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1. ARIES 5 Welcome to the training module for the ARIES 5 crash reporting system update. ARIES 5 contains numerous enhancements that will require all.

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2 ARIES 5 Welcome to the training module for the ARIES 5 crash reporting system update. ARIES 5 contains numerous enhancements that will require all users to complete a software download to the new version. 2

3 3 ARIES 5 ARIES 5 Timeline Commencing November 3, 2011, deployment of the program commences statewide to all agencies. Open Portal Solutions Inc. is providing help desk for assistance in deployment. Contact OPS at number below prior to implementing ARIES 5 TX #

4 4 ARIES 5 Law Enforcement agencies will be required to change to ARIES 5 by July 1, This is due to: Number of data elements in report has increased compared to previous versions. ARIES version compliance will be a priority in the next 9 months.

5 5 ARIES 5 Numerous Additions and Changes have occurred Including: Point and Click Mapping Component Quick VIN Additions to Sequence of Events Codes Vehicle Use List Additions

6 ARIES 5 6 Numerous Additions and Changes have occurred Including: Drivers Exchange Report/SR 21 Enhancement Canadian Zip Code additions Numerous other enhancements

7 ARIES 5 7 ARIES Training Issues Animal Drawn Vehicle is being Over selected in the drop down list associated with Collision with. Secondary Crash is being selected outside the definition that it was meant to capture.

8 8 ARIES 5

9 9 ALCOHOL AND DRUG TESTING When an alcohol or drug result is obtained, the results must be submitted in a FARS report, as well as being updated into the ARIES crash report in the specific driver reporting area.

10 ARIES 5 10

11 ARIES 5 11 Use of OTHER as Primary Cause 2011 Total Collisions found: 14,000 or 9.77% Collisions w/injury: 2,106 Collisions w/fatality: 35 Collisions w/property damage: 11,859 Total injuries: 2,697 Total fatalities: 39 DATA AS OF 10/15/2011, 143,240 CRASHES

12 ARIES 5 Installation Notes Agency wide implementation recommended –Reviewing Officers first Backwards compatible Auto Update –Requires ARIES 2009 version or later –Contact the OPS Help Desk when ready for agency deployment. ( ) Full Install –Previous versions of ARIES or new computers 12

13 ARIES 5 Map IT 13 Provide county map for officer to locate collision Roadway info, lat and long returned to wizard Ability to move east, west, north, or south Ability to zoom in or zoom out Roadway search Shape files provided by INDOT –Certified and DHS Layers

14 ARIES 5 Map IT 14 Types –Intersection crash –Crash not at an intersection using the measure tool –Parking lot crash (off roadway/private property) –Interstate crash using the MM jump –Reverse Lookup –Not Found

15 ARIES 5 Map IT 15 Benefits –Location info will be more standardized Latitude and longitude coordinates Street data and intersecting street Distance from intersection and mile points Available in collision wizard and Quick Capture –Eliminate the dependency on existing GPS Devices (can still be used) –Personnel can more accurately map reports that satisfy statistical queries (

16 ARIES 5 Quick VIN 16 –Validate the VIN entered –Available in both the Collision wizard and Quick Capture forms –Prompt or warn the officer if validation fails –Automatically update vehicle information on successful entry –Benefits Improve federal reporting compliance Reduce Supplements and data entry Available in collision wizard and Quick Capture

17 ARIES 5 DOT # Lookup 17 Auto-populate motor carrier information (Carrier Name and Address) Search by Carrier Name, ICC # or DOT # Information provided by SafetyNET Benefits –Standardized data –Reduce data entry –Available in collision wizard and Quick Capture

18 ARIES 5 Wizard Enhancements 18 Vehicle Use –Added Bus Transit Bus Intercity Bus Charter Bus Other (Shuttles) –Removed Bus

19 ARIES 5 Wizard Enhancements 19 Sequence of Events –Added Crossing Center Line/Median Equipment/Mechanical Failure Downhill Runaway Separation of Units Thrown or falling object Parked Motor Vehicle Ran Off Roadway Cable Barrier Concrete Cable Barrier Other Traffic Barrier

20 ARIES 5 Wizard Enhancements 20 Sequence of Events –Removed Median Barrier (will remain on web portal) Off Roadway (will remain on web portal) Warning message if agency name is different than users home agency Added optional telephone number and address for owner/driver/injured

21 ARIES 5 Wizard Enhancements 21 Secondary crash defined Select Yes if the incident occurs as a direct or indirect result of a previous incident. If a crash occurs in the traffic back-up expanding from the initial incident (of any kind), it is considered a secondary crash. Ability to add injured individuals to a non- motor vehicle. Drag-n-drop from Windows Explorer to the Add Attachment screen

22 ARIES 5 Wizard Enhancements 22 Quick copy feature added for individual information Allow Canadian zip codes A hyperlink on the summary page of the collision wizard that jumps directly to the page and field of where the error resides. Can now save the collision wizard and either leave or stay in the wizard

23 23 ARIES 5 Review Process Enhancements –Send/Receive Ability to select/de-select which reports to download –Release reports Under Review To release a specific report –Right click report and select Release To release all unreviewed reports –Select Tools -> Release All Unreviewed –All reports will be submitted to the agency selected in the wizard ISP able to submit out of district reports

24 24 ARIES 5 Other Enhancements All attachments must be assigned an attachment type –Diagram –Photo – Public –Photo – Confidential –Supporting Documentation – Public –Supporting Documentation – Confidential Photos can now be added –Agency revenue sharing potential

25 25 ARIES 5 Other Enhancements Driver Exchange Form –Added SR21 Information Time of Collision Insurance Company Name and Policy # Ability to print Inbox and Transaction Log Non Driver Injured page of the collision report now reads Injury Status instead of Driver Injury Status

26 26 ARIES 5 Other Enhancements Quick Capture screen can be resized Tools -> Move or Retrieve Reports from Media shows all drive letters. Fixed black background on certain diagram attachments Printing an attachment will launch the Printer Dialog instead of sending directly to the default printer Sort the user list by last lame on startup

27 27 ARIES 5 Other Enhancements On the Send/Receive page, once the password is entered, pressing the key will go to the next page Validation check for duplicate VINs, Driver Licenses, and License Plate numbers On the DOWNLOAD SUPPLEMENT screen whenever the officer types in the Local Code or MRN, the DATE check- boxes are de-selected

28 Fatal Analysis Reporting System (FARS) is a federal program under NHTSA producing statistical data from fatal crash reports to be used extensively for highway safety research and directly impacts highway safety funding. Besides monitoring the submission of fatal crash reports and alcohol and drug results, the FARS program gathers preliminary information on fatal crashes within 24 hours. The FARS desk has prepared a special FARS Report that is available to facilitate this. Your departments assistance is appreciated!!! 28 FARS

29 ARIES 5 ARIES 5 Training This training module for the ARIES 5 is to be used as a train the trainer guide to show users the basic changes that have occurred in the application. The on-line ARIES application information can be found at : Aries download website Traffic Records Section 29

30 30 ARIES 5 If your agency has suggestions on the improvement of the ARIES crash reporting system contact: TECHNICAL SUPPORT Lt. Troy McElfresh Nils

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