and Kyler, S. (2008) The Economic Return on PCCDs Investment in Research-Based Prevention Programs : A Cost- Benefit Assessment of Delinquency Prevention. Pennsylvania State University: Prevention Research Center Spoth, R. L., Redmond, C., Trudeau L., & Shin C. (2002). Longitudinal substance initiation outcomes for a universal preventive intervention combining family and school programs. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 16, Spoth, R.L. et al. "Randomized trial of brief family interventions for general populations: adolescent substance use outcomes 4 years following baseline." Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 2001, 69(4), a 10.2 in Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Prevention Resources

20 National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth Abstract: The Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth (SFP 10-14) is a family skills training intervention designed to enhance school success and reduce youth substance use and aggression among 10- to 14-year-olds. It is theoretically based on several etiological and intervention models including the biopsychosocial vulnerability, resiliency, and family process models. The program includes seven 2-hour sessions and four optional booster sessions in which parents and youth meet separately.

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