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What are your hopes and fears about the Revised Washington State K-12 Science Standards?

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1 What are your hopes and fears about the Revised Washington State K-12 Science Standards?

2 Welcome! Navigating Washington States New Science Standards Presenter Event Date and Location

3 After today I will…. 1.Know why we have new science standards. 2.Understand how the new science standards document is organized. 3.Identify the Big Ideas of the new science standards document. 4.Be able to use the document to identify what students in my grade band should know and be able to do.

4 Why New Standards? In 2007 the Washington State Legislature passed HB 1906 calling for: The State Board of Education to review our current science standards. OSPI to revise the science standards.

5 Why New Standards? Better prepare students to: Participate in post-secondary education Meet the workforce needs of tomorrow Contribute to the future of our state and the world as scientifically literate citizens Provide a tool for teachers to use in identifying learning outcomes.

6 Characteristics of the Revised Science Standards

7 Overview

8 Standards Content StandardPerformance Expectation Earth is approximately spherical in shape. Things on or near the Earth are pulled toward Earths center by the force of gravity. Give evidence to support the idea that Earth is spherical in shape (e.g., research Earth images from space, shape of Earths shadow on the Moon during an eclipse of the Moon). Draw how objects would fall when dropped from various places around Earth, demonstrating that all things fall down toward Earths center.

9 Group Assignments Group 1 – Science standards grade band summary page. Group 2 Summary paragraph at the top of each page. Group 3 Content Standards and Performance Expectations Group 4 Math Connections

10 Process What You Heard 1.Stand Up. 2.Find someone in the room you have not talked to before. 3.Summarize what you just heard.

11 Appendices Glossary Big Ideas Evolution Force & Motion Matter Earth in Space Energy Earth Structures Earth History Ecosystems Structure & Function

12 Find a topic in the Standards you already teach. Could my students meet these performance expectations? Whats the big idea of which this topic is a part?

13 Putting it all together Organized by Big Ideas. Teach for mastery. Do not repeat topics. Fewer topics in greater depth.

14 Crosscutting Concepts and Abilities Systems Inquiry Application In the standards these are included as content, not teaching methods.

15 Next Step: School or District Planning Decide on grade level placement by sliding science units up or down within grade bands. Professional development on Inquiry in the State Standards.

16 What is mine to Decide? Determine the best teaching methods How to meet your students needs How to excite your students about science!

17 Revisiting Hopes and Fears What changed in your thinking? Thank you for coming! Please fill out an Exit Note.

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