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Dropout Prevention West Virginia. Session Overview I.Statistics II.Attendance/Dropout Prevention WVDE Committee III.Early Warning System IV.ABC Framework.

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1 Dropout Prevention West Virginia

2 Session Overview I.Statistics II.Attendance/Dropout Prevention WVDE Committee III.Early Warning System IV.ABC Framework V.Interventions VI.WVDE Initiatives VII.Role of the Attendance Director

3 What? 40 years ago the US was #1 in graduation rates, we are now #18. WV graduation rate is 72%, slightly above the national average. 37 students dropout of WV schools each day. Approximately 3500 students have dropped out in WV each year. Diplomas Count 2011 Report, Education WeekWest Virginia Department of Education 2011

4 So, What? Projected continued dropouts At this rate, next ten years over 35,000 will drop out of WV schools. Economy untrained workforce Cost Each class of dropouts cost $55 million in healthcare. 80% of dropouts end up in prison 12 millions students who will drop out over the next decade will cost the nation $3 trillion dollars.

5 Attendance/Dropout Prevention WVDE Committee 4 yr Cohort Rate Guidance Document Early Warning System

6 Guidance Document Table of Contents o Purpose o View from the Mountain Top o Review of the Literature o Primary Indicators of Dropping Out o Using Data o Early Warning o Course of Action o Best Practices for Dropout Prevention o Research to Support Best Practices o Resources

7 Early Warning Systems Purpose Process not an event

8 ABC Framework A ttendance B ehavior C ourse Performance

9 At-Risk Students in West Virginia Indicator6 th Grade9 th Grade Attendance90% or below85% or below Behavior1 or more suspensions2 or more suspensions Course Performance1 or more semester failures English or Math 2 or more semester failures English or Math

10 County: School: Grade: All Students Early Warning System IDName Attendance Behavior/ Discipline Course Performance Last Yr Attendance Last Yr Grade Failure Retentions 12 / 78 = 15.38% 22 22 2None 10/78 = 12.82% 22 12/78 = 15,38% 5/78 =.06% 2

11 Interventions AttendanceBehaviorCourse Failure Have attendance team investigate and problem solve Assign an adult mentor Assign Tutoring before, during and/or after school Assign a peer mentorCarry behavior checklist from class to class or do a weekly behavior report Assign to smaller class size/change levels/change teacher Require a quick daily check by adult Develop a behavior contract Create extra help courses in place of electives or offer block courses for additional help Create individual motivational/incentive plan for attendance Refer for individual or group counseling Credit recover opportunities

12 Prevention Policies Incentives Engaging instruction Student lead conferences Student voice and leadership Culture of attendance Bullying Prevention Advisor/advisee program College Foundation of West Virginia portal (CFWV)

13 Targeted Intervention Home visits Parent phone calls daily if needed Parent conferences regularly to report progress Secure services to alleviate reason (e.g. substance abuse problem, refer to counseling for substance abuse) Maintain close contact with attending physicians Seek out extended family members that can help resolve the problems Assign a mentor to check on attendance daily Assign a peer mentor Expose students to career development opportunities (e.g. possible job shadowing or courses in the career concentration of interest).

14 Personalized Interventions Create an individualized plan for the student Refer to social services or other services needed Distribute letter to parents after five days of unexcused absences Conduct parent conference and explain procedures for filing truancy, possible consequences and collaborate solutions Refer case to prosecuting attorney Document all absences and interventions Monitor daily attendance and report to courts

15 Monitoring

16 WVDE Initiatives 1.Frontline Network: Community Dialogue to Action Education Alliance, WV Center for Civic Life, United Way 2.Judicial Truancy Meetings Chief Justice Robin Davis and Circuit Court Judge Alan Moats

17 More Initiatives 3. Common Ground: Education & the Military Career mentors 4. Innovation Zones Meaningful Partnerships, Early Warning Systems Community Dropout Prevention Plan 5. LINKS Student Advisement 6. 2012 Student Success Summit August 2 & 3, 2012 Waterfront Hotel, Morgantown WV

18 Website Tools RiseUp WV Dropout Prevention in WV

19 Role of the Attendance Director Recommendations Early Warning Systems Member of data analysis teams Identify and assist in securing interventions Interventions Assist in developing preventive interventions Assist to secure Individual and Group interventions Referrals for intensive /community services Monitoring progress Student Exit Process Is it easier to leave your schools, than it is to enter your schools? County Contact for Dropout Prevention

20 For more information contact: Shelly DeBerry Student Success Advocate West Virginia Department of Education 304-558-3199

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