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Family Challenges Family Stresses UP. What do these items have in common? They are are resilient. What does resilient mean?

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1 Family Challenges Family Stresses UP

2 What do these items have in common? They are are resilient. What does resilient mean?

3 Resilient Characterized or marked by resilience: as: capable of withstanding shock without permanent deformation or rupture Tending to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change

4 Resiliency People also successfully overcome life difficulties by drawing upon internal qualities that research has shown are particularly helpful when encountering a crisis, major stressor, or trauma.

5 Personal Resiliency Builders Characteristics Relationships- Sociability/ability to be a friend/ability to form positive relationships. Service- Giving of yourself to help other people, animals, organizations, and/or social causes Humor- Having a using a good sense of humor Inner Direction- Basing choices/decisions on internal evaluation Perceptiveness- Insightful understanding of people and situations Independence- Adaptive distancing from unhealthy people and situations

6 Personal Resiliency Builders Characteristics Positive View of Personal Future- Optimism; expecting a positive future Flexibility- Can adjust to change; can bend to positively cope with situations Love of Learning- Capacity for and connection to learning Self-motivation- Internal initiative and positive motivation from within Competence- Being good at something/ personal competence Self-Worth- Feelings of self-worth and self- confidence Spirituality- Personal faith in something greater

7 Personal Resiliency Builders Characteristics Perseverance- Keeping on despite difficulty; doesnt give up Creativity- Expressing yourself through artistic endeavor, or through other means of creativity

8 You Can Best Help Yourself or Someone Else Be More Resilient By…….. 1. Communicating the Resiliency Attitude: What is right with you is more powerful than anything wrong….. 2. Focusing on the persons strengths more than problems and weaknesses, and asking How can these strengths be used to overcome problems? 3. Providing for yourself or another 4. Having patience……successfully bouncing back from a significant trauma or crisis takes time.

9 What qualities does Carl posses in the movie UP?

10 Here are some stressors from the movie. How are they stressful, and why would being resilient help with each of these? Marriage Buying a home Trying to have kids/ can't have kids Wanting to move/ take a vacation Life happens, and the money saved up has to go towards a flat tire, hospital bill, fix the house from a tree falling on it Getting older

11 Stressors Work to make ends meet Can't use the stairs like you once could Illness of a loved one Death of a love one Being forced to move, everything is changing drastically around you

12 Stressors Get use to being by yourself after being with somebody for so long Have to go to a nursing home, because there is no place to go and no family to care for you New friends Sharing your life with someone again Accomplishing goals because you promised yourself and somebody else Realizing other people don't have a family, or weren't/aren't as lucky as you (Russell in a foster home)

13 UP The movie UP also deals with a lot of issues we have covered throughout the year. While you watch the movie UP tell me what you observe about some of the things we have been learning. I have included a list of words we have studied or that tie in with the movie. When you see one of the words being displayed tell me what word, who is displaying the word, and how you know this.

14 Word Bank Leadership Taking a Risk Responsibility Overcoming Adversity Character Citizenship Diversity Multiculturalism Teamwork Communication Skills Manners Positive Friendship Choice Responsibility Peer Pressure Major Family Change Dating Positive Family Relationships Changing Relationships

15 Example Word: Major Family Change Who: Carl How do you know this? Write a complete sentence!: Carl experienced a major family change when his wife died. Come up with 10 examples.

16 Resiliency Assignment Create a collage of pictures, sayings, captions, etc. in a specific shape of your choice( ex. Human form, ladder, looping chains, building blocks, trees, springs, trampolines, wristbands, spider webs, etc.) to show what resiliency looks like to you. Be creative! Your poster must include at least 9 of the 15 Resiliency Characteristics with at least 3 examples of each category. Your poster should depict what you believe it takes to become resilient. You must also explain how you came to choose the shape you chose. You will present your poster to the class when you are complete.

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