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KidStrong Conference. Goal for WVMPSC WV schools will have a safe, orderly environment conducive to learning for all that promotes good character within.

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1 KidStrong Conference


3 Goal for WVMPSC WV schools will have a safe, orderly environment conducive to learning for all that promotes good character within a caring culture.

4 Attitudes of Violence

5 Definition of Violence Is any mean word, look, sign, or act that hurts a persons body, feelings or things. No one is entitled to use violence. Violence is not tolerated at our school. 5

6 Cyber bullying/Texting

7 From There to Here…

8 Reporting

9 Maslows Hierarchy of Needs 9 ARE YOUR STUDENTS READY TO LEARN?

10 10

11 Three-Tiered Approach Jeff McClung (3:26) 11


13 NORMS Student norms Staff norms Administrative norms Parental norms Attitudes Towards Violence What are the norms in your school? 13

14 Establishing Norms Dr. Paula Potter (0:26) 14

15 Establishing Environmental Control 1. A collective, determined stance against violence 2. Clear definition of violence is adopted and communicated to everyone 3. Policies and procedures 4. School-wide rules 5. Adult supervision of the campus 6. Extinguish, enabling, entitlement, and tolerance 7. Prevention and intervention programs 15

16 What Do We Mean By Climate? Climate refers to the emotional atmosphere we generate around us; some people refer to climate as the context of school. Climate involves the perception of stakeholders concerning the fairness, openness, friendliness, the ethos of caring, and sense of welcome of the school. Climate includes the level of orderliness of the school and the degree of satisfaction experienced within its organizational structure.

17 What a Positive School Climate Looks Like….. characterized by warmth, positive interest, and involvement by adults firm limits to unacceptable behavior where non-hostile, nonphysical negative consequences are consistently applied in cases of violations of rules and other unacceptable behaviors adults act as authorities and positive role models. Olweus, D., Limber, S. & Mihalic, S.F. (1999). Blueprints for Violence Prevention, Book Nine: Bullying Prevention Program. Boulder, CO: Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence.

18 What Might Be Our Goals in the Area of Positive School Climate? Maintain a community in school that reduces risk factors for students and promotes protective factors. Maintain a community in school that recognizes and values the contributions of all: staff, students, and parents. Maintain a context that will move students up the ladder of achievement. Promote an atmosphere that encourages positive relationships between all stakeholder groups (administration/teacher, teacher/teacher, teacher/student, student/student). 18

19 What is Single School Culture? A way of organizing and running a school. It begins with shared norms, beliefs, values, and goals and results in agreed upon processes and procedures that produce consistency in practice. A single school culture results in consistency of both adult and student practices related to: –Behavior –Achievement –Climate 19

20 Toxic Cultures Staff 1.View students as the problem rather than as their valued clients. 2.Are sometimes part of negative subcultures that are hostile and critical of change. 3.Believe they are doing the best they can and do not search out new ideas. 4.Frequently share stories and historical perspectives on the school that are often negative, discouraging, and demoralizing. 5.Complain, criticize, and distrust any new ideas, approaches, or suggestions for improvement raised by planning committees. 6.Rarely share ideas, materials, or solutions to classroom problems. 7.Have few ceremonies or school traditions that celebrate what is good and hopeful about their place of work. 20 (Deal and Peterson, 1998)

21 Policy 4373 requires that schools respond immediately and consistently to incidents of: Harassment Intimidation Bullying Other forms of violence Or other Student Code of Conduct violations, i.e. substance abuse, tardiness, truancy, inappropriate dress, etc. 21

22 Key Components of Policy 4373- Student Code of Conduct Comprehensive approach to violence prevention and intervention Everyone obliged to respect the rights of others Both staff and student centered Promotes a system-wide ethos: Violence is not tolerated Ensure the safety and well-being of both students and educators Reduce the severity and frequency of and eventually to eliminate all incidents of violence and other infractions from the school setting Promote an intrinsic social consciousness in our youth Eliminate the two pervasive attitudes that directly spawn and support violence in schools: entitlement and tolerance Create a safe, supportive, nurturing, non-punitive atmosphere that is highly conducive to learning. (single school culture/climate) 22

23 How Will We Assess Progress in the Area of School Climate? Climate surveys Reduced conflicts Decreases in absentee rate Increases in informal positive socialization A sense of community is evident Reduction and eventually the elimination of all forms of violence Is it starting to look and feel like we imagined it could be? 23

24 WV Positive School Climate Logic Model 1.Early detection, identification and documentation of inappropriate behavior (BIF) 2.Developmental & Character education 3.Staff/parent capacity building 4.Elect/Convene a school-based behavioral team 5.Referral system 6.School wide positive behavior Initiative/Incentives 7.Advisory Board 8.Evaluation 24

25 School Climate Resources April Haught (2:10) 25

26 WVMPSC First Year Plan 1.Definition of Violence 2.Behavior Identification Form 3.Consistent classroom management 4.Core behavior teams 5.Surveys 6.Parent notification & involvement 7.Teaching students before you begin 8.Developmental guidance/reporting 9.School wide positive initiative/incentives 10.Student agendas 11.Create a Student Team or Club 12.Build your tool box of support services 26

27 Process of Change

28 What works! Morning pledge- reciting the definition of violence Greeter every morning that sees every child in the school Reporting vs. Tattling Class meetings/assemblies to reflect on school climate Consistent classroom management Teaching the Student Code of Conduct Utilizing the school-wide positive initiative for students who improve behaviors or show respect to others Saying yes, sir..yes, mam Handshake and eye contact Posting the Definition of Violence school-wide (bus too) Strategies for self control Staff utilize Stress Reduction Techniques (sense of humor) Peer mediators/ student leaders and mentors 28

29 Coaching

30 Morning Walk Through Valerie Harper (1:09) 30

31 Parent Recognition of Positive School Climate

32 THE VISION School Wide CONSISTENCY Creates a Safe and Positive School Culture Consistent and Effective Classroom Management Core Behavior Team Provides Leadership WVMPSC Consultants Provides Training and Ongoing Assistance Systemic Change Takes 3-5 Years/Positive Change Occurs Every Year

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