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Legislative Session Wrap-up 2009 Legislative Session April 30, 2009 Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Governmental Relations.

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1 Legislative Session Wrap-up 2009 Legislative Session April 30, 2009 Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Governmental Relations

2 Agenda Welcome Superintendent Randy Dorn Session Overview Ken Kanikeberg John Aultman 2009 Legislative Session Wrap-up Fiscal Questions from Interactive Sites (Fiscal) Capital Projects Policy Questions from Interactive Sites Concluding Remarks John Aultman Adjourn 2

3 Superintendent Dorns 2009 Legislative Priorities Implement Basic Education Funding Task Force Recommendations Replace the Washington Assessment of Student Learning Dramatically Reduce the Dropout Rate and Improve Achievement for ALL Students Expand Career and Technical Educational Opportunities Expand Early Learning Opportunities 3

4 A Look at the 105 Day Session Bills Introduced =2,582 Amendments =1,784 Total Bills Passed = 209 Fiscal Notes Prepared by OSPI=257 Education Related Bills Introduced= 138 Education Related Bills Passed=53 The Governor has until May 19 to sign or veto a bill, or section of a bill 4

5 Range of Themes The States Education System Federal and State Funding Military Compact Online Learning Statewide Assessments Options for Students to Earn High School Diplomas Recess Periods for Elementary Students Middle School Career and Technical Education Flexibility in the Education System Comprehensive Education Data 5

6 Range of Themes (Continued) Closing the Achievement Gap in K-12 Schools Enhance Skills of Students with Dyslexia Waivers from the 180 Day School Year Requirement Financial Education Dismissal of School Employees Options for Students to Earn High School Diplomas Expanding Dual Credit Opportunities Opportunity Internship Program 6



9 9 2009 Supplemental Capital Budget HB 1113 provided $130 M to support cash flow needs of current projects in the School Construction Assistance Program Passed the Legislature early and signed by the Governor in February Legislature funded outstanding obligations School Construction Assistance Program Skills Centers Major Construction Projects High Performance School Grants and Aviation HS 9 2009-11 Reappropriations

10 10 2009-11 K-12 Capital Budget

11 11 Biennial Release of State Funding through School Construction Assistance Program

12 12 2009-11 K-12 Capital Budget OSPI School Construction Assistance Program Estimated Area Cost Allowance FY 2010 = $174.26 & FY 2011 = $180.17 Health, Safety, and Small Repair Grants Small Repair Grants Frank Wagner Chimney (Monroe SD) Energy Operational Cost Savings and Safety and Health Infrastructure Improvements Apple Awards Capital Administration $689.7 M $20.0 M $3.0 M $0.1 M $16.9 M $0.25 M $3.3 M

13 13 2009-11 K-12 Capital Budget OSPI Skills Centers Minor Works Northeast Vocational Area Cooperative (NEVAC) North Central Land Purchase Pierce County Walla Walla Branch Campus $3.7 M $9.0 M $4.0 M $10.0 M $0.1 M

14 14 2009-11 Capital Budget Provisions OSPI Work with DNR on a plan about options for school site acquisition/leasing Continue development of Asset Preservation Program Study and make recommendations on appropriate levels for Area Cost Allowance and Student Space Allocation Report to Legislature September 2009 Convene a definitions work group on the joint use of school facilities Report to Legislature January 2010 Take measures to increase the accuracy of the SCAP school district reimbursement process Report to Legislature November 2009 14

15 15 2009-11 Capital Budget Other Provisions Continue the Joint Task Force on School Construction Funding to explore: Changing the state funding assistance ratio Methods for accommodating specialized program space Developing ways to account for regional cost differences CTED received funding for school projects at Grand Coulee Dam, Dayton, Longview, Union Gap, the Community Schools Program and Greenbridge Early Learning Center Community and Technical Colleges received funding for the Tri-Cities STEM School 15

16 16 2009-11 Operating Budget Health & Safety Rule Provision The Department of Healths operating budget (HB 1244 Section 222 (1)) prohibits implementation of new or amended school health and safety until: A final cost estimate is presented to the Legislature; and The Legislature has formally funded implementation of the rules through the omnibus appropriations act or by statute. 16

17 School Facility Related Legislation ESHB 1619 - School Capital Projects Expands the types of activities that may be funded with school districts' capital projects funds generated to include painting of facilities; major equipment repair; and other major preventative maintenance purposes. SB 5580 – School Impact Fees Extends, from 6 to 10 years, the amount of time that school districts have to expend or encumber impact fees collected for school facilities. SB 5980 – School Plant Funding Renames components of the School Construction Assistance Program funding formula to promote transparency and clarity. 17


19 HB 1562 Annual Mathematics Assessment Annual Math Assessment for students who have not met the math standard Students graduating through the class of 2012 are no longer required to continue taking the appropriate mathematics assessment annually until graduation Students are still required to earn math credits 19

20 ESSB 5414 Assessments & Curricula OSPI to develop implementation plan for math and science to ensure all students have opportunity to learn To include feasibility of current timeline for graduation requirements High school math end-of-course assessments reduced from four to two For purposes of graduation, will measure common core of Algebra I/Integrated I and Geometry/Integrated II Subtests will have additional course related content EOCs to be administered in Spring 2011 20

21 SSB 5410 Online Learning Creates an OSPI Office of Online Learning Establishes approval process, website, and model agreements with multidistrict online providers Beginning in 2011-2012 school year, state funds will only be allocated for approved multidistrict providers Requires school districts to have a policy regarding online learning Model policy to be finalized February 1, 2010 School district policy to be completed August 31, 2010 Policy to be shared with students Beginning in 2010-11 districts must designate if course is online 21

22 SSB 5248 Military Children Compact Adopts a multi-state compact on the transfer of dependents of military personnel Includes recommendations of Task Force Provisions pertain to: Transfer of records Immunization records Graduation requirements Participation in special programs Extra-curricular activities 22

23 SSB 5551 Elementary School Recess Periods Requires OSPI to collaborate with the statewide PTA to conduct and report the results of a survey regarding recess in elementary school Length of recess Time increased or decreased Structured or unstructured Bad weather 23

24 ESSB 5889 Education System Flexibility Student Learning Plan requirement was NOT included After September 2009, Collections of Evidence only for content areas in which a student has to pass an assessment for graduation Excludes mathematics COEs Elementary Civics CBA requirement postponed until 2010-11 24

25 ESSB 5889 Continued District LAP plans only need to be submitted if there is a significant change Allows school districts to notify parents via the internet regarding: Compulsory attendance Enrollment options Pesticide use Administration of college readiness test postponed until 2011 Education Technology assessment postponed 25

26 Home Schooled Students SHB 1110-Home-based Instruction School districts are prohibited from advertising school district learning programs to students who are home-schooled and their parents HB 1288-Home School Declaration Home school declarations of intent are exempt from Public Disclosure requirements 26

27 SSB 6016 Students with Dyslexia OSPI, with ESDs and the International Dyslexia Association, to provide training to enhance the literacy skills of students with dyslexia Regional training to be provided Online handbook for teachers and parents to be developed 27

28 SSB 5738 OSPI Review of Compliance OSPI to review all annual compliance reports required of school districts to determine which should be: Discontinued; Integrated into the longitudinal student data system; or Maintained in their current form Report to be submitted to the Legislature in December 28

29 2SSB 5973 Student Achievement Gap Creates an ongoing Achievement Gap Oversight and Accountability Committee: Synthesize the 2008 achievement gap findings into an implementation plan Recommend policies and strategies for closing the achievement gap to SPI, PESB, and SBE Address specific policies and strategies: Enhancing cultural competency Expanding pathways to prepare and recruit diverse educators Identify resources to be redirected to close the gap 29


31 High School/College SHB 1758 - High School Diploma/Options Provides that individuals enrolled in Running Start or who are over 21 who complete an Associates Degree are awarded a high school diploma from the college or university 2SHB 2119 - Dual Credit Opportunities Directs OSPI, SBCTC, HEC Board and higher education institutes to develop and adopt rules for college in the high school Develop guidelines about college credits earned in high school Requires Running Start students to pay fees 31

32 College Bound Scholarship 4 year scholarship for tuition, books and fees Designed to motivate and prepare students to pursue a college education Low income students who sign a pledge in 7 th or 8 th grades are eligible 9 th graders have until June 30 to sign up (one time exception) 32

33 2SHB 1355 Opportunity Internship Programs Provides incentives for opportunity internships Builds employment pipelines to high-demand occupations Targets low income high school students Graduates eligible to receive State Need Grant 33

34 Career and Technical Education Opportunities SHB 1347 - Financial Literacy Renamed Financial Education Public Private Partnership Authorizes OSPI and the partnership to implement demonstration projects 2SSB 5676 - Middle School Student CTE Makes CTE middle school funding for STEM a permanent allocation at the same rate as high school CTE programs Programs must be approved by OSPI using the same criteria as high school programs 34


36 Employee Ethics/Conduct SHB 1319 - School District Employee Ethics Prohibits school district employees from using school district property, money or individuals under their official control, direction, or custody for private benefit or gain EHB 1385 - School District Sexual Misconduct The crime of sexual misconduct with a minor in the first and second degrees is clarified to criminalize sexual intercourse between a school employee and a registered student of the same school who is over the age of 16 and under the age of 21 36

37 ESHB 1741 School Employee Dismissal Expands the list of felony crimes which result in mandatory termination Upon termination of the employee, OSPI must be notified by the districts superintendent School districts may recover salary and other compensation paid to the employee, between the time placed on leave and final termination 37

38 ESHB 1741 (Continued) Requires mandatory revocation when a certificate was obtained through fraudulent means Allows superintendents and administrators to file complaints with OSPI regarding certificated individuals, regardless of whether the individual is employed by the complainant 38


40 HB 1322 School Scoliosis Screening Repeals the requirement that students in public schools be screened for scoliosis 40

41 EHB 1824 Concussion Management/Youth Sports Requires each school district to work with the Washington Interscholastic Activities to: Adopt guidelines for concussion and head injury management Develop an information sheet to be signed by parents annually Injured students are to be removed from play and may not return until a written clearance from a licensed health care provider allows the student to return Requires nonprofit organizations providing sports on school grounds to comply with the guidelines 41

42 HB 1852 Fingerprint Background Checks All school employees will pay the same fee to obtain a mandatory fingerprint-based criminal background check 42

43 ESSB 5263 Electric Shock Devices in Schools Prohibits a person from possessing or bringing onto school property a stun gun or any electric shock device Provides that a non-commissioned school security officer must have training in order to possess electric shock devices on school property Prohibits the security officer from using a device on a student unless the students behavior poses a threat of great bodily harm or loss of life An exemption is provided for use in an authorized school event, lecture, or activity conducted on the school premises 43

44 Important Links Legislative Budgets Budget Driver (John Jenft) Rate Sheet Pivot Table 44

45 Thank you! 2009 Bills Passed the Legislature S/Reports/BillsPassed.pdf S/Reports/BillsPassed.pdf Final bills may be obtained at the State Legislature website at Please email additional questions to: 45

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