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Reauthorization The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.

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1 Reauthorization The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010

2 Implementation Schedule October 2010 Categorical Eligibility of Foster Children Privacy Protection/Social Security Number Nationwide Expansion of At-Risk Afterschool Meals in the CACFP Summer Meals, Outreach to Households- begins with summer meals 2011

3 Categorical Eligibility of Foster Children Foster Children are no longer a household of one. Categorically eligible for free meals without application. * Updated School Meal Eligibility Guidance by Spring 2011

4 Applications & Social Security Numbers Only the Last 4 of the Social Security Number No Social Security Numbers for Verification

5 Implementation Schedule Spring 2011 Comment Period for New Meal Patterns Ends Local Wellness Policies/School Nutrition Environment – Implementation memo Spring 2011. Proposed rule Fall 2011. Final Rule Fall 2012. Applicability of food safety program – includes all foods at school (Dec. 2010 – Spring 2011

6 New Meal Patterns COMMENT! COMMENT! COMMENT! Actions LEAs can take now: Encourage students to take fruits and vegetables. Limit starchy vegetables. Incorporate the vegetable subgroups into menus. Offer more whole grain food items. Decrease sodium by selecting lower sodium products and modifying recipes.

7 July 2011 Application Materials Revised -Foster Children & SSN Permanent Agreements in the SSFP & CACFP Indirect Costs – guidance issued. USDA study Summer 2011; Report to Congress October 2013 Equity in School Lunch Pricing/Paid Meal Price Revenue From Non-Program Food Sold in Schools Nutrition Requirements for Fluid Milk Community Eligibility Option: Guidance and Process for Selection of States for School Year 2011-12 – will be nationwide by 7/1/2014 Washington was not selected for 2011-12 Implementation Schedule

8 Paid Meal Price Average price must equal the difference of the federal reimbursement for free meals and the federal reimbursement for paid meals. $2.72 -.26 cents = $2.46

9 Nutrition Requirements Milk Milk must be non-fat or 1% low fat. Flavored milk must be non-fat.

10 December 2011 Proposed Rule on Competitive Foods, includes water provision; Final Rule Summer 2013. Includes Nutrition Standards for all foods sold on campus. Food Recall/Ensure the Safety of School Meals Review of local policies on meal charges and provision of alternate meals – Study Fall 2011; Draft Report Fall 2012 Procurement and processing of food service products and commodities – Collect data; Report to Congress Implementation Schedule

11 Spring 2012 Compliance/Certification for New School Meal Patterns (6 cents). State Agency Monitoring ( three year review cycle) Fines and Program Disqualifications Proposed Rule Final Rule Spring 2013

12 July 2012 Interim or Final Rule on New Meal Patterns Direct Certification for Children Receiving Medicaid Benefits – demonstration project(s). Interim report to Congress October 2014. Final report October 2015. Implementation Schedule

13 October 2012 Professional Standards for School Food Service – Proposed Rule Fall 2012 Final Rule Fall 2013 Winter 2012 Independent Review of Applications – Implementation Memo Proposed Rule Winter 2012; Final rule Winter 2012 Farm to School Grants – RFP released. Award first-year grants Fall 2012; cycle repeats annually

14 We will put out information on all of these items as we get guidance from USDA. My Advice: Take a deep breath. We will all get through this together.

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