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State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana

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1 State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana
New Features in xGrads December 2010

2 The Welcome Screen New messages will be displayed at the top of the welcome page.

3 Locating the Information Files

4 SSACI Program and Process Information Files
Program Rules, Descriptions and FAQs External Grads (xGrads) Calculating SSACI Awards Claiming SSACI Awards SSACI Converter Returning Funds to SSACI Results Files Billed Awards (CVO, Minority Teacher, Nursing) National Guard Supplemental Grant/Extension Scholarship Twenty-First Century Scholars eStudent Information Resources Use Agreements (IRUAs) Miscellaneous All Files (Reverse Modified Date Order)

5 Viewing Files by Category
Each category may be expanded or collapsed using the arrows to the right. Once expanded, the full list of files within the category are viewable in alphabetical order.

6 Selecting Files

7 Downloading Files After selecting the desired file(s) within each category, click the “download” icon (available at the top and bottom of the page). Note: Files may be selected from multiple categories before downloading.

8 Saving and Opening Files
SSACI uses WinZip After clicking download, the option to open or save the file(s) is given. Upon opening, the file(s) are listed and may be viewed by double-clicking the file name.

9 Viewing All Files The last category, N. All Files (Reverse Modified Date Order), has each available file sorted so that the most recently updated/added file is first.

10 Finding xGrads Updates
Recently shown on the welcome screen was an invitation to download and view xGrads Modifications.pdf. This file can be found under category B. External Grads (xGrads) or N. All Files (Reverse Modified Date Order.

11 Reports SSACI has recently updated the Reports menu to include a description of each report. A new report, Initial Allotments and Up-Front Payments, has been added.

12 Initial Allotments and Up-Front Payments
The newest report to be added to xGrads allows each participating school to view it’s own up-front payments and program allotments received from SSACI.

13 Viewing the Report After selecting the report from the list, the details of what is included in the report appears at the bottom. Choose the appropriate year from the drop-down menu, then click the notebook to view the data.

14 Viewing the Data Upon refresh, a table of information specific to each institution will appear with data listed by program.

15 Reminder Reconciliation Deadlines: Questions? Thank you!
Semester Schools: December 15th Calendar/Trimester/Quarter Colleges: February 16th Questions? Thank you!

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