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1 Indiana Tobacco QuitLine & TPC Preferred Provider Network Tobacco Prevention and Cessation (TPC) Quit Now Indiana October, 2011.

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1 1 Indiana Tobacco QuitLine & TPC Preferred Provider Network Tobacco Prevention and Cessation (TPC) Quit Now Indiana October, 2011

2 2 Presentation Overview 1.Indiana Tobacco QuitLine 2.Success w/Preferred Provider Network

3 Work To Be Done Indiana smoking rate = 21% down from 27% National smoking rate = 18% Over 1 million smokers in Indiana Continue working for a tobacco-free Indiana 3

4 Adult Population 80% want to quit 60% of Hoosier adult tobacco user attempt quitting through a variety of methods each yr Multiple attempts Health Care professionals need a place to refer their diverse populations for successful quit We Can Help! 2002 & 2008 Indiana Adult Tobacco Survey 4

5 5 Quit-Now Indiana Program ~Refer to Preferred Employer Toolkit~ A Solution…

6 66 What Is A QuitLine ? Telephone-based Cessation Services Offered Toll-free Evidence-based Proactive Coaches Highly trained in cognitive behavioral therapy 240 hours of training Spanish speaking competency (170 other languages) Educated up to graduate level Over 50% with 3+ years prior experience in counseling

7 Overcome Barriers Access transportation especially rural / remote areas Appeal to those reluctant to take part in group (Zhu, Anderson, Johnson, Tedeschi, & Roeseler, 2000) Successfully extended the reach of more traditional programs ( Zhu, Rosbrook, Anderson et al., 1995). 7 Improves cessation rates by increasing the percentage of smokers making a quit attempt & reduce the probability of relapse (Cummins, Bailey, Campbell, Koon-Kirby, & Zhu, 2007a; McAfee, 2007; Zhu, et al., 2002).

8 8 Benefits Confidential Free National call number 1-800-QUIT-NOW Provides intensive one on one counseling Unlimited access as long as necessary HIPAA Compliant Entity Assess ability to all tobacco users Easy to use Initial call does not need to be made by tobacco users, but by Quit Coach 8


10 Four prearranged calls w/coach Ten prearranged calls for pregnant woman (special program) Web coach Unlimited call in privileges and access to coaches Free 2 wk NRT starter kit (uninsured, Medicaid, Medicare) Support Materials KEY PROGRAM COMPONENTS 10

11 THE PARTICIPANT EXPERIENCE 1. Fax Referral or Person Calls 2. Intake Specialist 3. Professional Coach 4. Professional Web Coach Physician RX or OTC 2 wk starter kit (patches or gum) Medicaid Medicare Uninsured 11

12 12 Something For Everyone 12

13 13 The Program Works Practices based on 25 yrs of research helped hundreds of thousands of smokers quit & stay quit 1.Quit at personal pace 2.Conquer urges to smoke 3.Use Pharmaco so they really work 4.Dont just Quit, become NON-SMOKER 1.Choose own Quit Date, personal Quit Coach help prepare & get ready 2.Learn when & where urges strike & how to cope & manage stress w/o smoking 3.Recommend meds right for each participant and teach how to use correctly 4.QUIT for good-support to make this the LAST Quit, help with weight issues 13

14 14 Preferred Provider Network Preferred ProviderPatients Preferred EmployerEmployees Preferred OrganizationClients/Participants/Other ~Refer to Preferred Provider Toolkit~

15 15 1. Patients 2.5 x more likely to quit if you tell them to quit 2. A place to send patients to help them quit smoking 3. Access to professional evidence based resources 4. Exclusive tobacco cessation services and materials 5. Unlimited QUIT NOW fax referring privileges 6. Promotional and educational materials 7. Data on participating fax referred patients 8. Pharmacotherapy chart w/insurance reimbursement codes 9. Direct access to ITPC cessation specialists 10. ITPC support every step of the way Preferred Provider = Multiple Benefits

16 16 Join Our Preferred Provider Network 16 YOU ARE READY: Promote the Indiana Tobacco QuitLine to patients Begin referring patients who are ready to quit to 1-800-QUIT-NOW

17 Ask Advise Refer 17 Brief Intervention (less than 3 minutes) 1-800-QUIT-NOW Recommend a medication, if appropriate

18 18 Fax Referral 18 You fax it… We take it from there… Employer Information Clinic

19 Conclusions 1.Treatment of tobacco use = at least same attention that other chronic diseases demand 2.Providers need to: –Engage in effective behavioral interventions –Enroll PPN-enhance your services –Optimize medication use –Have knowledge of support and utilize resources 3.Fax Referral is the cornerstone of diverse cessation success. 19

20 20 ?QUESTIONS? Camille Kalil, Director of Tobacco Treatment Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission Indiana State Department of Health Take Action NOW!

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