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The switch from Microsoft Office 2003 to 2007 Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint.

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1 The switch from Microsoft Office 2003 to 2007 Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint

2 Microsoft 2003

3 Microsoft Word Interface Changes

4 This ‘file menu’ is available on all Office products. This is important when you want to print, save or open a document.

5 Font type Font size Highlight & font colour Bullet points Paragraph justification Line spacing The Home Tab

6 Header & footers for every page Page numbers edit tool Text box Arty title Insert table Insert picture or clipart Insert shapes like arrows etc Insert symbol – modern foreign languages. The Insert Tab

7 Paragraph indent Page margins, landscape and portrait orientation & size of paper Columns for newspapers etc Picture edit tool Page background and colour Picture grouping Page Layout Tab

8 Making a table of contents from already used headings Reference footnotes at the bottom of each page Format bibliography Referencing Tab

9 Administration, helping to create addresses for envelopes and labels Mail Merge, inserting names, addresses etc from one document or Outlook addresses into current document Mailing Tab

10 Spell check Edit & reference document Shortcut: shift F7 Word count Comment on working document Restrict formatting, adding password can be done through ‘save’ option Review Tab

11 To add a password to the document you need to click on tools, then general options tab

12 #1 password for the whole document #2 password to restrict modification

13 Differing views of the Word window Split window so that you can see top half of the document whilst you are working on the bottom half Zoom view View Tab

14 After highlighting words or sentences if you hover over the highlighted words a tool bar will appear. Here you can edit font sizes, colour and type etc. In the top left hand corner next to the save button are the undo and redo buttons.

15 Importing data and copying information Editing cell fonts & borders Cell alignment and merging cells – good for tables Changing decimal places and working out percentages – useful for monitoring assessments Highlighting data and editing table style Edit cells Sorting data

16 Inserting items into worksheet Creating charts Inserting hyperlinks Inserting items into worksheet

17 Page layout is generally used to edit the look of the worksheet; you can edit margins, orientation and also add pictures to the background.

18 Writing formulae to help with calculations

19 As this is covering the basics this is a handy tool, however it is also available in the shortcut on the home bar. It sorts your data from highest to lowest or visa versa.


21 At times when working on an Excel document you don’t know how much will fit on the page… here you can see. Screen splitting is very handy when using a large amount of data.

22 Adding new slides Editing the layout of your slides

23 Inserting pictures, shapes etc Adding media, this can then be set with the custom animation tool. See Animations

24 The different PowerPoint templates each have unique fonts, however you can also choose your own background pictures or colours.

25 Custom animation allows you to let text appear at different times and music and movies to start and end at certain points. You can edit slide transitions on this tab.

26 Playing and editing the slideshow with timings etc.

27 The review section allows you to once again review a slideshow without deleting any content.

28 Having an overview of the slides that you have worked on and also having an overview on the handouts that you can create with this.

29 The format function appears when you double click on a picture, here you can edit the picture.

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