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1 Fall 2010 High School Guidance Counselor Workshop Presentation State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana Update Programs, Process Changes, Latest.

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1 1 Fall 2010 High School Guidance Counselor Workshop Presentation State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana Update Programs, Process Changes, Latest News! Please note: Information contained in this presentation is current as of September 2010

2 2 Agenda State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana (SSACI) Program Basics & Updates * Grants & Scholarship Programs * Deadlines * Grant Processing Facts (Email address) * eStudent * Edits * Award Calculations Enhancements to the CHIPS Reporting Process * Reporting Process, Deadlines * CHIPS Database * High School Guidance Counselor Info Resource College Goal Sunday

3 3 Whom does SSACI serve? 70,000+ students each year (and growing) $250 million in state aid awarded

4 4 Frank OBannon Grant Higher Education Award (HEA) Freedom of Choice Grant (FOC) Academic Honors & Core 40 Technical Honors bonuses* (Core 40 General Diploma students graduating in 2011 onward do not receive additional award bonus dollar consideration) Supplemental Grants to the Frank OBannon Awards Twenty-First Century Scholars Scholarship National Guard Supplemental Grant National Guard Extension Scholarship Child of Veterans/Public Safety Officers Supplemental Grant (CVO) All SSACI Programs

5 5 Part-Time Grant Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Minority Teacher & Special Education Services Scholarship Nursing Scholarship State Work-Study Program All SSACI Programs…

6 6 The Frank OBannon Grant includes both the Higher Education Award (HEA) & Freedom of Choice Grant (FOC) For full-time study Need-based Applies only to tuition & regularly assessed fees Awarded for a total of four years (eight semesters or equivalent)

7 7 Twenty-First Century Scholars Scholarship 100% tuition & fees at all Indiana Public colleges for up to 30 credit hours per fall/spring. For private schools the award amount is comparable to that of a public institution. For proprietary schools, the scholarship is equal to Ivy Tech State Colleges maximum award.

8 8 Twenty-First Century Scholarship Enroll in 6th, 7th or 8th grade Graduate from Indiana Department of Education accredited high school with 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale Not use illegal drugs or alcohol, or commit a crime Apply for admission to an eligible Indiana college, university or proprietary school as a high school senior Apply on time for state & federal financial aid & must produce a clean FAFSA by the state grant deadline of May 16, 2011 Affirmation Pledge in 12th grade & complete exit interviews Enroll in college no later than 2 years after HS graduation** ** Must still file a complete & problem free FAFSA by state deadlines during these two years, even if not enrolled in an eligible college

9 9 SSACI Deadlines There are two important DEADLINES for the OBannon & Twenty-First Century Scholars programs: March 10, 2011 : Date FAFSA must be RECEIVED by the federal processor May 16, 2011: FAFSA edits that are correctable must be corrected with the federal processor by this date in order to remain in the state grant applicant pool. CHECK eStudent often between February & the start of school

10 10 SSACI Residency Requirements: The student & parent (if dependent) must complete the FAFSA questions regarding residency. Must physically reside in Indiana (e.g. 2011-2012 academic year award period, date is as of 12/31/2010 & must remain in the state up to & including the award period 2011-2012 academic year). SSACI state grant eligibility is determined on the basis of both merit & need. The Parent Contribution** derived from the FAFSA, the approved college tuition & regularly assessed fees up to a CAP, & high school diploma type are used to determine eligibility. ** SSACI does not count the dependent students contribution reflected on the FAFSA when calculating the students state grant eligibility, only the parent data on the FAFSA is considered ** If the student is considered independent the calculated student contribution is used to calculate state grant eligibility Important State Grant FACTS

11 11 SSACI will calculate the students state grant eligibility for the FIRST** eligible Indiana college the student listed on the FAFSA. ** Students who will not attend the first choice originally listed on the FAFSA must change the college choice on eStudent to ensure an accurate state grant award. ** The student must update their FAFSA with the correct college if not previously listed on the FAFSA Important State Grant Facts

12 12 SSACI Grant Process Timeline Student - Files the FAFSA by the March 10th receipt date state grant deadline HS Guidance Counselor - Reports Core 40 Technical Honors (NOT Core 40 General Diploma) & Academic Honor Students to SSACI – Crucial for sharing accurate data with colleges to help ensure their award letters to students is accurate. Initial CHIPS Reporting Deadline is Friday February 28, 2011. Twenty-First Century Scholars – SEAS database is updated by counselors to reflect the students status including GPA Colleges – Make preliminary financial aid award offers to students SSACI – FAFSA Edit email notifications between Feb & May – FAFSA edits must be resolved prior to May 16, 2011 to remain in the state grant applicant pool. Student needs to check eStudent to view edits & then make the necessary corrections on FAFSA with the federal processor! HS Guidance Counselor – Makes corrections, add/delete students to CHIPS. Deadline date for the 2011 CHIPS final reporting is May 31, 2011.Thereafter the high school must contact SSACI. SSACI - Grant Notification emails are sent as early as mid June. Student views award on eStudent. Colleges – May now claim state grant on students behalf

13 13 eStudent eStudent is a secure on-line section of the SSACI website where students may access their state grant information Students may: Review problems (edits) with their FAFSA Make school choice changes Make address changes View their award history

14 14 Why is eStudent so important? SSACI needs an email placed on the FAFSA for both parent & student! SSACI will be communicating with students via email & directing them to access eStudent for notification of their FAFSA edits needing to be resolved, & for an award notification once the students state grant eligibility is determined.

15 15 eStudent

16 16 eStudent Registration/Log on

17 17 More eStudent… An Edit Description Example

18 18 Edits Students Cannot Correct There are circumstances where students cannot correct their FAFSA for state grant consideration Late FAFSA – not received by March 10 th FAFSA Edits not corrected by May 16 th deadline 4-years of Eligibility Have Been Utilized Not meeting Twenty-First Century matriculation deadline

19 19 Parent Residency Student Residency Degree Already Earned Incomplete FAFSA Bad date of birth No H.S. Diploma/GED Signature Missing Not a U.S. Citizen/Legal Alien No Eligible College Listed Default/Overpayment SSN Administration mismatch Out-of-state address 2011-2012 FAFSA edit correction state deadline is May 16, 2011 Edits Students Can Correct

20 20 Frank OBannon Grant Calculation

21 21 Students Frank OBannon Grant = SSACI Allowable Tuition & Fees X Subsidy Rate (based on diploma type) Minus FAFSA Parent Contribution (PC) for Dependent Student OR FAFSA Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) for an Independent Student HOW TO CALCULATE A FRANK OBANNON GRANT

22 22 Tuition & regularly assessed fees, not beyond the CAP, at the school the student is attending for the 2011-2012 academic year: Ivy Tech/Proprietary College (Higher Education Award – HEA) Public College (HEA) Independent Private (Freedom of Choice Award (FOC), (HEA) Subsidy rate tied to high school diploma earned 100% Academic Honors Diploma or Core 40 with Technical Honors 80% All others, including GED students, home schooled students, & students from non-Indiana high schools Parent Contribution - PC or Family Contribution - EFC (if Independent for financial aid purposes). The PC or EFC is calculated from FAFSA information A change to any one of the factors above may have an impact on the amount of the state grant award.

23 23 100% X $ 3,090 = $3,090 *************************** 100% X $7,056 = $7,056 ****************************** 100% X 7,056 – 2,000 = $5,026 ($4524 = FOC, $502 = HEA) 100% X $ 3,912 = $ 3,912 ****************************** 100% X $ 3,912 – 2,000 = $ 1,912 AHD - 100% IVY TECH PC/EFC = $ 0 *************************** PC/EFC = $ 2,000 PRIVATE PC/EFC = $ 0 *************************** PC/EFC = $ 2,000 PUBLIC PC/EFC = $ 0 *************************** PC/EFC = $ 2,000 Frank OBannon Grant Examples 2010-2011 100% X $ 3,090 – 2,000 = $ 1,090 80% x $ 3,912 = $3,129 ****************************** 80% x $ 3,912 - $ 2, 000 = $1,129 80% X $ 7,056 = $ 5,644 ******************************* 80% X 7,056 – $2,000 = $ 3,644 ($364 HEA & $3,280 FOC) 80% X 3,090= $2,472 ******************************* 80% X $3,090 – 2,000 = $472 (minimum SSACI award is $400) Regular- 80%

24 24 CHIPS Reporting

25 25 CHIPS - Core 40 & Honors Internet uPdate System - is a Web- based application that allows high school counselors at over 450 IDOE accredited high schools to report qualifying diploma graduating seniors for consideration of increased Frank OBannon funding for higher education tuition & regularly assessed fees at applicable institutions. Qualifying Diploma Types for 2011 Reporting Academic Honors Core 40 with Technical Honors Core 40 & Honors Internet Update System (CHIPS)

26 26 The marriage of information between CHIPS & the FAFSA takes place only during senior year of high school. Therefore ALL students should be encouraged to file a FAFSA even if delaying college entry Accuracy of data entry into CHIPS is extremely important, else CHIPS data wont match the FAFSA data & the student wont be considered for the possible grant award increases Counselors need to review the CHIPS Status Code Column & take the additional action necessary for the marriage of information to take place (Instructions under CHIPS section of the SSACI website). CHIPS Reporting Facts

27 27 There will be an email sent to the CHIPS contact at accredited Indiana High Schools in mid-January that will contain the user-id & password for CHIPS database access & data entry instructions. Data entry may begin upon receipt of this information. Counselors enter the following data into CHIPS database: Social Security Number Last name, First Name Date of Birth Program (AH or TH) (7th semester initial entry deadline February 28, 2011, then 8th semester results by final data entry deadline of May 31, 2011) CHIPS Reporting Process

28 28 CHIPS Data Entry Home Page

29 29 CHIPS Log In Screen

30 30 CHIPS Data Entry Screen

31 31

32 32 CHIPS Data Entry Example Code/Code Meaning/Action Needed: DB = birth date does not match FAFSA Check that student has filed a FAFSA (if not, encourage them to do so & check after they have filed that SN error is gone) Double check the birth date you entered (often helps to see the students drivers license). If no error is noted have student check the birth date submitted on the FAFSA. Correction of data in CHIPS or FAFSA at Federal Processor needs to take place for marriage of information to occur & state grant differential to be considered.

33 33 HS Guidance Counselor Information Resources SSACI Website Counselor Information Section Advisories on resources for mentoring students Updates on programs/processes (e.g. CHIPS Reporting)

34 34 Counselor Information Website

35 35 College Goal Sunday College Goal Sunday will be on Sunday, February 20, 2011 from 2 - 4 p.m. There will be 39 sites throughout the state in 2011 where financial aid professionals help families complete the FAFSA. More information - including site locations - can be found at the College Goal Sunday website in mid- January: http://www.collegegoalsunday.org

36 36

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