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The Eyeblaster ACM Advertising Campaign Management.

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1 The Eyeblaster ACM Advertising Campaign Management

2  Introduction to Eyeblaster & ACM  Campaign Management  Creative  Reporting & Analytics  Paid Search

3 Company Overview Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions Eyeblaster’s ACM enables Agencies and Marketers to create, deliver and manage all forms of digital advertising through a single solution.

4 Global Digital Marketing Solutions Superior Technology & Expert Service Spanning 15 Countries  Digital ad serving and campaign management since 1999  Recognized rich media and video leader  Offices in all key digital markets providing 24/7/365 coverage

5 Eyeblaster: A Winning Provider Eliminating Challenges Today & Paving New Roads for Tomorrow  Built on the Foundations of Rich media Success to delivery tomorrow’s needs  Provides a integrated solution to all needs, that is fully loaded with time and cost efficiencies  A true global leader, present in all key markets  First to market with integrated emerging media in-games  An innovative partner to an entire non-technical industry

6 Eyeblaster Ad Server Eyeblaster Rich Media Eyeblaster Video Eyeblaster Search Eyeblaster In Game Future / 3 rd Party Eyeblaster Ad Campaign Manager Planning & Buying Trafficking & Workflow Tracking & Optimization Delivery Data & Analytics Eyeblaster Advertising Campaign Manager (ACM) Direct Access Eyeblaster Services Training & Certification Creative Management

7  Engagement driver – ACM’s Video & Rich media capabilities will enable creation, deployment and analysis of engaging messages  Scalable Ad Operations – Innovative campaign management tools to reduce time spent on campaign management  True Integrated Digital Marketing – Enables holistic view of your digital marketing spend across channels  Extended audience reach – use one technology to deploy campaigns to In- Game and In-Stream media properties  Global – Eyeblaster’s global reach will simplify deployment of global campaign while enabling centralized creative asset management and reporting Eyeblaster ACM Key Value Proposition

8 Eyeblaster’s Customers and Partners Deep Relationships with Leading Brands, Agencies and Publishers

9 Eyeblaster, 2007 and beyond Infrastructure Ad management and Reporting data warehouse centers in NY and Amsterdam (Pending for 2007) Ad servers centers in four locations (NY, LA, Amsterdam and Beijing) Media content servers in more then 70 different locations around the globe using multiple CDN (AKAMAI and Limelight)

10 Dart Mediaplex Atlas Platform built for Rich Media & Video Variety and Flexibility of Ad Formats Single workflow Solution for Media, Creative, Publisher Advanced Integrated Reports Multiple Digital Channel Support Extensive Targeting Capabilities = Yes= Limited Functionality= No Key Advantages: eb.campaign manager Competitive Overview Global Access, Services and Reporting

11 ACM Campaign Management

12  Reduce Time & Cost spent on Ad Operations – Cutting edge Trafficking, Deployment and Reporting tools will mean less time and manpower spent on Ad operations  Provide Real Time control – Real time Reporting and Automatic optimization will maximize your campaign Performance and ROI  Target your audience – Flexible Rotation, Targeting and filtering to ensure your message meets the desired consumer  Seamless collaboration with Creative Agencies & Publishers – Creative and Publisher access will reduced creative work required from your Ad Operations team and will simplify communication with Publishers ACM Campaign Management Our innovative tools will:

13 Rich Media & Video Creative

14  Engagement – All Rich Media & Video formats supplemented by a range of interactive features  Scale and Time saving – Eyeblaster interface built into flash that reduces Ad production time and eliminated knowledge barriers  Accountability – Our Engagement and Interaction reporting is the industry’s only solution for reliable reporting on ad engagement at unique user level  Best practices & Knowledge – Eyeblaster Account Management team will provide you with Rich Media & Video best practices, customized reporting and benchmark data for Planning and analysis of campaigns ACM Rich Media & Video Creative Key benefits

15 Eyeblaster Analytics

16  Holistic view of your Digital Marketing spectrum – Access to analysis of the synergy between Search, Display, In-Game and In-Stream channels. Advanced Audience overlap metrics  Insight into consumers conversion paths – Receive insight into your consumers ad exposure and paid search clicks leading to conversions  Desktop based Reporting – Our unique Excel tools remove knowledge barrier internally and enable easy distribution of pre-formatted campaign performance results via the Desktop  Innovative Engagement analysis – Our Engagement and Interaction reporting is the industry’s only solution for reliable reporting on ad engagement at unique user level  Campaign Performance Dashboard – Instant access to customized campaign metrics that enables quick decision making and optimization Eyeblaster Analytics Key benefits

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