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Relationship Smarts End of Unit Review Interpersonal Relationships.

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1 Relationship Smarts End of Unit Review Interpersonal Relationships

2 Three types of Maturity Social: –Thinking about you affects on others. –Standing up to peer pressure. –Being the real you. Emotional: –Controlling and regulating strong emotions, like anger. –Admitting mistakes and expressing true emotions. Mental: –Weighing consequences and making wise choices. –Setting goals and delaying gratification to achieve goals –Using your brain, no just impulses.

3 Insights About the Nature of infatuations. Eight characteristics are: –Early feelings of attraction. –Real powerful and pleasant feelings. –May be the first step of love, but isn't love initially. –Feelings may fluctuate or fade quickly. –An altered state of consciousness- brain chemistry changes. –You are fascinated with a person. –Initially, you are attracted to an image, an impression, or a set of associations or assumptions about who the person is. –Enjoy infatuation, but dont read too much into it yet.

4 Greeks words of Love Two words that pertain to romantic couples are, Eros and agape. Intimacy Sides of the triangle represent Passion Commitment

5 Seven Principles of Smart Dating 1.Seek a good match. Look for common interests. 2. Pay attention to values. 3. Dont try to change the other person 4. Dont try to change yourself. 5. Expect good communication and dont run from conflict. 6. Dont play games, pressure, or manipulate someone. 7. Have a bottom line.

6 Important Questions Unconditional or Conditional? Controlling or Equal and supportive? Mostly Physical or Attraction on Many Levels? Jerk Characteristics A person with serious and problematic behaviors. And who is resistant to change.

7 Low Risk Dating Strategy. This is the correct order from left to right; Knowledge, Trust, Reliance, Commitment, and Physical/ Sexual Involvement. The Golden Rule Never go higher in one category than you have gone in the category before.

8 Problem Patterns It typically takes at least three months to even begin to be aware of someone's problem patterns. How to Really get to Know Someone 1.Compatibility potential. 2.Relationship skills. 3.Maturity of conscious. 4.Family background. 5.Patterns of previous friendships or relationships.

9 Warnings of Abusive Relationships There are three signs…. Consult your Dangerous Love handout from lesson 11.

10 Works Cited Love You too –Relationship Smarts for all Relationships Marline F. Pearson The Dibble Fund for Marriage Education Copyright 2004 Power point by: Emory Jones New Albany High School

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