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The Nuts & Bolts of Teaching Presenters-- J. B. Pike & Nancy G. Warrenfeltz.

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1 The Nuts & Bolts of Teaching Presenters-- J. B. Pike & Nancy G. Warrenfeltz

2 What is the S.A.S. program? Goals –To work with, develop and help to retain excellent teachers in Berkeley County. Purpose –Provides help with curriculum and instruction –Provides help with classroom management –Provides help in professional development Student Achievement Specialist Program

3 You are a Walking & Talking Advertisement! You were hired to take a group of possibly disinterested, howling, and unruly people and turn them into interested, disciplined and productive learners in a well-managed environment! --Alice Waters

4 What To Do Your First Few Weeks!

5 Learn to know people Secretaries Custodians Administration Mentor Teacher and/or Department Chair Teachers (who work nearby) Teachers (with common content/grade) Technology Specialist

6 Learn the Lingo OEPA Office of Educ. Performance Audits WVEIS WV Education Information System NCLB No Child Left Behind AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) Cell Size (50 students in any subgroup) CSO Content Standards/Objectives Curriculum Mapping

7 more Lingo SpEd Special Education IEP (Individualized Education Plan) BD, LD, MM, MD, MS, AU ESL English as a Second Language LEP (Limited English Proficiency) SAT Student Assistance Team Disciplinary Terms ASD (After-School Detention) ISS (In-School Suspension) OSS (Out-of-School Suspension)

8 Prepare Your Room Keep it colorful, subject-related, well-organized and informative! Your Rules Keep them clear and simple! Your Grade Book Keep in mind this is a legal document! Document! Document! Document! Your Lessons Keep them usable and up-to-date! Sample Lesson Plan

9 Characteristics of an Effective Teacher

10 Four Characteristics of an Effective Teacher 1.Professionalism 2.Classroom Management 3.Positive Expectations 4.Mastery Teaching

11 1.Professionalism Working with Students –Mutual respect Working with Peer Educators –Sharing Working with Administration –Initiative & commitment Working with Parents –Be supportive Personal Appearance –Attire and behavior/mannerisms

12 Classroom Management Well-Ordered Environment + Positive Academic Expectations = Effective Classroom

13 What is a well-ordered environment? Theres a place for everythingand everything is in its place! Student agendas Room is a neat and inviting learning environment! Work areas are easily monitored! Materials and equipment are organized and easily accessed!

14 Positive Expectations There is absolutely no research correlation between SUCCESS and family background, race, national origin, financial status, or even educational accomplishments. There is but one correlation with SUCCESS, and that is ATTITUDE. The First Days of School

15 HOPE H ave O nly P ositive E xpectations Positive Expectations Attract Positive Behaviors & Results

16 Positive Expectations for the Teacher Show respect & take responsibility Be prepared & understanding Be consistent Be a good role model Get to know your students Communicate with the parents

17 Positive Expectations for the Student Show respect & take responsibility Be prepared each day Work cooperatively with others Be willing to take risks Do their best at all times

18 Positive Expectations for the Parent Be involved Communicate with the teacher

19 Mastery Teaching Key Elements The key elements in mastery learning are: Clearly specifying what is to be learned and how it will be evaluated, Allowing students to learn at their own pace, Assessing student progress and providing appropriate feedback or remediation, and Testing that final learning criterion has been achieved.

20 Mastery Teaching Basics The basics Explain! Rehearse! Reinforce! Hunter? Bloom? Wong? Marzano ? Carroll?

21 Classroom Management A P L Basic Class Structure –Anticipatory Set/Bell Ringer Reviews Previous Information or Prepares class for what is coming today –Stating the ObjectiveExplain –Teaching the ObjectiveRehearse –Guided PracticeReinforce –ClosureWrap Up the Lesson

22 Additional APL Terms Check for Understanding Wait Time Pass Option Pair & Share On the Clock More detailed training will follow!

23 Final Thought! " Teaching is the profession that creates all others. I teach. It's kinda like having a love affair with a rhinoceros." --- Author Unknown

24 Just One More!! In the teaching profession " Those who can laugh... last." --- Stacy Lynn Skinner

25 SEE YOU SOON! Have a great year!

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