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Ecosystems Ch.21.

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1 Ecosystems Ch.21

2 (21-1) Terrestrial Biomes
Biomes: large terrestrial ecosystems that contain smaller ecosystems w/in them 7 major biomes

3 7 Major Biomes

4 Tundra Very cold Little precipitation Permafrost
Nutrient poor soil Plants: mosses, no big trees Animals: caribou, snowy owls, arctic foxes

5 Taiga Cold Little precipitation Nutrient poor soil
Plants: evergreen trees Needles Animals: moose, bears, wolves Hibernation

6 Temperate Deciduous Forest
Temperate weather Avg. precipitation Moderate soil nutrients Plants: leaf trees Animals: deer, raccoons, squirrels

7 Temperate Grassland (Prairie)
Temperate weather Avg. precipitation Nutrient rich soil (topsoil) Plants: tall dense grasses Animals: bison (grazing) Endangered biome Farming

8 Desert Cold or hot Little precipitation Dry, sandy, nutrient poor soil
Plants: cacti (conserve water) Animals: lizards, snakes

9 Savanna (Chaparral) Moderate temp.’s Wet season & dry season
Nutrient poor soil Plants: tall grasses Animals: zebras, giraffes, leopards

10 Tropical Rain Forest Warm temp.’s High precipitation
Nutrient poor soil Plants: leafy trees Canopy (little light to ground) Animals: parrots, monkeys, snakes Most world’s species

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